Руководитель Центра: Berikhanova Gulsara Ezhinkhanovna

Telephone: +7 (7222) 30-41-03
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 1 Tanibergenov st.
Office: 104, 105
Website: http://eshakarim.semgu.kz/

Center “Electronic University e-Shakarim» is a subdivision of Shakarim  State University of  Semey. The Centre coordinates the introduction of distance learning technologies for students with an accelerated period of training, organizes methodological and communication support of the educational process on distance learning technologies.

Implementation in the educational process of new educational technologies based on computer technology with the use of modern telecommunications and information capabilities and the implementation of the main goals of higher education related to the provision of high quality training and retraining of modern experts.

  • Implementation of distance learning technologies in the educational process;
  • Development of software with the assistance of the Department of Information Technology;
  • Coordination of the departments work on the formation of educational content;
  • organization of communication of the educational process for DOT through the educational portal of the University.
  1. Preparation of educational content across 56 of DOT specialties.
  2. Implementation into the educational process for DOT at least 45 videos and online lectures.
  3. Conducting no less than 60 online exams for students enrolled on distance technologies.
  4. 100% DOT training of tutors involved in the distance learning, through training seminars