Head of the Department: Nurzhanova Kulsara Halimardenovna

E-mail: aza938@yandex.ru

The Department of Animal husbandry and Hunting with basics on morphology is included in Agrarian Faculty and was found in 2013 by means of «Biology» and «Agrotechnology» departments’ reorganization. At the moment the department trains the bachelor of the specialties such as «Hunting study and fur-farming -5B080300», «Technology of production animal products -5B080200». There are full-time and correspondence modes of the study. The studying is conducted at an accelerated program of study for specialties as «Technology of production animal products» and «Hunting study and fur-farming» to graduates from colleges since 2013. There are two specialties which have MA 6М080200 Technology of production animal products.

The Department is headed by candidate of agricultural sciences, Nurzhanova Kulsara Halimardenovna.

The mission of the department is to realization of students’ education at specialties «Hunting study and fur-farming», «Technology of production animal products». Also the work on increasing of spiritual and moral education, of educational process and the training competitive highly qualified specialists on the bachelor and the MA.

The department of Animal husbandry and hunting with basics on morphology trains students of the specialties such as «Hunting study and fur-farming -5B080300», «Technology of production animal products -5B080200».

Graduates of the «Hunting study and fur-farming -5B080300» may work in the appropriate farms, in the state natural reserves, in the zoological sanctuaries, in the national parks and other protected areas, to find a job in public institutions for the protection of forests and wildlife, national and regional governments of the wildlife and hunting, tourist organizations and associations of hunters and fishermen.

The main disciplines of the specialty«Biology» are “Invertebrate Zoology”, “Zoology”, “Botany”, “Systematics of Plants”, “Physiology”, “Anatomy”, “Methods of Teaching of Biology”, “Genetics”.

Specialty “Hunting study and fur farming”: “The technique of production animals and birds,” “biotechnological and game propagation,” “Accounting for game animals”, “Hunting dog breeding”, “Trophy business”, “Typology of game animals”, “Commodity and technology of production hunting. ”

Graduates of the «Hunting study and fur-farming -5B080300»get a job in the environmental agencies of the Department of protection, reproduction and rational using of natural resources, also in the organization related to tourism.

Mainly graduates of game managers are arranged in “The Semeyormany” and its branches, as well as in “The Ertisormany” in Pavlodar oblast. Two men were settled in the national nature park Katon-Karagay.

Graduates of the «Technology of production animal products -5B080200» after ending can work as zootechnologies , or breeders in the breeding farms, in the joint-stock companies, production cooperatives, poultry farms, racetracks and as inspectors of the territorial inspections.