Head of the Department: Tusupov Serik Dzhumakasovich

Telephone: +7 (7222) 53-19-20
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 159 Shugaev Street
E-mail: kaf.vedmed@semqu.kz

The department of “Veterinary medicine” Since 1952, provides training of students at base in Semipalatinsk zooveterinary institute at veterinary faculty, since 1996 at the Semipalatinsk state university of Shakarim in “Veterinary medicine”, and since 2013 at the State university of Shakarim of the city of Semey. The first release of experts has taken place in 1957. Since 2009 and till present, according to the Qualifier of specialties of the higher and postgraduate education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, training is carried out according to the educational program 5B120100 – “Veterinary medicine” with assignment of the academic degree – the expert in veterinary science.

Professorial – teaching staff:

  1. Tusupov Serik Dzhumakasovich – kandidat of veterinary sciences., manager of department
  2. Toykina Gulsara Nuralyevna is the candidate of veterinary sciences., acting professor
  3. Boyarchenko Elena Konstantinovna-kandidat of veterinary sciences., associate professor
  4. Rakhimzhanov Bolat Adylgazinovich-kandidat of veterinary sciences., associate professor
  5. Mukhamadiyeva Nurzhamal Nurollinovna-kandidat of veterinary sciences., associate professor
  6. Akhmetzhanov Oralgaza Nuranbasovich is the candidate of veterinary sciences., deputy, associate professor
  7. Bilyalov Ermekaza Erezhepovich – kandidat of veterinary sciences., acting associate professor
  8. Zaykovskaya Olga Nikolaevnacandidate of veterinary sciences., acting associate professor
  9. Muratbayev Dauletbek Manarbekovich – master of veterinary sciences, senior teacher
  10. Zheksenayeva Asel Beksultanovna – master of veterinary sciences, senior teacher
  11. Akhmetzhanova Ayzhan Erkingaziyevnamaster of veterinary sciences, the senior teacher
  12. Zhakiyanova Meyramgul Saylaubayevna master of veterinary sciences, the senior teacher
  13. Ygyeva Akerke Serikkaliyevna-master of veterinary sciences., teacher

The mission of Veterinary Medicine department consists in implementation of various programs and carrying out all work types for the purpose of improvement of quality of education for preparation highly skilled and competitively capable specialists in the field of veterinary science.

The purpose of training in the educational program “Veterinary medicine” is providing conditions for receipt of full-fledged quality education, professional competences in veterinary science, and also development of creative potential, the principles, forming of competitiveness of graduates.

For this purpose it is necessary to solve the following problems:

  • development of model of the graduate with participation of employers;
  • designing of modules taking into account competence-based approach;
  • education improvement of quality, due to use of active and interactive training methods;
  • development of material and technical resources;
  • implementation to the educational process of practice-oriented courses;;
  • development of the educational and methodical documentation providing implementation of the educational program.
  1. The introduction into the educational process a variety of innovative methods of delivery of educational and methodological materials, allow to develop logical thinking doctor’s, to acquire practical skills in the chosen specialty.
  2. Introduction to the elements of the educational process of research involving the results of the achievements of the scientists of the department and of science in general.
  3. Introduction to the educational process of the use of modern equipment and facilities.
  4. Engaging students in research conducted by the scientists of the department.
  5. Create opportunities for student training and to participate in joint ventures with faculty presentations and publications in international conferences and seminars followed by obtaining international certificates.