Head of the Department: Nurmujanova Janat Mekeshovna

Telephone: +7 (7222) 53-07-92
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 159 Shugaev Street
E-mail: ekologiya-zos@mail.ru

The chair of ecological protection of environment of Semipalatinsk state university named after Shakarim has been created in 2004 according to the resolution of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan «About reorganization of office of the republican state enterprises of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan». Candidate of Technical Sciences, the assistant professor of safety Sarsembenova Orynzhamal Zhunusbekovna became the first heads of the department. The small teaching collective under the direction of Sarsembenova O.Zh. has for a short time managed to create educational and methodical and material resources of chair.
Since 2006 the chair is headed by the candidate of agricultural sciences, assistant professor Zhanadilov Amangeldy Yurtayevich who has been appointed since 9.1.2006 the dean of faculty of construction and protection of environment. From 2006 to 2008, then 2012-2013 chair the doctor of medical sciences, professor Apsalikov Kazbek Negmatovich directs. During the period from 2008 to 2009 the chair is headed by the candidate of veterinary sciences Husayynova Naylya Toltayevna. From 2009 to 2011chair Dr.Sci.Biol. Satayeva Aliya Rifkatovna managed.
The chair of ecology and environmental management of Semipalatinsk state teacher training college has been open in 2003. The first set of students in “Ecology” is carried out in 2004. In 2005 the chair has been renamed into ecology and geography chair, in 2011– in chair of ecology-chemical and geographic disciplines. From 2003 to 2013 the largest scientist in the field of ecology, the Dr.Sci.Biol., the professor, the academician, the honored worker of the higher school of Kazakhstan, the winner of a rank «The outstanding scientist of the World 2007» Panin Mikhail Semenovich headed chair.
According to the results of the academic ranking of 2011 educational programs of undergraduate specialty “5V060800 – Ecology” of the Semipalatinsk State Pedagogical Institute took 2nd place among the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Due to the reorganization of Semipalatinsk state university named after Shakarim and Semipalatinsk state teacher training college by merge in RGP on PHV «Shakarim State University of Semey» the chair was headed by the candidate of veterinary sciences Kabyshevа Zhanar Kobegenovna. Since 2014 the chair is headed kandidatkhimicheskysciences, by Artamonova Elena Nikolaevna assistant professor. Currently, the department manages the candidate of veterinary sciences Nurzhumanova Zhanat Mekeshovna
The chair carries out preparation of bachelors on 2 specialities: 5В060800 -“Ecology” and 5В073100 – «Health and safety and protection of environment», preparing experts for the enterprises of the industry, a national economy, scientific and educational institutions.
The chair of ecology and protection of environment is an alloy of experience of seniors and enthusiasm young, knowledge and search new. As a part of chair of 3 doctors of science, 10 candidates of science, 5 masters of sciences. The base degreement of chair makes 67%. Improves not only chair staff, but also the number of the students who are training on the basis of the general secondary education, average and special and higher educationin creases. As a part of chair the skilled teachers having an extensive experience in professional activity work. In chair formation the big contribution was brought by teachers: Panin M. S., Satayeva A.R., Zhanadilov A.Yu., Sarsembenova O. Zh., Grigorieva I.Ya., Skripnikova L.V., Husayynova N. T., Artamonova E.N., Evlampiyeva E.P., Polivkina E.N., Zhumabekov S. Zh., Beysebayev Sh.T. Professor Panin M. S., Satayev A.R. are owners of the State grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan «The best teacher of higher education institution».
The professor M. S. Panin in 2000 is awarded the State scientific grant for scientists and the experts who have made an outstanding contribution to development of a science and equipment for successful realization of a scientific problem «the Biogeochemical assessment of natural and technogenic landscapes of Kazakhstan» a doctor of biological sciences M. S. Panin has created large scientific ecological-biogeochemical school. Under its management it is prepared and protected 5 doctors, 32 candidate and 58 master dissertations in “Ecology”, “Geoecology”.
In 2013of Satayeva A.R. by the invitation of the International Academy of Concord-Feedship Eurotalant (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland) has passed in the countries of Europe to scientific training, has taken part in the International scientific and practical conferences passing to Baku (Azerbaijan) and Turkey. In 2014 scientific training of Vernadsky the Russian Academies of Sciences (Moscow) have passed Artamonova E.N. in Institute of geochemistry and analytical chemistry., Evlampiyeva E.P. also have taken part in the International scientific and practical conference which was taking place in Spain. K.B.N. Evlampiyeva E.P. – the owner of the State scientific grant for talented young scientists for 2010-2012, the Republic of Kazakhstan appropriated by the Ministry of Education and Science. The chair became the centre of regular international and republican scientific and practical conferences for various environmental problems of environment, ecological education and education. During 2000-2012seven International scientific and practical conferences on a problem «Heavy metals and radio nuclides in environment».По to results of conferences in which leading scientists of Kazakhstan have taken part, CIS countries and foreign countries are carried out, collections of reports and materials in total amount about 700 items of l have been published. The International scientific and practical conference «Actual environmental problems and ways of their decision» with the edition of materials of conference in total amount of 30 items of l is carried out. On the basis of chair under the aegis of the International academy of Sciences of pedagogical education «The ecological centre» as which, along with ecological education and education, release of educational and methodical literature, carrying out scientific researches in the field of environmental protection enters also is open.
With a view of studying and distribution of the best practices of ecological education and education the invitation of leading scientific higher education institutions and scientific research institute of the neighbouring countries and the Republic of Kazakhstan (by the Moscow State University of Lomonosov, Institute of geochemistry of the biosphere of the Southern federal state university, Institute of plant ecology and animal URO Russian Academies of Sciences, Omsk state university of V. M. Dostoevsky, botany and phytointroduction Institute, etc.) will be organized.
Lecturing to students and undergraduates specialties “5V060800-Ecology”, “6M060800-Ecology”, “5V073100-Life safety and environmental protection” foreign scientists, doctors PhD Chemical Technology and Metallurgy University (Sofia, Bulgaria) Spaska Yaneva Atanasova.

Lecturing of Doctor of Biological Science, the professor of chair of ecology and environmental management of Omsk state university of V. M. Dostoevsky Solovyev S. A.

Lecturing of Doctor of Biological Science, professor of chair of agroecology and microbiology of Novosibirsk state agrarian university of Korobova L.N.

Lecturing by the doctor of PhD, professor of Nazarbayev university Mikhaylovsky S.

Lecturing on radiating safety to students and city councils the head uchebno- information centre of Instituteof radiating safety and ecology of the National nuclear centre Strilchuk Yu.G.

The chair co-operates with schools in respect of implementation of the concept of the ecological educations. Together with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republican scientific and practical centre “Daryn” seven republican ecological Olympic Games of school students (2007-2013) in which about 1 000 pupils from all areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan participated are carried successfully out.

Regularly since 2008the team of students ecologists takes prizes in the Republican students Olympic Games on the ecology which is carried out on the basis of the Kazakh national university named after al-Farabi (Almaty).

The chair carries constantly out work on expansion of bases professional the practician and to improvement of quality of their passing. Passing results the practician are discussedat total conferences. Information on carrying out the practicianon chair is published in local mass media («Өндірістік тәжірибесіні ң оқу іі сіндегі маңызы a zor», Beysebayev Sh.T.). For carrying out improvement of quality the practician has been created chair branch at Institute of radiating safety of an iekologiya of NYaTs RK (Kurchatov).
Students of chair have fine traditions: dedication in students, ceremony of the last call, the organisation and carrying out a benefit concert in orphanages, rendering to orphan children of the help, participation in competitions KVNs, Kyz the sons, the best group of university, work in Zhasyl-el group, an amateur arts festival.
Student Moldabekov A. has been recognised as the best commander of students construction group of area. The KVN team of chair has won «A cup of the dean of agrarian faculty» as the KVN best group of faculty.

The chair is proud also of the athletes. Students Orazalin Nurlan, Kabdollayev Merey take prizes not only in the city of Families and the East Kazakhstan area, but also abroad. The student of speciality «BZhD and ZOS» Orazalin Nurlan has taken the 3rd place on a judoto Beirut (Lebanon).

Currently, the department does not stop and continues to improve its work in various areas of its activities: educational and methodical, scientific research, educational and organizational.


Formation and realization of the complex program of perfection of quality of preparation of experts by means of reception of graduate and post-graduate training through the development mechanism of competence on conformity to requirements of ISO 9001: 2008, and also meet the requirements of the consumer in preparation of the qualified competitive experts.

  1. Lack of critical discrepancies by results of certified audit on quality management system on compliance to requirements of MS of ISO 9001:2008.
  2. Opening of branch of chair on the basis – 1.
  3. Making of biasness contract with biogeochemistrycal laboratory –
  4. The invitation of foreign scientists for lecturing – 1 scientist.
  5. The publication of scientific articles in magazines with a high impakt-factor – 2 articles.
  6. Part of students involved to sporting competitions – 85 %.
  7. Part of graduates who work by state order and specialty – 80 %