Head of Department: Maksat Karibayev

Telephone: +7 (7222) 31-51-46
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 20a Glinka St.
Office: № 410

The office of educational work and youth policy is a structural subdivision of the University and operates in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Charter of the University.

Education at the University is a vital way of socialization and adaptation of a young man in a constantly changing society. Education is management of targeted, systematic formation of the person in order to prepare it to participate actively in the social, industrial and cultural life of society.

The educational activities of the university is based on the scheme: administration – Department of educational work and youth policy – youth organizations – organs of student government – deaneries – the department – the curators

The structure of educational work is one of the main elements of the educational process at Shakarim State University, ensures the integrity of the formation of personality.

The mission of the department of educational work and youth policy – the creation of optimal conditions development, self-realization and socialization of the individual student as a citizen and patriot of the Republic of Kazakhstan, capable professional, intellectual and social creativity.

Aims of the office:

  • ensuring coordination, prospective and current planning of educational work and its implementation in the faculties and the university as a whole;
  • formation of students’ civil position, preservation and augmentation of moral and cultural values, preservation and revival of the traditions of the university;
  • analysis and monitoring of the educational work carried out in the faculties of the university;
  • to provide a new level of educational activities at the university with current reforms in the educational sphere of Kazakhstan

Main activities:

  • Creation of conditions for effective, sustainable use of the students free time training sessions, disclosure of talents and abilities, the formation of the need for labor and a healthy way of life, responsibility and discipline;
  • Development of the necessary documentation for the organizational and methodological support of the educational process of the University;
  • Co-ordination Council of the University curators’ activities;
  • Coordination of the process of settlement of nonresident students in the dormitory;
  • Implementation of comprehensive support to creative teams, acting on the basis of high school;
  • Coordination of the Student Self-Government;
  • Interaction with the trade union organization of students, other community organizations and student associations;
  • Organization and coordination of the evenings, holidays, excursions, support socially important initiatives of students outside of school hours in the field of leisure and entertainment;
  • Preparation of information, reports on the situation, problems, progress of implementation of educational work and youth policy in high school (Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Academic Council, administration, rector).

The office of educational work and youth policy provides educational activities in 10 areas, according to an exemplary approved a comprehensive plan to strengthen the educational component of the learning process in all educational institutions, approved by the Decree of the Government from 29.06.2012:

  • Patriotic education
  • Family education
  • Spiritual and moral education
  • Education of political and legal culture
  • Education leadership qualities
  • Environmental and labor education
  • Multicultural education
  • Intellectual education
  • Education of a healthy lifestyle
  • Religious education

The normative base of activity:

  • Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 27, 2007 № 319-III «On Education” (with alterations and amendments as of 04.09.2016 was)
  • Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 9, 2015 № 285-V «On state youth policy”;
  • The concept of the state youth policy of Kazakhstan up to 2020 “Kazakhstan 2020: The Path to the Future» (№191 27.02.2013);
  • Model comprehensive plan to strengthen the educational component of the learning process in all educational institutions (approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 29.06.2012 №873.);
  • State program of education development in Kazakhstan for 2011-2020. Approved by Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 7, 2010 № 1118
  • Charter of Shakarim State University of Semey
  • Strategic Development Plan of Shakarim State University of Semey on 2013-2022
  1. Formation and development of the students’ patriotism, healthy lifestyle, active citizenship, the organization diversified leisure:
    • Carrying out 90 measures on patriotic education;
    • Carrying out 37 measures for the prevention of crime and religious extremism students;
    • Carrying out 90 cultural – recreational activities;
    • conducting 63 sports events.
  2. Improvement of student self-government:
    • Increase to 58% the number of members of the student government of the University as part of the personnel reserve;
    • Preparation of the number of student activists 10 trainers to conduct training at the faculties
  3. The accumulation of practical experience on the organization of the educational process:
    • Conduct one training seminar for curators
    • Development of 2 manuals on educational work