“Enactus together for the benefit of society”

Маржан Смайлханова     09 Dec,2016        

December teams for Enactus Kazakhstan began very productively. So how was the long-awaited business forum for students “Enactus together for the benefit of society.” Another forum waited as the Enactus senior courses Shakarim and, of course, freshmen. After all, Business forums, open new opportunities, new friends, new ideas for social,economic and environmental projects. 
At the trainings the students get a lot of important information for self-development,to implement plans and achieve goals. Master classes from leading speakers allow you to expand your horizons. 
The forum was held on 2 December in the conference hall of the living complex “ATAKENT PARK HOTEL”. The forum is a place where people come students, business partners, public figures, businessmen and entrepreneurs. Students from all over Kazakhstan conducted a round-table discussion with such people as: Albina yerzhanova, Raimbek Batalov, Karlygash Kaltayeva,Murat Akhmetov, Yusuf madzhidov, Ablay Yusupov, Kanysh Tuleushin , Leila Aitahanov and many other well-known Kazakh entrepreneurs, public figures and successful people. The students received valuable advice about doing business and ideas for projects. Sponsor of the Enactus Kazakhstan is the Kazakhstan company ASIA international WATERS, a manufacturer of natural drinks based on mineral water. This forum gave young people the motivation to create your future now. We hope that the students of Kazakhstan, who dreams about creating projects that will be useful for the society and will be the pride of our country will make our country better every day!