Academic council: Yessengulova Nurgul Zhansapovna

Telephone: +7 (7222) 36-02-08
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 071400 Kazakhstan Republic, Semey, 1 Tanibergenova str.
Office: 311

Members of the academic council 

Provisions of the academic council

  1. Primary purpose

The present provisions on the order of organization of Academic Council of Semey State University activity is the document which regulates the process of formation and activity of the University Academic Council.

  1. Regulatory reference

Provisions on the organization of the activity of the University Academic Council are developed in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of the following documents:

  • “On education” legislative act of 27 July, 2007, No. 319-Sh 3 RK
  • “On the approval of standard rules and regulations of the University Academic Council activity and the procedure of its election” decree of the acting Minister of education and science of 22 November, 2007, No. 574
  • University Charter
  1. General requirements

University Academic Council is the main form of the collegiate administration. The present provisions and the University Charter define the order of formation and competences of the University Academic Council.

University Academic Council is created with the purpose of staff joining efforts to solve actual problems of University development, providing high quality of specialists training, scientific research and educational work.

In its activity Academic Council is guided by laws and regulations of Kazakhstan Republic, present Provisions and University Charter.

  1. Aims and primary tasks of Academic Council

Aims of Academic Council activity are:

4.1 Creating the necessary conditions for students and university teaching staff for the reason of successful realization of professional academic programs;

4.2 Provision of financial support, strenthening of the material and technical base of the university;

4.3 Contribution into the further development of the University.


The Primary tasks of the Academic Council are:


4.4 Making decisions on the single academic and educational politics, educational work among students, strategy and tactics of the university development, main directions of the international activity.

4.5 Providing for the realization of government programs in the sphere of education and science.

5 Main directions in the activity of Academic Council:

5.1 Approving the structure of the university;

5.2 Contributing changes and additions to the university charter;

5.3 Creation, reorganization and liquidation of educational and academic subdivisions of the university (laboratories, faculties, specialized departments and others);

5.4 Determination of the concepts of development, consideration of the perspective plans for the developments of university; approval of the curriculum and
academic process schedule;

5.5 Discussion on the student contingent;

5.6 Consideration of the questions and decision making:

5.6.1 Material and technical, personnel and organizing-methodical providing for the academic process;

5.6.2 Professional development and employees retraining;

5.6.3 Attraction of the additional financial and material facilities for realization of charter activity;

5.6.4 Creating the necessary conditions for the proper functioning of the university subdivisions, public catering and medical organization;

5.6.5 Granting the additional benefits and various types of material support to the different categories of the students, master students.

5.7 Decision making on all background questions of the organizations academic and educational work, research and economic activity of the university;

5.8 Hearing of the annual reports of the rector, prorectors and heads of the structured subdivisions of the university about academic, research, educational, financial, economic, information and international activities;

5.9 Summarizing the results of all types of professional practices for the academic year and accepting recommendation upon their improvement;

5.10 Assistance to the activity of autonomous public bodies and public associations;

5.11 Discussion and approval of plans of research, educational work and plan of teaching staff professional development;

5.12 Decision making on translation student with pay branch on educational grant;

5.13 Organization of the checking and hearing of the total financial and economic activity of the university;

5.14 Determination of the order of the use of extra-budgetary facilities, as well as directions of incom reinvestement, received by university by the way of rendering the educational services and realization of manufactured product;

5.15 Presentation of candidates to personalized scholarships and scholarship of the different funds, organizations;

5.16 Solicitation before the state organs of the qualifications of RK about apropriation and reattestation of academic degrees;

5.17 Conferring the academic rank of the assistant professor, professor and ranks of the honourable professor of the university;

5.18 Consideration of the questions about presentation of university employees, creative group to governmental award and honourable ranks;

5.19 Statement of research advisors, master and PhD students scientific consultants;

5.20 Approving the structure of management, rules of the internal routine, employees scheduling, functions;

5.21 Recommendations in scholastic-methodical associations university textbook, prepared professorial-teaching staff of the university;

5.22 Consideration and recommendation of textbook publishing and academic-methodical materials;

5.23 Consideration of the other questions, provided by university charter.


6 Order of organization of the work of the university academic council

6.1 Academic council for the reason realization of the principle democratic nature of management university activity.

6.2 Memebers of the university academic council are established by the order of the university rector.

6.3 Rector, prorectors, heads of the structured subdivisions, teachers, students and representatives of the public bodies.

6.4 Composition of the academic council is elected for 3 and consists of uneven number of members. If need be changes in its body can be contributed by the decision of the common meeting.

6.5 Chairman of the academic council is a rector. In case of absence of the chairman his/her duties are performed by the deputy. The chairman organizes the work of university academic council and provides its activity in accordance with legislation of the Republic Kazakhstan and the present Provisions.

6.6 Members of the university academic council are elected on the common meeting of faculty group and other structured subdivision of the university by secret voting.

6.7 Secretary is elected and has charge of conducting paperwork of the council.

6.8 Work of the academic council is based on the plan. The Plan is established by rector after consideration with the academic council. The Meetings of the academic council are conducted not less 1 times a month.

6.9 The academic council forms constantly acting and other commission on different directions of its activity.

6.10 Meetings of the academic council are authorized only if not less 2/3 its members are present. Members of the academic council must inform the chairman beforehand about impossibility to be present at meeting on legitimate reasons.

6.11 Decisions of the academic council, as a rule, are taken by opened voting, by simple majority. The decisions of the academic council on questions of the scientist and academic rank conferring, competitive election secret voting are taken on job titles in accordance with the established order. On separate questions, decision can be taken the way of a secret voting.

6.12 Organization of the work of academic council is entrusted on the academic secretary.

The Academic secretary:

with corresponding subdivisions heads and executives of the university makes out scheme activity, realizes organizing of starting-up work on undertaking the meetings and realization of the decisions of the coucil;

has the right to require necessary information, give the commission contracts to an employee university on all directions of academic council activity;

checks the performance of the decisions of the academic  council and systematically informs on this Chairman and members.

7 Paperwork of the academic council

7.1 The academic secretary of the academic council  leads documentation in accordance with university nomenclature.

7.2 Decisions of the academic council are arranged by protocol. The Protocols are signed by the Chairman and academic secretary.

7.3 Protocols and decisions of the academic council are documents of constant keeping and are sent when the secretary is changed.