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In September 2005, because of the reorganization of the regular faculty has created a new department of «Livestock and agriculture». In 2008 the department was renamed into the department «Agrotechnology» in connection with the reorganization in the 2013-2014 school year, with the addition of SGPI SSU them. Shakarima and transfer 5V080200 specialty «Technology of production of livestock products» to other departments, the Department of the newly renamed into the department «Agrotechnology and forest resources».

Each year, the department has a leading position in all respects among the departments of the faculty and the university as a whole. In 2011 academic year, the department acknowledged its innovation. The department has the great scientific potential, material and technical base, extensive experience and broad international links with the University of North Dakota and Texas, the University of Ankara (Turkey), Forest Research Institute of the Republic of Belarus, as well as the universities of Russia (St Petersburg, city Moscow – RGAU – ICCA them. Timiryazev, Omsk – OmGAU, Barnaul – Altai State Agricultural Academy, Irkutsk – Ir.GSKHA., Poland, Bulgari).

The staff of the department consists of 3 doctors with / agricultural sciences, professor; 3 candidates of sciences; 1 Associate Professor; 3 senior teachers; 3 teachers; 1 senior laboratory assistant, laboratory technician and a maintenance worker. Settle down 80%. The department is involved in the training of specialists in bachelor 2: 5V080100 «Agriculture»; 5V080700 «Forest resources and forestry» forestry business and 1 Masters specialty: 6M080100 «Agronomics».

The Department is issuing to these two professions. To date, scientists of the Department continue the begun business in the field of agriculture forestry business, working on a common research theme «Perfection of means and methods of cultivation, storage of clean animal and plant products».

The scientists of the department published two textbooks authored by Doctor s/n SM Seylgazina professor, associate professor Lavrinenko G.E.
Posted in the last 3 years more than 100 scientific articles. Get 3 prior patent (Seylgazina S.M., Dzhamanova G.I). Associate professors S.M Seylgazina and G.IDzhamanova. They are independent experts Coordination Centre Ministry of Agriculture.

Teachers of the department Seylgazina S.M., Kalamov B.H economic contracts based on research carried out in various parts of the East Kazakhstan region (Tarbagatai, Beskaragai, Shemonayhinsky) for tenge. 2012 Department under the direction of a doctor a/x, Professor E.L.Bekmuhamedov associate professor and co-executor of the project Seylgazinoy S.M She won a grant for funding of scientific, technical projects aimed at technological and social innovation for 2012-2013 in the amount of 11 811 200,00 tenge. Prioritize «Deep processing of raw materials and products», on «Resource-saving technologies of cultivation of barley on the basis of minimum and zero tillage in a dry steppe zone of Eastern Kazakhstan».

During the educational process the department is widely practiced active connection with the production, for example, offsite laboratory and practical classes, as well as protection of degree work in production – in forestry State GLPR «Families Ormany», LLP «Priirtyshskaya Poultry Ardager» laboratories «Zone Quarantine», «RMC and FSD forecast the Ministry of Agriculture» and the farms of Semey region. In recent years, the department has signed a contract for the completion of all types of practices from 15 farms of the East Kazakhstan region and South-Kazakhstan region.

According to some scientific programs carried out joint research and training with leading universities and research institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in particular, with «KazNIVI», JSC «KazAgroInnovation» Kazakh Institute of Agriculture, “the Institute of Forest” RB. Department staff conducted review and opposition theses scientists made in the leading scientific institutions of Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana, Pavlodar) and Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan).

The department is constantly paid attention to educational work in the Group sponsored.

It has become the practice of staff of the department to conduct annual round table, a seminar with participation of experts of the agricultural sector with the graduates, graduate students and faculty on the theme: «The village day-the agricultural sector», «Agribusiness 2020».
The Department conducts systematic work on the preparation of competitive agribusiness qualified and sought after in the labor market.
In October 2011, the head of the department of agricultural technology, Professor S.M.Seylgazina, i.o.assots. Professor G.IDzhamanova participated in the seminar «On the practical application of the developed recommendations for the preparation and use of compost for mushroom mycelium agaricoid growing planting (seed) material of Scots pine». With the participation of representatives of LLP «EKO and K deputy. Head of the project «Conservation of forests and increase the forest cover in the Republic of Kazakhstan» Yu.A.Tairbergeneva (Astana); State GLPR «Semey-Ormany» deputy. Director General D.K.Sagadieva; LLP «EKO and K» chief engineer V.V Meshkov (Almaty); and other scientists of Kazakhstan.

Currently being prepared 14 young scientists through a Masters degree in 6M080100 «Agronomics». Graduate second year students have been trained at the Moscow Academy Timeryazovskoy, Kazakh National Agrarian University.

As part postakkreditatsionnogo education and training to the ranking of universities and educational programs, May 18, 2011 was held a round table on the theme: the Department of agricultural technology organized «Actual issues of innovation at the present stage». Leading scientists and the first leaders of the organization of agricultural areas of the city and EKR (Sarsembayev B.S., B.M.Tastekeev, Z.P.Chernyx, Khamitov O) attended the seminar.
Staff of the department with the students of specialty «Forest resources and forestry» signed an agreement on cooperation in the framework of the provision of services for the implementation of the experience of growing seed and seedling planting of trees by the local population in the 2011-2012 school year.

The Department conducts systematic work on the preparation of competitive agribusiness qualified and sought after in the labor market. With the current shortage of professional, staff in enterprises of agriculture sharpest manner the task of training and retention of staff and young professionals. Currently, the enterprise area acutely aware of two types of deficiency: qualification deficit (shortage of skilled workers) and «demographic» (a shortage of workers young and middle aged). Specialists and the first head of EKR crop – animal husbandry (Bekmuhamedov E.L – doctor with / x, Professor; Tastekeev B.M – the general director of «Priirtyshskaya Broiler Poultry Factory»; Borisenko E.V – director of «Zonal forest seed laboratory «of Semey, Black ZP – director of the East – Kazakhstan zonal Quarantine Laboratory (branch) of GU «Republican Quarantine Laboratory «OIG in AIC MA RK; Khamitov O.A – a tribal chief of the regional territorial inspection OIG in AIC MA RK ; Tokanov M.T – leading specialist Znamensky rural district to the «Madira»; Sarsembayev B.S-deputy head of department with а/ x and veterinary Semey, Takashi O. Head to the Navier-Stokes / V “Beam” Beskaragai district of East Kazakhstan region; Levchenko S.A – a leading expert / s «Lazarus» Borodulikha district of East Kazakhstan region) held a meeting with students and faculty of the Department for the purpose of orientation in achieving the implementation of innovative technologies in the workplace; professional literacy in the labor market and to determine the future of the workplace.

The problem of employment of graduates of the department is engaged in throughout the school year. At the annual «Fair of professions” are invited graduates from among the heads of the various business organizations and business entities of different ownership forms.

09/24/2013 at the Department of agricultural technology and forest resources, a round table on the theme: «Agribusiness – 2020». The round table was attended by scientists from KNIIZ and P (Almaty), head to the / x Beskaragai Semey region and district specialists from the Republican Methodological Centre and the Department of Agriculture akimatat Semey, masters 1 and 2 of the course on a specialty «Agronomics» and graduation courses specialties department. Questions were raised with the integrated protection of crops / crop from diseases, pests and weeds; increase crop seed wheatgrass under Semey region of East Kazakhstan region; development of agriculture Semey.
In September 2014, the Department held a round table with participation of foreign scientists, leading scientists of the department, and employees on agronomy.

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Is to train high qualified specialists with profound know edge and the ability to effectively innovated in the field of agrarian science with retaining of classical education values.

  1. 100 % quality ability of students
  2. Resulting magistrates of training science in agriculture and foresting
  3. The ending 65 % diploma works with using technologies
  4. The performing quantity of agricultural themes in RK
  5. Doing 50 % practical works
  6. Successfully ending accreditation educationally programs “Agronomy”
  7. Begin difficult practical works which students must knowing English on 45 % from his specialization.

10.01.2013 were held training courses Research centre innovational, educational and information technologies and receive a certificate Associate Professor   Dzhamanova G.I. and senior lecturer Baygarinovoy R.M. of 24 hours on “Interactive methods of teaching: theoretical and practical issues of application in the educational process”. Teachers of the department took part in the seminar – workshop “Innovative technology – the main vector of qualitative development Agriculture in the rigion ” (Seylgazina S.M) in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk 28-29.10.2012 yr. Received certificates of participants resource Thomson Reuters for research SGU im. Shakarima, 02.04.2013 yr. Semey, Kazakhstan (Seylgazina S.M., Lavrienko G.E., Baygarinovoy R.M., Bektemirov A.S., Kalamov B.H., Ahmetova A.A., Zakieva A.A.).

In 2014 yr. training have been a doctor s/h Seylgazina S.M, Baygarinova R.M, based “Селекциялық асыл тұқымдық жұмыстар, жасанды ұрықтандыру және ауылшаруашылық жануарларының өнімділігі” Anuarbekova A.S. “Картоптың, көкөніс- бақша дақылдарының тұқым шаруашылығы және тұқым шаруашылығы егістерін апробациялау”

At the Department of functions: educational and methodical sector by function: 5B080100 – Agronomy; 5B080700 – Forest resources and forestry. Staff of the department are developers SES and other regulations for higher education institution of Kazakhstan , leading to bachelors educational programs: 5B080100 – Agronomy; 5B080700 – Forest resources and forestry. Staff of the department developed 2 manuals, 2 virtual labs, and 40 cases

The Department conducts research in accordance with the profile of training in agricultural research areas. Teachers on the staff of the department are involved in research; carry out research work in accordance with the individual annual work plans. The most important research work being conducted in the department are: “Improvement of breeding and technology for Kazakh white breed of cattle in the farm” Lana “the head Seylgazina S.M “Cellular immunity tests in the evaluation of vaccination regimens against infectious diseases in the Northeast zone of Kazakhstan” head Dzhamanova G.I “Invasive diseases of potato farms of different ownership forms and control measures,” the head of Calamov B.H .The results of scientific research Agrotechnologies actively used in the practice of farms of different ownership forms .The main results of research published in yearly volumes, journals, etc. In just one year of scientific publications – 46 (13.4 p. L). Staff of the department took part in the international conference is being held in Semey, Almaty, Barnaul, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Irkutsk, Prokopyevsk. At the Department of Agrotechnology staff have research project on “Improving the ways and methods of cultivation, storage of clean animal and plant products.” The main objectives, research areas of the theme: participate in the development and implementation of breeding programs in livestock and crop production; organization and provision of services in the field of breeding livestock and crop production, protection of crops and forests from pests and diseases; study of fruit and vegetables from helminths, fungi and diseases; study of seed grain and forage crops. NIRS the department worked on the plan, participated in the 25 students on a scientific student conference were with their scientific publications 18 students. Heads of the scientific works of students are Seylgazina S.M, Dzhamanova G.I Kalam B.H .The results of research introduced in the educational process and production in the form of acts (Table 19) (participate in contests, competitions, conferences, research projects, publications). Students: Uzbeks M. Group AGN-922 speciality “Agriculture” (professor Seylgazina S.M) took part in the national scientific student conference at KazNAU in 2013 in the month of March (awarded an honorary diploma and a thank-you letter to the rector of the university). 4th year students specialty “Agriculture” group AGN-922 Uzbeks M., and S. MeringerSitdikova T. participated in student scientific conference 12-14.03.2013g., Published an article in the collection.

Preparatory work for the opening of the Judiciary in collaboration with foreign universities.Dr. Rhg, Ph.D. c / Agricultural Sciences, 06.02.02. Mir MudassirGovhar is a member of IUFRO (International Organization of Forest Research Organizations). Employees of the Department at a seminar in Budapest (Hungary) on the theme: “holding and management “The seminar was the “Central European University” Carried out scientific and technological cooperation with related departments of universities and research organizations in Russia (with the Agrarian University of Bratislava, Vet. Academy, St. Petersburg) and other universities. Teachers of the department are actively involved in international scientific conferences held in the country and abroad (Semey, Almaty, Astana, Barnaul, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Irkutsk, Prokopevs, St. Petersburg, Buryatia). There is a close relationship and exchange of scientific and educational information with: KazNAU; Kaz. nivi; University of . S.Seifullin; West Kazakhstan Agricultural University; Altai and Omsk State Agrarian University and the Forest Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

At the Department of huge role educational work of students, the development of personal competencies through the involvement of students in the Department of the annual celebration of the “Day of Knowledge”, “Day of the department” (dedication to the students), “Teachers Day”, “Day of the graduate.” Plan of educational work is included in the strategic plan for the department, which includes the following sections: (level of civic engagement, participation in scientific research, the promotion of healthy living standards, students social rights, development and support of young talents, training during the training, patriotic education, activities preservation of inter-ethnic and inter-ethnic harmony) Problems of educational work constantly discussed at faculty meetings. There are plans for educational work of advisors. The main educational work is carried out in groups of advisors on the curatorial hours on patriotic, moral, aesthetic, environmental, labor education. Emphasis on the promotion of healthy lifestyles and prevention of crime. On eldership conduct educational work with students as truant conversations and letters are sent to parents about the progress and attendance of students. According to the plan on the curatorial hour meetings with the leadership of State Univ.named after Shakarim.Semey, law enforcement officials. Students sponsored groups are actively engaged in all public events at the scale of the department, faculty and university. Constantly carried out educational work with students on certification and supervisory hours, round tables with a discussion of socially significant contemporary issues in Kazakhstan. During the school year at the meetings with the students constantly deals with to discuss the Presidents Address to the people of Kazakhstan NursultanNazarbayev, with law enforcement, anti-corruption, anti-religious lines.

In September, 2014 on invitation readers of lectures of students and undergraduates of foreign scientists : Professor H.Yancheva (Bulgaria), B.Lozovts (Poland). Entered into a contract with the agrarian university of city Plovdiv(Bulgaria), on grounds at that will be conducted to realization of academic mobility of students and undergraduates.

         Students annually participate in scientific circles have published. Were the winners of the republican Olympiads based KazNAU; 3rd year student majoring Dosmaganbetova Akerke Agriculture awarded a diploma of the Senate of Kazakhstan. Diploma awarded parliament Speaker K.Tokaev of the Republic Kazakhstan.

         Was 18 Student Coferrence. Awarded to students scientific circle of Agronomy: Diploma of 1 degree was awarded student of AG-213 Ashkenova Ardak Kayrullinovna, 2nd degree diploma was awarded student of AG-213 Bolatova Aygerim Oralkyzy, 3rd degree diploma was awarded student of AG-213 Okenova Zhadyra Amantaikyzy, as well as a letter of thanks was delivered to the student group of AG-413 Sailaybekova Togzhan Nyrsainkyzy

        Students awarded the scientific circle Reformists forest and land: Diploma of 1 degree was awarded student of the LD-211 Turlybekov Karshyga Murathanuly, 2nd degree diploma was awarded student of LD-211 Bagdatova Ainur Bagdatkyzy , 3rd degree diploma was awarded student of LD-211 Serikkanova Aigul Dauletkyzy, as well as a letter of thanks was delivered to the student group of LD-211 Seisembinova Marzhan Ohanovne