Head of Department: Konovalov Alexey Petrovich

Telephone: +7 (7222) 35-45-58
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 20a Glinka st.
Office: 907

CSMF is a research, analytical and social forecasting unit of the Shakarim State University.

Mission of the CSMF is to accomplish a consistent social monitoring of the public opinion and develop recommendations on quality enhancement of educational services rendered by the Shakarim State University.

CSMF regularly conducts sociological surveys among students, university faculty, inhabitants of the city of Semey and East Kazakhstan. It provides these results to the rector, Dean’s offices and other units of the University.

The CSMF was formed by the resolution of the Academic Council of the Shakarim State University on 06 May 2016.

The CSMF is guided by the following objectives relating to quality:

  • use of methods and tools, which allow to collect objective empirical information;
  • analysis of research results and preparation of reports with the high applied significance;
  • provision of availability to users of information on the results of sociological research;
  • formation of databank of surveys in the dynamics. Identifying the major tendencies in quality of student education, etc. on this basis.