Shakarim Kudayberdyuly

Shakarim (Sahkarim) Kudayberdyuly (1858-1931) is a poet, translator, historian, composer, philosopher, progressive scholar of his time. He was born in Abai district of the East Kazakhstan region. He is an outstanding representative of Kazakh literature.

His father Kudaiberdy is Abai’s brother. Shakarym was given to study to rural mullah at the age of five, he studied there for two years. His father Kudaiberdy died in 1866 at the age of 37. Kunanbay and Abay took care of Shakarim from that time.

Shakarim is a figure who worked in all genres of literature more than half a century. In 1905 he went to Hajj. Using his visit to Mecca, poet carries out his long-standing dream. He gets acquainted with books about history of his native people in Istanbul, Paris libraries.

He knew Arabic, Persian, Russian languages. As a result of his own research he becomes one of the most educated people of his time. His knowing several languages was a prerequisite for him to do excellent translations. He translated Hafiz’s lyrical works, Fuzuli’s poem “Laila-Majnun”. He studied classical Russian literature. He translated Pushkin’s novel “Dubrovsky” and “Storm” in verse. He also translated L.N. Tolstoy’s stories. Gathering his ideas he writes a letter to L. Tolstoy and asks his advice. It is pity that original letters were lost.

Shakarim’s works “Chronicle of Turkish, Kyrgyz, Kazakh khans” and “The Muslim Book” were published when he was alive in 1911. In 1912 “Kazakh ainasy”, “Kalkaman-Mamyr”, “Enlik-Kebek” poems were published in printing house in Semey. “Dubrovsky story” was published in Semey in 1924. His many poems, articles, essays were published in magazines “Aikap”, “Abay”, “Sholpan” and in newspapers “Tan” and “Kazakh”, “Saryarka”, “Kazakh tili”, “Enbekshi kazakh”, “Kazakh adebyeti”. Shakarim’s poem ”Nartailak-Aisulu”, novel “Adil-Maria”, philosophical work “Ush anyk” have become a heritage of readers after he died. He was also engaged in social work. He was elected as the head of the Shyngys region three times in 1878-1880, 1887-1888, 1902-1905. In 1902-1913 years he was a member of Semey branch of the Russian Geographic Society and made his contribution to it. Participating in Alash movement in 1917-1918, he participated in activities of the Alash district court.

But soon he gives up political activities and avoids from disputes and scandals. He was engaged in his creative work fully in distict Shakpak of Shyngys region in 1925. He devotes himself to his work and writing isolated from the people. Harassed by Soviet policy, he was accused of organizing Shungystau rebellion. A great poet was shot by NCIA officers on October 2, 1931.

Shakarim’s heritage has been carrying out systematically. University named after great poet’s name built a monument for him, “Shakarimtanu” research center is working. Shakarim’s Encyclopedia, “Shakarim” magazine, “Shakarimtanu” collections, 11 books prepared within the project “Shakarim library” are just beginnings of performed works. “Shakarim readings”, “Shakarim’s week”, various competitions are held regularly at university.
To introduce a famous thinker, an outstanding scholar, great poet’s heritage into educational process, to explore his heritage and to represent to the people are our primary duty.