The head of center: Soltanbekova Orynbasar Tuiakovna

Telephone: +7 (7222) +7 (7222) 36-03-96, 77-32-84
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 1,E.Kashagan Street
Office: 118, 113

Center of innovative education technologies is a subdivision of State University named after Shakarim  Semey city.


Provide highqualified educational services for extra educational programs, dissemination of innovative educational experience based on the use of modern pedagogical, information and communication technologies in the educational process.

  • support the organization of scientific research, experimental work and scientific expertise of programs, projects, guidelines and other documents of subjects of education;
  • development of educational programs and training of professionals, undergraduates and students aimed at a comprehensive deepening of knowledge within the profession, or direction of professional activity;
  • organization of educational and scientific training at the departments of the university;
  • promotion of methods and approaches of inclusive education;
  • systematization of innovative teaching experience, development of new approaches to achieve the objectives of educational theory and practice, taking into account trends in the development of educational space, a regional traditional continuum “Caravan of pedagogical mastership”;
  • translation of innovative experience in the practice of the region, the organization of seminars, courses, workshops, round tables, etc.
    on the needs of the subjects of the education market;
  • Current laws and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education;
  • Charter of the University;
  • Management policy of the university in the field of quality;
  • Orders and instructions of the rector; 
  • Standards ST RK ISO 9001: 2009 and ISO 9001: 2008; 
  • Documentation of the QMS of the University; 
  • Regulations and job descriptions of staff.
  1. Organize and conduct on the request of the subjects of the education market rates for additional educational programs – 55 events.
  2. Conducting outreach training seminars and courses for educators in 2 districts of East – Kazakhstan region.
  3. Ensure the provision of speech therapy and psychological assistance, provision of social and correctional-developing services for pre-school children – 160 receptions.
  4. Organize and conduct seminars and training sessions on the request of the subjects of the educational activities of East – Kazakhstan region – 10 events.
  5. To organizecourses and seminarsto supportinnovativeprofessionally-oriented personal developmentof staff, undergraduates and students of the university – 7 events.