Telephone: +7 (7222) (fax) 8 (7222) 30-41-62
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 071410 Semey, Tanirbergenov street 1
Office: 202, 203

Center of innovative education technologies is a subdivision of State University named after Shakarim Semey city.

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MISSION - to provide highqualified educational services for extra educational programs, dissemination of innovative educational experience based on the use of modern pedagogical, information and communication technologies in the educational process.

  • support the organization of scientific research, experimental work and scientific expertise of programs, projects, guidelines and other documents of subjects of education;

  • development of educational programs and training of professionals, undergraduates and students aimed at a comprehensive deepening of knowledge within the profession, or direction of professional activity;
    organization of educational and scientific training at the departments of the university;

  • implementation of multilingual education programs;

  • promotion of methods and approaches of inclusive education;
    organizing psychological and educational counseling and correctional and educational work with children with unequal educational opportunities;

  • supplemental education services – short termed courses on the needs of the subjects of the education market;

  • organization of courses and seminars to support innovative professionally-oriented personal development of staff, undergraduates and students;

  • systematization of innovative teaching experience, development of new approaches to achieve the objectives of educational theory and practice, taking into account trends in the development of educational space, a regional traditional continuum "Caravan of pedagogical mastership";

  • translation of innovative experience in the practice of the region (the organization of seminars, courses, workshops, round tables, etc.).

  • coordination of the sectors of innovative educational platform

  • Current laws and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education;

  • Charter of the University;

  • Management policy of the university in the field of quality;

  • Orders and instructions of the rector;

  • Standards ST RK ISO 9001: 2009 and ISO 9001: 2008;

  • Documentation of the QMS of the University;

  • Regulations and job descriptions of staff.

  1. Organize and conduct on the request of the subjects of the education market rates for additional educational programs - 25 events;

  2. Conducting outreach training seminars and courses for educators in 2 districts of East - Kazakhstan region;

  3. Ensure the provision of speech therapy and psychological assistance, provision of social and correctional-developing services for pre-school children - 170 receptions;

  4. Organize and conduct seminars and training sessions on the request of the subjects of the educational activities of East - Kazakhstan region - 10 events;

  5. Organize a multi-level training courses of State and English languages- 200 hours;

  6. To organize courses and seminars to support innovative professionally-oriented personal development of staff, undergraduates and students of the university - 7 events.