Head of Department: Soltanbekova Orinbasar Tuyakovna

Telephone: +7 (7222) 36-03-96
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 20a Glinka St.
Office: 123, 124
E-mail: osoltanbekova@mail.ru

The Center of prospective students recruitment and graduates employment is structural subdivision of the Shakarim State university of Semey which activities are directed to coordinate and consolidate activities of various departments for an occupational guidance and pre-university tutorial for prospective students, ensure forming of the high-quality students population, assist to employment of graduates, and also promote the positive reputation of university at the education market.

The Center of prospective students recruitment and graduates employment includes 4 departments:

  1. Occupational guidance Department
  2. Department of preparation for ENT and KTA
  3. Testing Department
  4. Graduates employment assisting Department

The Center of prospective students recruitment and graduates employment:

For the purposes of occupational guidance work organization:

  • performs coordinated, advanced and current planning of occupational guidance work and its implementation;
  • interacts with education system organizations and local executive bodies;
  • advises concerning prospective students professional identity;

For the purposes of quality improvement of prospective students training:

  • organizes psychological professional identity diagnostics;
  • performs prospective students training through different types of training courses;
  • takes a test and performs an analysis of results for the purpose of each pupil’s knowledge level determination and identification of gaps in their knowledge; monitoring testing results of all students within academic year;
  • creates supportive environment for increasing and developing knowledge level of prospective students, formation of motivation and interest in educative process, increase in learning efficiency;

 For the purposes of university graduates employment assisting:

  • analyzes the needs of job-market in graduates of university;
  • creates a database of employers and their vacancies on specialties of university;
  • performs information and consultations concerning employment for university graduates;
  • maintains the relations with employment assistance centers for youth, university graduates employment centers, employers’ associations , graduates association, youth public organizations, education organizations and enterprises.

For the purposes of promoting and supporting positive reputation of higher education institution:

  • provides strengthening of university’s mutually beneficial relations with employers;
  • performs entertaining and image-building events with involvement of prospective students; job fairs; career days; enterprises’ and organizations’ presentations;
  • works with mass media (radio, television, print media) promoting the university; uses all forms of advertising, including mail outs, social networks, etc.;

Complex activities for occupational guidance and prospective students pre-university training, help youth in professional identity, assistance to graduates professional formation and employment

  • Coordination of structural subdivisions, departments and faculties for carrying out occupational guidance activities and assistaning in graduates employment according to plan;
  • Organization of university’s reputation promotion in education market, creation of pre-university tutorial’s attractive culture (environment, community) for attracting prospective students to all specialties of university;
  • Organization of occupational guidance activities in regions using various formats (Mobile univer, departures in city and district schools, mailing via students, work for students during teaching practice, media);
  • Effective training of prospective students and providing necessary conditions for their guaranteed entering a higher education institution; ensuring high-quality level of training and testings general disciplines, which are required for admission examinations in higher education institution;
  • Organization and implementation of testing processes; involvement of prospective students to participation in computer testing; providing tests via internet;
  • Creation of youth community for the purposes of increasing reputation of Shakarim University among prospective students, attracting pupils and kindle their interest to the university;
  • Work with prospective students’ parents, visiting parents’ meetings at schools, invitating parents and representation of Shakarim University to them for the purposes of increasing reputation in society;
  • Enhancement of resource providing occupational guidance actions (development of recommendations about the organization of occupational guidance activities, acceptance of unified plan of releasing materials for maintenance of occupational guidance actions, etc.).
  • Work with mass media (radio, television, print media) promoting the university; uses all forms of advertising, including mail outs, social networks, university’s web-page, university’s newspaper «Студент әлемі», etc.;
  • Cooperation and development of university’s partnership with enterprises, organizations, schools, other educational organizations, joint operation with the International center of education EDTECH.
  • Interaction with regional authorities, including territorial authorities of public employment services, public organizations and associations interested in improvement of the situation at the job-market;
  • Forming database of vacancies offered by employers on corresponding specialties;
  • Collection, generalization, analysis and provision to students information about condition and tendencies of the job-market, about vacanvies requirements;
  • Consultation of senior students concerning career planning and employment, training students in effective self-presentation in case of employment, creation of CV;
  • Ensuring systematic monitoring of graduates employment and their career development, reflecting its results in an electronic database about graduates;
  • Organization of graduates distribution procedure (personal distribution);
  • The organization and participation in image-building and entertaining actions of university with involvement of prospective students; mass actions directed to assist graduates employment: job fairs, career days, presentations of employers;
  • The law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “About education”;
  • A State program of a development of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan      for 2011-2020;
  • Standard rules of organization activity of education, realizing educational programs of higher vocational education;
  • The Statute of RSE on REJ “Shakarim State University of Semey.”;
  • A policy in the field of a quality of Shakarim State University of Semey;
  • Standard of the university “Regulations about structural subdivisions. General requirements”;
  • Provision about Centre of professional development and career.
  • Normative, organizational and administrative documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other higher organizations;
  • Normative and administrative documents of Shakarim State University of Semey;
  • The state obligatory standards of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and standard curricula on the specialties of the higher and postgraduate education, licensed in Shakarim State University of Semey
  1. Provide admission of 2000 prospective students in new academic year.
  2. Provide employment of 87% graduates of university in the first year after graduation.
  3. Provide employment of 80% graduates of university, who was studying according to the government order.
  4. Provide employment of 100% graduates of university, who was studying on a country quota.