Head of Department: Naurizbaeva Sabira Bakbergenova

Telephone: +7 (7222) 35-94-64
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 20a Glinki street
Office: 307
E-mail: sabiran59@mail.ru

Staff office is a unit at Shakarim State University of Semey and it realizes personnel policy.

High-quality personnel and documentation work of the educational process at the university.



  • Personnel Management
  • Qualitative staff selection and its placement
  • Support to other departments of the university to strengthen labor discipline and keep Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Registration of Personnel hiring, movement and firing
  • Registration and concluding employment contracts with university employees of all categories
  • Maintaining Teaching Staff and other employees’ Personal Files
  • Maintaining and safekeeping of Employees’ Records of service
  • Maintaining personal and statistical records of all categories of University employees
  • Assisting in Staff schedule and Teaching Staff salary classifications
  • Registration and timely submission of Teaching Staff and other employees’ sick leaves
  • Calculating total and scientific work experience of Teaching Staff and other employees to set salary
  • Organizing vacant position contests
  • Preparation of materials for submission to the awards
  • Approving of vacation leaves for employees


The Department acts in accordance with:

  • The law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on “Education”;
  • Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • University Charter and current position;
  • Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  1. 100% staff completion of the university according to the established staffing schedule for the required personnel and faculty members, specialties and qualifications in accordance with the level and profile of their education and working skills;
  2. 100% further implementation and use of PLATONUS programs of Automated information system for higher educational institutions;
  3. 10% improvement of foreign language knowledge skills of faculty members by means of language courses;
  4. 5% enlargement of the number of faculty members with Master and PhD degrees;
  5. 100% operative implementation of orders from the rector and his deputies, queries and requests from the Ministry of Education and Science and other organizations;