Head of Department: Tulebaeva Nailya Mukhanovna

Telephone: +7 (7222) 30-41-76
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 1 Tanirbergenov Street , office 106
Office: 106
E-mail: naila53@gmail.com

The Department for International Cooperation  is a structural subdivision of Shakarim State University of Semey

The main purpose of the Department : the study of international experience in the formation and implementation of it in educational programs of the university for the purpose of improving the quality and competitiveness of the university in the educational market of Kazakhstan and abroad: internationalization of the educational process through bilateral memorandums with the world leading universities for dual degree education ” Baccalaureate 2 + 2″, the international exchange of students and teachers, the development and implementation of supplementary educational programs within the framework of the Summer School, joint international expeditions, practices and seminars, development of polylinguism program at the university, participation in projects Erasmus +, and others, promotion of key provisions of the Bologna process at the university, promotion of national and international prestige of the University through the processes of internationalization of the curricula  and international cooperation in higher education.

The study of international experience in higher education and its implementation in the educational programs and   research processes  of the university in order to improve their quality and competitiveness of the university in the education market of Kazakhstan and beyond.



  • Sharing of advanced technologies of management of the educational process, ensuring its flexibility, variability and adaptability to rapidly changing conditions and the pace of socio-economic development of the country;
  • Deepening educational  integration processes and the transition to a qualitatively new level of internationalization and cooperation in higher education


  • The internationalization of educational programs of the university by creating joint integrated curricula with foreign partner universities
  • Modernization of the content of educational programs and teaching technologies in cooperation with foreign partner universities
  • Expanding the range of dual degree programs “Baccalaureate 2 + 2 ” and “Master degrees 1 + 1” in collaboration with foreign universities
  • Expansion of  exchange process  of teachers and students, the development of mobility  through grants of local and international organizations, CIP Bolashak, grants of  the European Union  Erasmus and other
  • The expansion of contacts between  research staff, teachers and employees, managers of the University and its foreign partners, international educational organizations  and centers

The Department for International Cooperation  in its activity is guided by:

  • The current legislation and other normative legal acts of Kazakhstan in the field of education
  • University Charter
  • University Policy  in the field of quality
  • Orders and directives of rectorate
  • International Standards ISO 9000
  • University QMS documents
  • Strategic government documents and MES of RK in the field of education
  • Documents and provisions of the Bologna process
  • The concept of international cooperation of the University
  • Regulations on the Department for International Cooperation and job descriptions of Unit staff
  1. The development of the quality and effectiveness of international cooperation of the University , and its integration into the world educational space.
  2. Increase the number of dual degree programs with foreign universities : 7 for Baccalaureate and to 3 for Master degrees
  3. Increase the number of international projects of the University
    • Erasmus+ КА1 Academic mobility of staff and students: minimum 5
    • With other international organizations: 1
  1. Cooperation with foreign embassies and the offices of international funds in the Republic of Kazakhstan to bring up to 5:
    • Webinars, online trainings, work with open resources;
    • Attraction of foreign tutors and advisors for development of polylinguism.
  2. Enhanced cooperation in the framework of the signed agreements with foreign partner universities: the expansion of the framework in the field of student exchange and dual degree of Baccalaureate and Master degrees, joint research and creation of joint summer schools and expeditions.
  3. Modernization of the Department’s work and forms of its work with the departments and deans concerning academic mobility, invitation of foreign scientists and specialists, organizations of online meetings and discussions with foreign universities.
  4. Active work with CIP “Bolashak”, the British Council, foreign embassies in the Republic of Kazakhstan to expand opportunities for International Education of  staff and university students.