«Tyldaryn – 2016»

Ким Валерий     26 Sep,2016        

2f25e694aab47fe05a55img_2786Olympiad “Tyldaryn – 2016″ was held devoted to the 25th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan” at “Foreign and Russian philology” faculty among the students of 1-2 courses on September 22-23.
Students demonstrated their knowledge of history, customs and traditions of Kazakh people, as well as their knowledge in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. They have proved themselves as young people with creative outlook, respecting national heritage and culture of the Kazakh people.
Winners of the Olympiad were awarded letters of thanks.
285e65bcf95fc47f1cebimg_2767I place took Bobko E., Zhu-602, Kazakh philology faculty.
II place took Mukanova A., AG-613, Agrarian faculty.
Karimova L., BT-607, Engineering – technological faculty.
III place took Asan M., TE-617, Engineering – technological faculty.
Muktashev K., TK-622, Engineering – technological faculty.
Orazbekova A., TK-621, Engineering – technological faculty.