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Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, Shakarim street 42

The scientific library is a structural division of Shakarim State University of Semey, which organizes and provides operative and qualitative information-bibliographic  and library services to students, scientific-pedagogic workers and other categories of university readers.

The book fund of the library contains resources in various fields of knowledge, according to profile of the university, in Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages. It also contains literature on fundamental branches of knowledge, humanitarian and social-political cycle of science, economic and juridical literature, and rich fund of world’s fiction literature in Russian, Kazakh and foreign languages. In total, the book fund has above 900 000 volumes.

  • Academic and subject-methodic literature
  • Scientific literature
  • Fiction
  • Periodical issues

Every year the book fund receives 5 thousand more books, and sings for periodicals. The library has 9 reading halls in various buildings of the university.

The readers can use the global information net – the Internet – and information bank of legislative acts of RK “Paragraph” in state and Russian languages. Users of the library have access to extra electronic resources: full-test data base RGB, RMEB, KazNEB, Polpred

To provide every reader with qualitative and effective access to any information resources, which contribute to support of educational process and scientific research of the university, its professional activities, to forming the university image.


  • The scientific library is a structural division of Shakarim State University of Semey, which organizes and provides operative and qualitative information-bibliographic and library services to students, scientific-pedagogic workers and other categories of university readers.
  • Essential fund of the scientific library, according to university profile and information needs of readers, improvement of its qualitative contents, it’s following the criteria of librarian-bibliographic provision of academic and scientific-research work of the university.
  • Providing access to electronic resources of organizations and institutions.
  • The library is oriented to humanization of mankind’s values; propaganda and opening cultural heritages, presented in its funds, providing readers with literature according to their social needs.
  • Forming the informational culture, cultivating skills of smart usage of books and the library.
  • Raising the quality of informational services, enriching the assortment of library services with modern technical equipment, bringing automatized library technologies.
  • Cooperation with libraries and organs of scientific-technical information of Kazakhstan and near abroad by means of exchanging information resources.

The library is under the first manager of the university.

Library’s work is guided by:

  • Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Kazakhstan’s Law “About Education”
  • “State Program for the development of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020”
  • Bylaws of the University
  • International standard ISO 9001:2008 “The System of Quality Management. Requirements”
  • Shakarim State University of Semey’s Policy in Quality System
  • Documentation and instructions for Librarianship
  • Norms and legislation acts of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Orders of the Rector and Vice-Rector for Academic affairs, and the current Regulation

General methodological guidance of the University’s scientific library is carried out by the Republican Librarian-Informational committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK. .

1. Увеличить обеспеченность учебно-методической и научной литературой дисциплин учебных планов специальностей на государственном языкена 3 %.
2. Повысить качество библиотечного фонда путем очищения его от устаревшей по содержанию литературы в количестве не менее 60 000 экземпляров.
3. Пополнение полнотекстовой базы «Труды ППС университета» в количестве не менее 120 названий..

The Department of funds completion

Together with faculties and departments, it has been equipping the library’s fund according to the university’s profile and its needs. The Department keeps correspondence with other libraries, organizations, institutions on problems of completing the book fund, keeps control over orders, inquiries, and appropriate response.  It also accepts and registers new literature, organizes subscription for periodicals.

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The Department of Cataloging and Scientific Processing of Documents

The Department systemizes coming documents and provides their scientific processing.
It organizes and administers the system of traditional and electronic catalogs of the library: updating, revising, registration and their propaganda. It also consults the users how to search for information via catalogs.

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Service Department
Organizes service for students, faculty and staff in 9 reading rooms and 6 passes. Rent educational, reference, scientific-methodological literature on all branches of knowledge in accordance with the educational programs of the University. Conducts public events, presentations of new publications, thematic book exhibitions. Maintains business contacts with faculties and departments in terms of training and methodological support of educational process.

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Scientific-Bibliographic Department

Staff of the scientific hall provides differentiated services to researchers, teachers, graduate students, doctoral students of the University. They also conduct comprehensive outreach events, fulfill bibliographies and lists of references to help develop scientific research and academic processes of the university, provide selective dissemination of information and differentiated services to managers.
The book fund consists of university professors and staff members’ works, their dissertations and theses, books on sociology of science, on problems of higher education, and scientific journals of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russia, articles  of international conferences.

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The Department of new technologies and electronic resources

The Department provides functioning of the automated library information system (KABIS) and the interaction of all its Departments. It also provides access to global electronic information resources by means of electronic hall. Staff of the department carries digitization of the book fund, develops and regularly updates the website of University research library, collects, organizes, and stores electronic versions of Master dissertations.

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The Department for book storing

The Department distributes documents among structural divisions of the Library, and also re-distributes documents according to the needs of library users. It does topographic filing for funds of structural divisions of the library, writing-off obsolete literature, cleaning the library from  doublet and out-of-date resources.

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