Head of the Department: Djamanova Gulnara Illyusizovna

Telephone: +7 (7222) 53-19-70
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 159 Shugaev Street
E-mail: kaf.agranom@post.semgu.kz

At the Department “agrotechnology and forest resources” training is conducted in accordance with State obligatory standards of formation of RK.

The Department is graduating Department for students and graduate students in the field of:

  • 5B080100 – Agronomy;
  • 6М080100 – Agronomy;
  • 5b080700 – Forests and forestry.

For realization of educational programs the Department has a logistical base, providing all types of practical and research work of students.

The number of educational programs that have passed the national specialized accreditation: 5B080100 agronomy, specialty – 5В080700 Forest resources and forestry.

IAAR undergraduate: specialty specialty 6М080100 – agronomy, for the period of 5 years.

The creation of branches of departments – GU rmts Phytosanitary diagnostics and forecast of the OIG in agriculture”; the families of the Zonal forest seed station.

The staff of the Department consists of 3 doctors of agricultural Sciences, professors; 3 candidates of Sciences, 2 PhD, 2 associate professors, 5 senior lecturers, 4 lecturers, 1 senior laboratory assistant, laboratory assistant and a maintenance worker. The percentage is 75%.

In 2011, Professor, Department of kurmanbaev S. K.. in 2014, Professor Department of psychology S. S. S. M. became owners of the state grant “the Best teacher of the University” 2011 and 2014. Under these grants they had research internships in leading Russian higher educational institutions of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Over the past three years staff of the Department were held and received more than 50 certificates of training courses. The faculty of the Department of agrotechnology and forest resources are constantly training in various areas offered by the Department, for example, this 2015, in the Institute of soil science and Agrochemistry has passed courses of improvement of qualification senior lecturer Sagandykov S. N.

The Department conducts fundamental and applied research based on the integration of education and science.

Students participating in the research work, the results of their research annually report on scientific conferences of students on public, natural, technical and humanitarian Sciences in 2013, the 2nd year student Dosmanbetov A. O. (scientific supervisor – doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor of Department of psychology S. S. M. C.) theme: “Families the kezdese artily atulanandaji biologially erecting and ecologicaly orshan Orta ser” participated in the national round of student scientific works in Almaty and was awarded a diploma.

Every year teams of students from the Department win prizes, so for example in 2013 students of the specialty ” Forest resources and forestry took 3rd place in the Republican subject Olympiad, held at the Kazakh national agrarian University in 2014, majoring in agronomy team of Shakarim state University of Semey among students of agronomy with 3-year Shimenawa B., G. Kusmanova, A. Turdieva became silver prize-winners of the Republican subject Olympiad on the basis of KAZ.NAU.

Information and technical support for teaching of special disciplines is based on the wide use of innovative technologies in teaching, the quality of training of students is provided by a wide use of modern methods of teaching and learning (system MOODLе, thesaurus, and a variety of methods of assessment of knowledge and skills. During the study, the following basic principles: creditability, modularity, methodological consulting, scientific and predictability, adaptability and innovativeness, competence, qualification (classes are conducted in teaching laboratories in the Department, in terms of the agrotechnopark, in laboratories for assessing the quality of seed and soil, the practice field exercises, etc.).

The Department of “Agrotechnology and forest resources” produced more than 5 monographs, such as: “Selection of varieties of annual and perennial crops and their seed production in the border areas of Eastern Kazakhstan and Western Siberia”; – kurmanbaev S. K. and D. M. aitova, Panicky A.V., Panicky D. S.; “Innovative development of education: trends and prospects of improvement of independent work of students (in English language)”;- kurmanbaev S. K. and S. M. Department of psychology S. S., G. I. there, Kalams, B. H., Sarsembayev B. S. Sagyndykov S. N., Directs N. Zh.; “Adaptive technology of crop production in the Eastern region; – kurmanbaev S. K. and Department of psychology S. S. S. M, B. T. Kadyrbekov, and others.

The Department has a collective agreement with the leading organizations and enterprises of the region, specialty 5B080100 “agronomy”: East Kazakhstan zonal Quarantine laboratory of the branch of the state institution “Republican Quarantine laboratory of the State Inspection Committee in AIC MA of the RK; the farm “the Beam”, Beskaragai district, too shalabay”, Beskaragai district; a branch of the East Kazakhstan region Semey “Republican methodological center of phytosanitary diagnostics and forecasts” of the OIG in agriculture; se “the Department of agriculture of Semey; LLP “shalabay” LLP Agrofirma Prirechnoe”, RSU GLPR “Families ormany” and branch: Bieganowski, gunboats, Balabaev, Dolon, Semipalatinsk, frost, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Novoshulba, Borodulikha, Tau Dalin affiliates and the SWG to CHRLS Semipalatinsk zonal forest seed station.

The proportion of graduates employed the first year after graduation – 5B080100 agronomy -100%, specialty – 5В080700 Forest resources and forestry – 100 %.

Since 2004 has trained more than 100 highly qualified forestry specialists who work in state forestry institutions, national and natural forests, parks, reserves, forest management companies, landscaping organizations and nurseries of the region and the region.

A special Department “agrotechnology and forest resources” of the State University named after Shakarim of Semey city conducts systematic work to promote the employability of its graduates. Disseminating information to managers of enterprises and organizations of the graduates and on the University website posted their summary. Every year the University held “Fair of graduates”, which is attended by potential employers. As a result of targeted work the number of employed graduates is more than 83.6 percent.

The Department “Agrotechnology and forest resources” under the curriculum in each academic year there are activities in different areas of educational work: for Patriotic education; family education; activities on moral and human values; education of political and legal culture; education; leadership consciousness; ecological and labor education; intellectual education; healthy lifestyle; different cultural upbringing.

Teachers of the Department under the direction of S. M. Salgadinhos contractual basis carry out research work in different regions of East Kazakhstan (Tarbagatay, Beskaragai, Shemonaihinski).

In 2013, staff of the Department of: acting Professor of Department of psychology S. S. M. S., associate Professor Kopytkov V. V., Borisenko E. V., there G. I. performed research in the framework of implementation of the grant project on the topic: “to Investigate the physico-chemical properties of multicomponent polimerstroy systems and to develop a modified composite compositions to protect the root systems of plants from dehydration.

Associate Professor Sacks V. V. head of the world Bank project “preparation and use of compost agarikon mycelium of fungi for cultivation of a landing material of wood plants”.

Together with the Institute of plant protection, Almaty, Meshkov V. V. and Borisenko, E. V. developed the project “Development of methods and guidelines for using biological agents in the biological protection of the forest from the main needle – and leaf-eating pests in pine forests Priirtyshja”.

In the month of June with 13.06.2016 year 25.06.2016 year at the invitation of JSC “Kazakh agrotechnical University S. Seifullin” in the 3rd International summer school “Sustainable forest management – the path to a green economy”, was attended by students of 3rd year, a group of LD-312, LD-311 Councils and K. A. Marambaia of the specialty “Forest resources and forestry”. The learning outcomes of the summer school in economic aspects of resumption of forest resources and forest management; sustainable development of forest resources in Kazakhstan; economic evaluation of silvicultural and recreational activities in forestry and soil of a forest ecosystem, the students received certificates.

International activities of the Department “Agrotechnology and forest resources” is an important component of the strategic development program of the University and aims to use international resource for internationalization of higher education, improving its quality, promoting innovation processes and structural change. For the development of the international cooperation practised by the invitation of leading scientists from universities and abroad to give lectures and conduct scientific advice. Thus, in the framework of international cooperation, in 2013 and 2014, meetings were held invited scientist, head of sector of Bioregulation cultivation of a landing material of GU “Institute of forest of NAS of Republic of Belarus the candidate Kopytkova V. with the staff of the faculty and the University. The purpose of the visit of the scientist was the development of mutually beneficial cooperation in the sphere of science and training (lecturing, joint research).

The Department maintains a close relationship with Dr. Pg, Mr. Mir M. G. (India), who is a member of the International society of arborists (IUFRO). The scientist was invited to read lectures on specialty “Forest resources and forestry”.

In September 2013 an agreement was signed on cooperation with agricultural Academy of a name Timiryazeva, (Moscow, Russia) and Irkutsk state agricultural Academy (Russia).

From 19 September to 3 October 2014 lectures for students and undergraduates, the rector of the agrarian University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) Professor H. Yancheva. With participation of foreign scientists Professor X. Janeway and Dr. B. Lazovick (Poland), the Department held a round table on current issues of crop production.

The Department “Agrotechnology and forest resources” has a close relationship and exchange of scientific and educational information with: KazNAU; KAZ. Scientific-research veterinary Institute; Cathodeluminescence University. S. Seifullin; West-Kazakhstan agrarian University, Altai and Omsk state agrarian University forest Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

The mission of the Department “Agrotechnology and forest resources” is to train highly qualified, competitive specialists in the field of crop and forest industries in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

Objectives of the Department “Agrotechnology and forest resources”

  • development of the system of multilevel training of competitive specialists;
  • the formation of a literate, cultured and socially responsible professionals, able to analyze, predict and solve current agricultural and related crop problems in the field of agronomy and forest Sciences;
  • improving the system of control and quality management of education; – active participation in national ratings of universities;
  • the achievement of the placement of state order for training of specialists on educational programs of undergraduate;
  • creation of system of personnel maintenance of educational process, including through courses;
  • implementation of innovative approaches to learning;
  • strengthening the role of independent work of students under the guidance of teachers, the development of computer and remote technologies of training and control of knowledge of students;
  • strengthening the participation of the Department in the development of educational programs and projects at regional and national levels;
  • creation of system of analysis of the relevance of educational programmes and alumni of the Department, establishing long-term partnerships with public and private employers;
  • intensive development of information-librarian provision of educational and scientific activities;
  • modernization and expansion of material – technical base of the educational process.

Principal activities

  • development of training work programs, integrated methodological support of educational disciplines on ongoing educational programs 5B080100 – “agronomy” and 5В080700-“Forest resources and forestry”, including the development and implementation of measures aimed at full provision of students with educational literature;
  • organizing and conducting all kinds of training (traditional and innovative forms) for different forms of education;
  • control and analysis the quality of all types of training sessions in the disciplines of educational programs 5B080100 – “Agronomy” and 5В080700-“Forest resources and forestry”;
  • ensuring high-quality implementation of educational programs, introduction of new educational technologies;
  • establishing and maintaining contacts with educational-methodical associations of MES, scientific and methodological councils and other organizations with Obyedineniye contributing to the implementation of educational activities;
  • creation of telecommunication and information infrastructure of the Department to support the educational process;
  • participation in the organization of student recruitment, the system of pre-University, secondary, higher education and formation of students in the Department;
  • organization and management of educational and scientific-research work of students, conducting competitions and contests;
  • development of proposals for opening of new educational forms, improvement of educational process;
  • formation of plans for training of scientific and pedagogical workers and monitoring their implementation;
  • the development of cooperation with enterprises, institutions and organizations in the field of training, retraining and advanced training of employees with higher education and sredneprodolzhitelny;
  • organization and expansion of international relations of the Department of education through participation in exchange programs of students;
  • organization and conducting of educational work;
  • organization and holding of the events aimed at formation of students ‘ moral and cultural values of the society.
  • control whether the contents of training sessions and training work programs of the state educational standards;
  • distribution of instructions in the workload among departments of the Institute;
  • participation in the organization of diploma projects and works

The state attestation Commission by the Department.

Scientific production and innovative activity aimed at creating new knowledge, use of scientific results in the educational process, involvement in economic circulation of objects of intellectual property and is carried out by carrying out fundamental, search and prikladnyye research and development work, production and services. The main functions of the Department in the field of scientific and production activities:

  • organization and carrying out scientific researches on fundamental and applied problems, the profile of the Department;
  • discussion of results of dissertational works, scientific research works by holding (participation in) conferences and seminars and provision of conditions for publicacionesnotas and their practical implementation;
  • creation of conditions for work of employees of the Department when performing research and development works concluded through the structure of the University;
  • the development of cooperation with enterprises, institutions and organizations to conduct scientific research, introduction of their results in the field of preparation of scientific and pedagogical personnel of higher qualification;
  • development and implementation of organization expert, Advisory and other activities;
  • organization of pilot and other types of industries, service centers;
  • organization and expansion of international relations of the Department of East Kazakhstan region.
  1. Updating the content and results of educational process in accordance with modern requirements based on the implementation of the modular competency-based approach, customer orientation with the use of effective technologies of training in educational programs of the Department of “Agronomy”, “Forest resources and forestry”.
  2. Confirmation of the quality of educational services through postaccreditation monitoring of educational programs ” Agronomy ” and “Forest resources and forestry”.
  3. Development of personnel management, ensuring the professional level of staff (proportion of full-time teachers of not less than 80 %, the proportion of faculty with degrees not below 50 %).
  4. Development of methodical support and the widespread introduction in educational process of innovative technical training.
  5. The expansion of mutual cooperation of academic staff and students with foreign universities has in the academic community. Realization of academic mobility with leading universities of Kazakhstan.
  6. Infrastructure improvement and modernization of laboratory base of the Department, by opening the teaching laboratory to determine seed quality and soil analysis.
  7. Patriotic education and formation of civil activity, social responsibility in young people through the implementation of social projects, organizing events for popularization of state symbols, building knowledge in the history and traditions of the people of Kazakhstan and propaganda of a healthy lifestyle.