Head of the Department: Serikova Aynur Temeshovna

Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 159 Shugaev Street, office 310
E-mail: aiser71@mail.ru

Chair “Veterinary sanitation” has been formed in a part of the Agricultural Faculty of the University in September 1994 to train veterinary care physicians. It is organized on the basis of the former departments: pathological anatomy (Prof. Jumabekov HS, associate professor Orazalieva SB), Pathological Physiology (Acting Associate Professor Nurkenova MK) zoogigieny (Professor Sadvakassov MS) veterinary – sanitary examination (ST Dyusembaev professor, associate professor Serikova AT), of Epidemiology and infectious diseases, the veterinary organization (acting Associate professor Bleym TN), microbiology and Virology (i.o.professora Baygazanov AN associate professor Omarbekov EO).
Head of the department is the candidate of veterinary sciences, acting Professor Aynur Serikova Temeshovna.

Teaching disciplines department carries out on 2 faculties – agriculture, engineering and technology. The Department is profiling the specialty 5V120200 – “Veterinary Sanitation”. The training involved 14 teachers, including 5 professors, 5 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer and 3 teachers.


5B120200 – Veterinary Sanitation

 Training of specialists in 5B120200 – educational program “Veterinary Sanitation” is carried out since 1995 in the state and russian languages.From 2004 – 2005 academic year training in the major “Veterinary Sanitation” is carried out on the credit system of education that meets international standards. According to the Bologna Declaration (Charter), a member of which is the State University named after Shakarim of Semey city, annually holds state certification and confirmation of licenses to meet the educational process with international standards. From 2009 to the present time, in accordance with the Classifier of majors of higher and postgraduate education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, training (specialists, masters) is carried out in the educational program 5B120200- “Veterinary sanitation” and 6M120200- “Veterinary sanitation”. The right of university is to train specialists in the accredited specialty validated by state license number 411, series AA №0000044, granted by MES RK in  full-time education. Taking into account the specificity of educational program, two educational trajectories  are developed.

  • The first educational trajectory – “Veterinary-sanitary control of infectious diseases of animals and birds.”
  • The second educational trajectory – “Veterinary-sanitary control in the production, storage of animal and vegetable products.”In the current year (2014) in collaboration with employers revised and renamed trajectories of educational program are given :
  • The first educational trajectory – “Food safety”.
  • The second educational trajectory – “Veterinary-sanitary monitoring”, which were supplemented by disciplines. Modular educational program “MOP” is based on “State educational standard of education”, approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan (from 23.08.2012 year, №1080), model curricula, as well as on the basis of the provisions of SES RK 05.04.019-2011 “Undergraduate” based on the TUP for №158 from 10.04.2012 year. The main provisions of the curriculum structure of higher education and the model curriculum of major 5B120200 – “Veterinary Sanitation”.Postgraduate education at the department is conducted on graduate programs and PhD doctoral studies (license to conduct educational activities in the major №0110295 from 02.06.2010 year.). The status of a student is determined by the Law “On Education” from 27.07.2007 year. № 319-III, Resolution of the Government of Kazakhstan №1080 «Postgraduate education. Master “, approved on 23.08.2012. Introduced to replace SES RK 5.04.033-2011.Graduate program in major 6M120200 “Veterinary Sanitation” has been operating since 2004 with the awarding of the academic degree of Master of Science qualification – Master of Veterinary Sciences on major “Veterinary Sanitation” (license series AB № 0137403, Order of MES from 03.02.2010, № 168).As a result of the development of the educational program alumnus acquires general and specific competence, prescribed in the matrix of the educational program. The alumnus is awarded the academic degree “Specialist – Veterinary Sanitary Doctor.” Postgraduate education at the department is conducted on graduate programs and PhD doctoral studies (license to conduct educational activities in the specialty №0110295 from 02.06.2010g.). The status of a student is determined by the Law “On Education” from 27.07.2007g. № 319-III, Resolution of the Government of Kazakhstan №1080 «Postgraduate education. Master “, approved on 23.08.2012. Introduced to replace SES RK 5.04.033-2011. Master of major 6M120200 “Veterinary Sanitation” has been operating since 2004 with the awarding of the academic degree of Master of Science qualification – Master of Veterinary Sciences on specialty “Veterinary Sanitation” (license series AB № 0137403, Order of MES from 03.02.2010, № 168). As a result of the development of the educational program alumnus acquires general and specific competence, prescribed in the matrix of the educational program. In accordance with professional standards in the activities of Veterinary Sanitation alumnus can occupy the following positions (Order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 21, 2014 № 20/37 Registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan May 21, 2014 № 9460.):

Veterinary bacteriologist

– Veterinary toxicologist

– Veterinary serology surgeon

– Veterinary microbiologist

– Veterinary virologist

– Veterinary sanitary surgeon

In 2014, an educational program in the major of higher and postgraduate professional education 5B120200 – “Veterinary sanitation” and 6M120200 – “Veterinary Sanitation” were accredited by an independent agency for accreditation and rating (WEC NAAR) for a period of 5 years.

In 2015, with a degree in Bachelor 5B120200 – “Veterinary Sanitation” among the universities participating in the ranking NARR took 3rd place.


Training of specialists in the department is led by highly qualified teaching staff: 1 doctor of sciences, 5 professors, 5 PhDs and 3 masters. Trained more than 190 students, 17 undergraduates.

Leading Professor Dyusembaev S. T. – The owner of the State grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in nomination “The best teacher of the university”, as well as the State scientific grant for outstanding contribution to the development of science and technology.

In 2014, for their outstanding achievements in the field of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan was awarded the badge “BILIM BERU ІSІNІN KHURMETTІ KHYZMETKERІ”.

Material and technical base of the major is equipped with modern technical means of education. The department has classrooms, which are equipped with computers, TV in 3D, online, interactive whiteboard. There is a coroner autopsy of dead animals and vivarium for small laboratory animals (white mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, chicken).

In order to implement the educational program the department was visited by scientists from the United States and Turkey. In particular, Professor at the University of North Dakota Charles Stoltenow, professor of the University of Houston TattimShaiken and professor at the University Ankara RifkiKoziroglu. In 2014, scientists from the United States (North Dakota University) came to give lectures and joint research projects, India (Cochin, Kerala, Center for Biotechnology Systems), Russian Federation (All-Russian Research Institute of Entomology and aracheology) and Belarus (NIVI named after. S. Vyshelesski) Finogenov professor A. J, Poland Bialystok professor BozenaLozovitska.During 2016 it is expected that Professor Bashoro from India will visit the department.

Teaching staff of the department participates in the implementation of the grant, contractual and budgetary programs. The research work of the department of personnel associated with the study of the problem: “Epizootology, clinical and morphological manifestations and pathogenesis of infectious and parasitic diseases of animals and birds, veterinary and sanitary assessment of products of slaughter and environment objects environment.” Employees of the department carry out research work on the grant of MES RK and the Ministry of Agriculture under the guidance of professors Dyusembaev S. T and Baygazanov A. N. The faculty of the department on specific scientific programs carries out joint research and training with leading universities and research organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In particular, together with LLP “KazNIVI” JSC “KazAgroInnovation”. Research work is carried out in specialized laboratories of  Agrotechnopark “Biologic Drugs In Veterinary Medicine”, in the Science Center of radio-ecological research, in animal health laboratories markets of East Kazakhstan region and production conditions of farms. The research results are implemented in the educational process and the production of, and are used by students and undergraduates in the performance of master’s theses, diploma projects and term papers.The students – participants in scientific circles annually report at university level, national and international competitions. In 2013, at the Republican contest for the best student work among high schools of RK student Taukebaeva N., took 2nd place. In 2015, as a result of University Student Conference I-place was awarded to a student Temeshova J., 2nd place Smailova B and 3-position Merzhakyp M. In 2016, as a result of XIX Scientific Student Conference on natural, technical, social, humanitarian and economic science 1 place was awarded to M. Merzhakyp, 2- place Temeshov D., 3- place Asetova G. 5th year student Merzhakyp M. participated in the International scientific conference of young scientists, graduate students, students and schoolchildren «XVI Satpaev readings” in Pavlodar in 2016 and took 3 place.

Another priority for the University, and the department is the development of academic mobility, which involves the implementation of the comparability of educational programs on the courses and professions, levels of training, the use of a unified system of evaluations, etc. This requires proper planning of the educational process and predicting learning outcomes, taking into account the needs of employers and the prospects for the development of relevant industry knowledge. In this direction there are cooperations with the Kazakh National Agrarian University (Almaty), West Kazakhstan Agro-Technical University named after Zhangir Khan (Uralsk), Agro-Technical University named after S.Seifullin (Astana). For the purpose of international cooperation and mobility of students and faculty signed a contract with the University of Pamukkale’sprogram “Mevlana” and “Erasmus +” (Turkey), as well as with Dongyang National University (Korea). In the 2013-2014 academic year, the program of academic mobility trained 4th year student Karibzhanov N in KazNAU. In January 2016 4th year students – Temeshova J., Smailova B., J. Hogzhilbek were trained in the West Kazakhstan Agrotechnical University named after Zhangir Khan. Both sides, in exchange gains 2 studentsGumar Akhyshtap and Daurenқyzy Guldana.


Educationa major program includes the following practices: educational, industrial and pre-diploma. Practice of students carried out in accordance with the approved academic calendar and the relevant agreements with the bases according to the profile of the major practices. Partners in the development of the educational program of the plan are about 10 organizations and enterprises (Regional branch RGU RPEO Veterinary Control Committee and oversight the Ministry of Agriculture, Semey regional branch of RSE “Republican Veterinary Laboratory,” SemeyVet “LLP and other business facilities in the region of various forms of ownership) where students get trained with subsequent employment. Constantly monitored for the quality of training of graduates in the major 5B120200 – “Veterinary Sanitation” of the enterprises in which they work. The department has subsidiaries: LLP “Lazarev and K” LLP and Akshyn “Families Wet”, which are used for training undergraduate and graduate students in the field 5B120200 “Veterinary Sanitation”, 6M120200 “Veterinary sanitation” (Master) of State University named after Shakarim.

Educational work is implemented through a plan of educational work, including questions of moral-aesthetic, legal, environmental education, healthy lifestyles, education of patriotism, ethnic unity and harmony. The students are members of the club “Alliance-student”, youth wing of the party “NurOtan” – “ZhasOtan” Company “Zhasyl-El” student construction team and the public to comply with the rule of law Zatonsky police department. The department regularly deals with the problems of employment of graduates. At the annual “Job Fair” invited graduates from among the heads of the various successful businesses and economic entities of different forms of ownership. Continuing with the experts of the agricultural sector of East Kazakhstan region and the graduates of the Faculty of Agrarian State University named after Shakarim Semey annually hold roundtables.

Is to train high y qualified specialist with profound know edge and the ability to effectively innovate in the end of argrarian science with retaining of classical education values

on the basis of regulatory doukmentov University to prepare a scientific, methodical and vospitiatelnuyu documentation;

– educational trajectory, specialty prepared in accordance with employers’ requests;
– on the basis of a standard program to approve the curriculum of full-time and distance learning;
– according to the methodological instructions to prepare and execute a working curriculum;
– in connection with the introduction of multilingual educational technology actively explore and improve foreign languages;

– ensure the integration of education, science and production based on innovative technologies.

– at the request of employers according to the specifics of the professional specialty to conclude collective agreements.

– to take part in grant-funded projects through the MES and the Ministry of Agriculture and the research results were presented at international and national scientific conferences;
– approve topic scientific direction masters and ensure the process of implementing the master’s thesis;

-attract students and to create the conditions for participation in;
-year-students to participate in international competitions respiblikanskih;
for the purpose of educational work of students of the department to approve the plan of educational work. According to the plan to hold the celebrations, record and make a report at the meetings of the department and the Academic Council of the Faculty.




  1. In order to improve the scientific and methodological level of 30% to pass the FPC PPP.
  2. In connection with the introduction of multilingual educational technology in groups by specialty “Veterinary Sanitation”, staff of the department are actively studying and improving foreign languages.
  3. The staff of the department to publish at least 2 papers with impact factor.
  4. Bring the coverage of enrolled students in research work up to 45%.