Head of Department: Haliev Toleu Hamievich

Telephone: +7 (7222) 34-95-84
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 20a Glinka st.
Office: 109
E-mail: xaliev63@mail.ru

Administrative Service Office:

  • provides security, comfort and conditions for the daily activities of the university.
  • organizes work on upkeep and provides the functionality of all buildings and premises used by the University and also provides control of their technical condition.
  • ensures the communications functioning, serving the building and the University premises, heat and water control and other systems.
  • supports the work of structural divisions of the University with all necessary equipment and material and technical means to carry out their tasks.
  • interacts with government structures of district and city (EKREC, Health Inspection Service, Fire inspection, housing and public utilities, DIA and etc.) to solve economic problems of the University, including the conclusion of necessary contracts and oversee their implementation and extension.

To ensure the safe operation of buildings and facilities of the University, as well as the creation of normal and safe living conditions in the university dormitories.

Main activities

  • To perform the organization and carrying out repair works of buildings and premises occupied by the university, adjacent areas, communications and utilities.
  • To monitor compliance with the University safety and fire safety equipment, vehicles and technological equipment of the server center, located at the University’s balance sheet.
  • To monitor and to be responsible for compliance with all established by the state bodies of sanitary and technical standards and rules of the University.
  • To carry out scheduled and unscheduled inspections; contains campus in good condition.
  • To develops and supervises the preparation of action plans for the university buildings and premises for new academic year and the heating season.
  • To monitor compliance with legal requirements and internal regulations on health and safety.

Quality objectives:

  1. timely execution of applications on current repairs
  2. to ensure fixed maintenance of buildings, premises, equipment (heating systems, electrical networks, fire alarms, water supply, ventilation, etc.)
  3. to do capital repair of the heating system in academic building #3, to repair soft roof of academic building #7 down Glinka Street 20A.
  4. permanent sanitary and epidemiological mode, fire safety rules, safety regulations, the timely adoption of measures in identifying abuses.
  5. To form conditions for teaching staff and students, and also to develop social, organizational and technical and production conditions to enable the University to meet the challenges in the field of education quality.