Head of Department: Тусупова Меруерт Рахимбековна

Telephone: +7 (7222) 53-37-60, 53-37-68
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 159 Shugaev st.
Office: 209
E-mail: meryert75@mail.ru

Department of departmental archive is a subdivision of management of human resources of the republican state enterprise on the right of business ” Shakarim State University of Semey” of the Ministry of education and Science of Kazakhstan, organizes  the acquisition archive with documentary materials, their storage and use, oversees the formulation of office in the structural university departments, shapes, and is responsible for the preservation of documents and files.

Organizing expert of scientific and practical value of documentary materials in joint departmental archives.

  • It provides safety, accepted for storage in the departmental archives of documents and files;
  • Classification of documents and the distribution of the basics, taking on record, providing information search;
  • Providing services to the public, the citizens of issuing archival information, ordering;
  • Provides control on queries received from higher authorities, the leadership of the Shakarim State University of Semey and citizens;
  • Implement in the established order the destruction affairs which deadlines have expired;
  • The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On education»;
  • The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On circulation of legal entities and individuals»;
  • Model regulations of documentation and management of documents in the state organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • The list of standard documents generated in the activities of government and non-government organizations, and indicated with storage time;
  • Consuetudinary RSE on PVC « Shakarim State University of Semey»;
  1. Implementation 100% of requests for issuing archival information.
  2. Qualitatively gradually fill the archive data in information systems of the university.
  3. No criticisms during the passage of the external audit.