Telephone: +7 (7222) 35-38-49
Office: 206

Mission: administrative management - to ensure the safety, comfort and excellent facilities for daily life activity of the institute.

The main purpose of administrative management (ARP) is the implementation of administrative support activities of the university. ARP is a subdivision of the university.

  • Maintenance of buildings, premises, equipment (heating, electricity grids, water supply, ventilation, and so on. D.), Waste disposal and clean-up,

  • planning, organization and control of the repair and overhaul facilities of the University,

  • supply departments of the University of furniture, bedding, economic inventory and other goods,

  • organization of transport provision,

  • ensuring the protection and security of facilities owned by the University,

  • organizational and methodical management and control of structural units of the university on economic service, rational use of material resources,

  • the observance of sanitary and anti-epidemic regime, fire safety rules, safety regulations, the timely adoption of the necessary measures for revealing the facts of the infringement,

  • Participation in the preparation and execution of administrative decisions guidance on administrative support activities of the University,


The ultimate goal of this management - making its contribution to the overall mission of the State University Shakarim Semey.