Dean: Seilgazina Saule Munkanovna


Currently, the development of agro-industrial complex – one of the priorities in the economic policy of the country. In connection with this to solve important problems of the agricultural sector should be involved in the industry for talented, enthusiastic, creative, able to work effectively in a constantly changing market conditions graduates.

One of the high schools of Kazakhstan engaged in the training of specialists for agriculture is the Agricultural Department of the State University naShakarim Semey.

The main tasks of the faculty is – training of highly qualified personnel holding diplomas corresponding to the ranking of world education and scientific thought in the introduction of new technologies in the educational process, improve the system of internal evaluation of the quality of educational services, to ensure the integration of education, science and industry through innovative technology.

1950 Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR № 4943 from 15.12.1950, the order and the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR on the opening of the Semipalatinsk zootechnical veterinary intituta annual contingent of 300 students.

1952-the official opening of the university was held September 1, 1952.

1995 Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Elimination of the university and the establishment of the State University, “Families”, and in 1999, renaming the State “Families” Semipalatinsk State University named after Shakarima.

University became the legal successor of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Agromanagement, Department of Livestock.

The first dean of the faculty was Professor ZK current (ex-rector, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, Professor, Honored Worker of Education, author of the new breeds of sheep “Bice” Deputy Dean were Omarbekov, Toykin, Saparova, Tugambaeva, Koygeldinova A.S. currently working in this position Seylgazina S.M,Dean, Deputy Dean Zakiyeva A.A., Zhakianova M.S.

The mission of the Agricultural Faculty is to train highly qualified professionals with the knowledge and ability to effectively introduce innovations in the field of agricultural science while maintaining the values of classical education.

Goals in the field of quality of Agricultural faculty for the 2016-2017 academic year

  1. Lack of critical discrepancies when passing postaccreditation monitoring.
  2. 5 publication of the faculty of articles in foreign journals with zero impact factor.
  3. To improve the quality of student performance to 89%.
  4. To increase the participation of faculty in grant-funded projects through the MES.
  5. Attracting students to scientific research conducted by scientists of the faculty. Creating for students opportunities to participate in national competitions.
  6. Increase staff of the faculty for the trust programme PhD in the field of faculty:
    – 6D 120200 “Veterinary sanitation” – 1 person;
    – 6D 080700 “Forest resources and forestry” – 1 person;
    – 6D080200 “Technology livestock products” 1 person.
  7. Create 2 teaching laboratories equipped with modern equipment:
    – Department of animal husbandry and management “Morphology and physiology of animals”
    -Department of agrotechnology and forest resources “of the laboratory to determine the quality of seeds and soil”
  8. Attracting 50% of the students of the faculty on the activities of an educational nature, conducted within the scope of the University and the city.

Main objectives: to participate in the training of highly qualified personnel who possess diploma corresponding ranking of the world of education and the improvement of the system of internal evaluation of the quality of educational services, to ensure the integration of education, science and industry through innovative technology.

The Faculty has a highly composition. Among them: 3 academicians, doctors of sciences, professor, 40 associate professors, the owner of 81.5% of the state grant. Degree 81.5%

Of the number of awarded state awards:

1 Tokayev Zeinolla Kalymbekovich- Professor, Department of biologii- medals: For valorous work, the 100th anniversary of Lenin s birth, Veteran of Labour 10 years of Astana.

2 Sadvakassov Muhtash Sadvakasovich- Professor, Department of Veterinary Public Health: medali- For development of virgin lands, Veteran of Labour.

3 Zhumabaev Halit Smagulovich Professor of Veterinary Public Health, Labour Veteran medal.

4 Lavrynenko Galina Eremeevna- Associate Professor, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Medal Veteran difficulty.

5 Tugambaeva Salima Manatovna – Pf of department “ Livestock with general morphology”,medal Shakarim 2011 year.

Awarded of medals “Respectly worker high school”

Zhumabekov Halit Smagulovich-Pf dept of Veterinary 21.09.2002 year

“Respectly worker of education RK” Tokaev Zeinalla Kalymbekovich-Pf dept of biology 8.02.2002 year

“Winner national developing Kaz SSR” Omarbekov Esengeldi Omarbekovich-docent dept of Veterinary 27.08.1992 year


The main objectives: to develop a comprehensive program to ensure the educational process teaching materials of new generation, including electronic textbooks, improvement of test-rating system control of students knowledge and qualitative and quantitative criteria of educational achievements of students. In order to provide students handouts PPP faculty published dozens of educational and scientific works.

Among them: Tutorials – Parasitology and parasitic diseases of farm animals (NT Kadyrov, HI Egizbaev, M.K Mustafin, M.MI skakov, J.M Isimbekov, Astana, 2000, S. 560); (cytology, embryology, histology, Z.K Tokaev, Almaty, 2006, 370); Veterinariyalyқ Pharmacology (K.N Kozhanov, Almaty, 2007, 395 ); Hygiene (M.S Saduakasov, Almaty, 2008, 318; Vet pharmacognosy (K.N Қozhanov, Almaty, 2009, 229 bet);
monograph – genital morphology ewes and maraluh postpartum (ZK Tokayev, Families, 2002, S. 160), Oncology pets (HS Jumabekov, Almaty, 2006, S. 118); Assotsiativnye invasion of sheep and Angora goats (MMIskakov, Almaty, 2006, S. 157); Immunology antropozoonoz (Iskakov, Shaimardanov,  Mukanov, Almaty, 2006 S. 242); Ejmeriozy farm animals (Iskakov, Almaty, 2006, S. 229); Deformities in domestic animals (HS Jumabekov, Almaty, 2007, S. 308); Patomorfologiya gelmint animals ( Jumabekov, Almaty, 2007, S. 174); Development of mechanisms for the regulation of hemodynamics and lymphodynamics in the phylogeny of vertebrates (Sh Zhumadina, LE Bulekbayeva, Almaty, 2007, S. 172);
tutorials: (Z.K. Toқaev, Almaty, 1993, 120 ), “Histology, eibriologiya, cytology workshops” (Z.Қ. Toқaev, Families 2001 184 ), (” fish disease “,” Veterinary protozologiya “(M.MIskakov); “Morphology of Animals” (Nurzhanova K.H Satievv K.R); a collection of case studies and experiments on pathological physiology (V/S Stepin, M/K Nurkenova); “Functional activity of detoxification” (Sh Zhumadina); Workshop on Safety (I/J Grigorieva, Families, 2008 S. 221); A manual for self-study course “Ecology” (I/J Grigorieva, Families, 2008, S. 161); theoretical foundations of industrial ecology (A/R Sataeva, Voronezh, 2008, S. 256); Protection with / agricultural plants (Seylgazina S.M, Lavrynenko G.E);

educational and methodological developments: “Fundamentals of livestock,” “Basic scientific research” (Seylgazina S.M), “Breeding sheep and goats on milk production “(Burambaeva N.B),” Breeding farm animals with the basics of private animal husbandry “(Korabaev Z.Z),” Technology of production of farming “(Dzhamanova G.E), and others. In addition, released” Through methodical, comprehensive program production and educational practices for students 1-5 courses “(Abanova M.N, Iglikov O.D, Burambaeva N.B, Korabaev Z.Z).

At the Faculty research is conducted on topics such as: epizootiology, clinical and morphological manifestations and pathogenesis of infectious and parasitic diseases of animals, veterinary and sanitary assessment of products of slaughter and sanitary-hygienic assessment of water quality in the East Kazakhstan region, ways to improve breeding and productive qualities myasosalnyh sheep and cattle in the conditions of the north-east of Kazakhstan, the influence of various environmental factors on living organisms, veterinary welfare on NCDs cattle in farms of different ownership forms in eastern Kazakhstan, mono and associative invasion of farm animals.

The predominant part of it consists of the initiative.
The grant of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the theme “Development and adaptation of modern technologies to improve the genetic potential of specialized livestock in Kazakhstan,” the head of DS-agricultural sciences. Kozhebaev B.Zh  performers: DS-agricultural sciences. Zhanadilov A.Y, k.v.n. Tusupov S.D, M.A Tsikalov K. Korabaev Z.Z,  Nurzhanova K.H Tumabaev M. Akhmetov B.S (27 million tenge) Pavlodar region on the basis of KX “Velgelm”, “Sandy”, “Lugansk”:

Performing research topics of the initiative “Improving the breeding and productive qualities of Kazakh white breed” rukovodield.s h.n.Zhanadilov-AY Artist KS / agricultural sciences. IGLIKA OD, on the basis of K / X “Bagration”, LLP “Shalabai.”, Leader grant MoA Baygazanov AN “Develop a system of anti-epizootic measures during FMD, rabies, bluetongue and Schmallenberg disease in some regions (East Kazakhstan, Pavlodar) with the Republic of Kazakhstan uchkraevoy epizootology” – 8 million tenge, Grants Management with / x on EKR are:

Kozhebaev B.J – PhD / Agricultural Sciences., Professor, “Creating a highly productive livestock rogatoga large cattle in the East Kazakhstan region with the use of innovative methods of rapid reproduction” for $ 3 million. Tenge; Nurzhanova KH – Associate Professor of “Livestock and hunting with the basics of morphology” “Introduction of breeding and meat processing methods to increase the productivity of domestic sheep meat greasy rocks in the East of Kazakhstan” in the amount of 4 million tenge.

The winners of the competition “Energy of the Future” at the exhibition Mini Expo – 2014:
Seylgazina S.M – “Development and implementation of innovative technologies vlagoresursosberegayuschih the cultivation of cereal crops in the dry steppe zone of Eastern Kazakhstan” and Tsikalov K.B – “Restoration and preservation pokulyatsii sturgeon species in eastern Kazakhstan.” At the Faculty established and functioning specialized laboratories: – Laboratory of Advanced Technology for veterinary laboratory evaluation of the quality of feed and feeding of farm animals normalized center breeding work with farm animals, laboratory examination of seed quality, laboratory “Soil Analysis” laboratory biochemical analysis of blood farm animals, laboratory accelerated reproduction using innovative technologies, biogeochemical laboratory, a laboratory for growing valuable endangered species, through the University center for Entrepreneurship – laboratory of veterinary and sanitary examination, laboratory analysis of genomes, Laboratory of Parasitology


In practice work in East Kazakhstan:

Bagration-2 Region Ulan East Kazsakhstan . “Balke “Beskaragai region

“Lana”,”Kalihan”,”Nur” Semey,TOO “Dericar” Abai region

“Semey forest”

“Republic methodological centre phitos diagnostic and analys”

“Plants protection” Almaty

Factory “Zhana-Semey”

TOO “Silicat”

SU “Management of Semey”

AO “Vodocanal”

ZAO “Semeycement”

Agricultural faculty conducts multi-level training through:

Baccalaureate (biology, animal science, ecology, agronomy, and hunting-farming, forestry, business, life safety and protection of the environment.)

higher the occupational (veterinary medicine, veterinary sanitation)

postgraduate education-Masters: Biology, livestock products, Agronomy.

The pride of AF is approximately 60% of students at excellent studentov.Bolshinstvo of them skillfully combine study with social work. Has a student dean s office, Department of ASA Council chiefs, small deanery.

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