Telephone: +7 (7222) 8(7222)35-83-33
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 20A Glinka street, 071412 Semey, room 401.
Office: 401

The Board for International Cooperation is a structural division of Shakarim State University of Semey.

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Learning the world’s experience in higher education, and bringing it to educational programs and research process of the University with the aim to develop their quality, strengthen competitiveness of the University on educational market of Kazakhstan and beyond.

• learning and bringing worlds' advanced technologies of management of educational processes, which provide their flexibility, variability and adaptability to rapidly changing conditions and rates of social-economic development of the country;
•deepening educational integration processes, and transition to qualitatively new level of internationalization and cooperation in higher education
• Internationalization of educational programs of the University by means of joint integrated study plans and curriculums with foreign partner-universities
• Modernization of educational programs and teaching technologies in cooperation with foreign partner-universities
• Enlarging the spectrum of dual degree programs "Baccalaureate 2+2" and "Master 1+1" in partnership with foreign universities
• Further development of students and staff exchange programs, mobility processes via grants of national and international organizations, CIP Bolashak, EU Erasmus and other grants
• widening contacts between researchers, professors and students' staff, managers of university divisions and its foreign partners, international educational organizations and centers

The Board for International Cooperation acts on bases of
• current legislation and other legal norms of Kazakhstan in Education
• Bylaw of the University
• Policy of the University's Quality Assurance System
• orders and instructions of University Administration
• international standards ISO 9000
• documents of QAS of the University
• strategic documents of the government and Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan in Educational field
• documents and regulations of Bologna process
• Conception of International Cooperation of the University
• Regulation for the Board of International cooperation and job instructions for its officers

• Quality development of international educational programs for dual degree "Baccalaureate 2+2"
• Quality development of EU Tempus project № 517504 "Modernization and development of study plans on Pedagogy and Educational Management in Central Asian countries"
• Widening cooperation with foreign universities and educational institutions for training graduates and young staff members of the university on Master and Doctoral programs
• Research in methodology of teaching and pedagogical diagnostics of knowledge quality of students and staff members using worlds' best experiences in these fields
• Developing quality process of polylingual education at the University in partnership with foreign scholars
• Further development of internationalization process, and widening the geography of international educational programs of the university