“Trilingual education: national and international experience”

Маржан Смайлханова     21 Dec,2016        

23-24 November, 2016 there was organized international conference named “Trilingual education: national and international experience” by Information- analytical center of MES of RK in Astana that was dedicated to the problems of language proficiency, quality of teaching and to the results of high institutions and schools of RK monitoring.
Our university was represented by Tuleugalieva S.S. and Zhundibayeva A.K. who took part in the work of the section (Abay hall), where they presented the stages of trilingual education at Shakarim State University of Semey, in addition, they shared with the experience of teaching Kazakh language and literature in English, to be exact, the theme of the report was “The national language is the main wealth of the country”. The presentation was accepted with the huge interests as a lot questions were asked and the journalists of 24KZ interviewed the presenters.
Main recommendations of the conference were as follows: to reach the highest competences in three languages there should equal status for all the languages, as regards, Kazakh, Russian and English languages. All the three languages should be provided with necessary resources. The languages should not be lost in the subjects.