Dr. Roey TZEZANA, Izrael, World-class Expert in Cyber Security and Emerging & Disruptive Technologies at Shakarim University

Пресс-служба     15 Oct,2018        

World-class expert in Cyber Security Dr. RoeyTzezana, Tel Aviv University, Izrael, has arrived at Shakarim University.

Dr. Tzezana will be lecturing about the latest and most exciting fields of emerging and disruptive technologies in the world on the topic of “Futures Studies and the Future” on 15 – 20 October 2018.

RoeyTzezana, PhD, is a public intellectual and a futures studies researcher with worldwide acclaim. He’s a research fellow in the Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center, and is the academic manager of the program for Futures Studies at LahavExecutive Education in Recanati Business School at Tel Aviv University. He has given courses about futures studies and the future in the Hebrew University and the Technion as well.

His first book “Guide to the Future”, became a best-seller and focused public attention in the disruptive influence of emerging technologies on society.

You can watch lectures and performance of Dr. Tzezana on YouTube:


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