Head of Department: Dyussembayev Sergazy Turlybekovich

Telephone: +7 (7222) 35-84-57, (fax) 35-94-65
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 4 Fiskulturnaya street
E-mail: srl.08@mail.ru
Website: http://rlab.semgu.kz/

According to the state program in 2007 10 laboratories of an engineering profile, and in 2008 5 more laboratories were allocated to the Universities of Kazakhstan. One of them worth 200 million tenges on Ministry of Education and Science’s grant is allocated to Shakarim State University of Semey. The laboratory of an engineering profile began work since March, 2008. On October 6, 2008 the order on university No. 69, the laboratory was renamed into laboratory of the engineering profile “Scientific Center of Radio Ecological Research” (SCRER).

The laboratory is situated in the separate building with a total area of 850,2 sq.m in the territory of Shakarim University. Total area of premises of laboratory 232 of sq.m.

“Scientific Center of Radio Ecological Research” of Shakarim University is accredited in system of accreditation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on compliance to requirements of ST of RK ISO/MEK 17025-2007 “The common requirements to competence of testing and gage laboratories” and received the certificate of accreditation of January 24, 2013.

The mission of laboratory – carrying out applied researches in the field of radiation safety of foodstuff, structural materials, objects of a surrounding medium; providing high-quality laboratory services in reasonable price. We use advanced technologies, than we increase effectiveness and effectiveness of all stages of researches, analytical developments and quality control of the provided services.

The policy in the field of quality of laboratory is directed to quality achievement of performance of work on tests, receiving reliable information about values of indexes of quality of objects, assessment of compliance of these indexes to the established requirements, ensuring trust to activity of testing laboratory.

Scientific center of radio ecological research aspires:

  • to create the favorable conditions allowing to develop professional qualities, to provide realization of their creative potential for employees;
  • to efficiently use possibilities of laboratory for training of undergraduates, doctoral candidates;
  • to develop the scientific potential of employees, the faculty, undergraduates and PhD-doctoral candidates of university through participation in basic and applied researches in the priority directions of research activity;
  • to improve skills of employees by passing of scientific training in the leading laboratories of the country and abroad;
  • to raise a scientific reserve of laboratory by publications of results of researches in magazines with an impakt-factor and obtaining innovative patents.


Activity of laboratory is directed to contamination studying by radionuclides of the surface layers of the soil, and also land-based and underground sources of water, a way of transfer of radionuclides to biological objects, extents of their accumulation in raw materials of an animal and a phytogenesis, identification of bioindicators and development of methods of a remediation in the Northeast of Kazakhstan, and also improvement of the medicobiological and social-and-ecological factors affecting on the qualitative level of activity of the population of the region.

Primal problems of laboratory are:

  • monitoring of a radio ecological situation;
  • identification of a line-up of transfer of radionuclides from objects of the external environment to biological objects, from a radiocontamination source to products of slaughter of animals;
  • establishment of a keeping of radioactivity in products, degree of radioactive impurity in foodstuff depending on remoteness from the center of the nuclear test site;
  • development of the production technology of foodstuff of radio tire-tread appointment;
  • development of a package of measures for ensuring radiological safety;
  • a remediation of the soil and water in the Northeast of Kazakhstan;
  • training of specialists on radioecology.