Head of the Department: Musabayeva Binur Habasovna

Telephone: +7 (7222) 35-05-90; 36-02-15
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 100th anniversary of the Kazakhstan football Str., 4
E-mail: kaf.him@post.semgu.kz

Department of “Chemistry and chemical technologies” has a long history, which has absorbed the achievements and experiences of chemical departments of 3 institutions. When a university was set up in 1996, the Department of General Chemistry of the University united in its composition all chemical departments of Technological and Veterinary Institutes. In 1998 the Department of Chemistry was organised (of 38 teachers), which composed of the Department of General Chemistry and special chemical disciplines (formerly Department of Chemistry Teachers Training Institute).

In 2004, in connection with the release of the Pedagogical Institute from the University structural changes took place, the department received the name of “Chemistry and expertise”. In 2008, the Department again renamed the Department of “Chemistry”.

In the formation of chemical departments of institutions next teachers have great contribution: Ermekov M.A., Paul I.I., Kayrhanov K.K., Ahmetzhanova S.G., Bochkareva I.V., Boyaubaeva E.R., Alzhanova M.K., Dakieva M.R., Morozova A.Z., Korovina E.K., Semibalamut T.S., Paderina F.P., Gavrylenko A.G., Boyarinova L.G., Pavlova L.G., Potylitsina Z.V., Baltabaev E.B., Ibraimov T.N., Iskakbaeva T.U., Ivanov V.A., Korsunskaya E.E., Telegina N.A., Mikryukova N.P., Sadykova M.M., Baranowski B.P., Topshinoev A.P., Vorobyeva V.I., Panin M.S., Panina R.I., Nosyreva V.F., Yashkarova M.G., Utepbayeva A.S., Kenzhebayeva K.K.

Department of Chemistry – a fusion of senior experience and enthusiasm of young, knowledge and finding a new one. Currently the department has 16 teachers, including 2 doctors of sciences, professors, 8 associate professors, 3 masters of chemistry.

Since the establishment of the University by candidates, graduate students were protected 2 doctoral dissertations (Panin MS, Yashkarova MG) and 14 masters theses. Lecturer, Department of Ablaikhan, A., received a scholarship “Bolashak”, held PhD-doctoral studies in Germany and is currently working in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Providing good chemistry education and the satisfaction of the needs of society and state in the preparation of qualified and competitive specialists in the field of chemistry and chemical technology.

Department of “Chemistry and Chemical Technologies” is part of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology since 2007. The department organizes and carries out educational process according to educational training programs (is a graduate of the Department) to 3 chemical specialties: 5B060600 – “Chemistry”, 5B072000 – “Chemical technology of inorganic substances” 5B072100 – “Chemical technology of organic substances”.  Also involved in the implementation of educational programs of a number of the specialties of the departments: engineering and technology, agriculture, information and communication technologies in the study of the chemical disciplines. It operates at a branch of the Department of Medical Preparations Plant LLP “FC Romat” for the training of specialists in educational trajectory “Technology of chemical and pharmaceutical products” by specialty 5B072100 – “Chemical technology of organic substances”.

Implemented two-level preparation of bachelors and masters. There is a magistracy in the specialty 6M060600- “Chemistry”

Main directions of activity of the department:

– organization educational process on credit technology in accordance with the GOSO and the curriculum of the specialty;
– implementation of new educational technologies in the educational process;

– organization of production and educational practices in existing enterprises and organizations of the region through the conclusion of appropriate agreements;

– organization of educational process in the magistracy;

– educational and methodological support of specialties;

– educational and methodological support of disciplines of the department;

–  organization and conduct of scientific research in accordance with the SRW plans;

–  Scientists participating in various competitions, projects;

–  involvement of students in research work of the department, increasing the efficiency of clubs of SSS;

–  training and professional development of the teaching staff through master, doctoral, internship;

– professional orientation work at schools, colleges;

– Communal scientific and methodical work with teachers of schools of the city and the countryside;

– educational work with students aimed at instilling the love of their country, the people, respect for human and spiritual and moral values;

– development and strengthening of material and technical base of the department.

  1. Passage of the post accreditation monitoring 1 accredited undergraduate educational program.
  2. Employment of graduates on specialties – not less than 85%
  3. Protection 1 dissertation for the award of a PhD degree.
  4. The publication of scientific monographs – at least 1.
  5. Issue 2 textbooks in the national language.
  6. The publication of 3 scientific articles in journals with non-zero impact factor.
  7. Increase the proportion of students enrolled sports-media work by 2%.

All specialties introduced credit technology training.

Educational trajectories by specialties:

5В060600-Chemistry: analytical chemistry, chemical expertise.

5B072000Chemical technology of inorganic substances – technology of
electrochemical industry, technology of silicate and binding materials;

5B072100Chemical technology of organic substances – petrochemical technology
industry, technology of chemical and pharmaceutical preparations; polymers and plastics technology.

6M060600 – Chemistry – chemistry and physics of HMC.

Students of technological, engineering, biological, agricultural specialties receive general chemistry training.

Using the results of the research activities of the department in the educational process is reflected in the scientific and methodological work, which is determined by the volume of published monographs, textbooks, manuals and guidelines.

At the department was prepared:

  • Оқу құралы. Кабдулкаримова К.К., Мұсабаева Б.Х. Омарова Н.М., Аналитикалық химия.// Шәкәрім атындағы СМУ баспасы.-2011. 135 б.
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  • Кабдулкаримова К.К., Омарова Н.М. Органикалық химиядан практикум. Оқу құралы. РОӘК грифімен баспаға ұсынылған // Фолиант баспасы.-2015.-198б.
  • Бектуров Е.А., Кудайбергенов С.Е. Краткий курс физико-химии полимеров. Учебное пособие. // Семей,  – 191с

At the department of “Chemistry and chemical technologiesresearch work is conducted on the following areas:

  • «The synthesis of nanoparticles by” green chemistry “”
  • «Development of scientific recommendations and practical measures for the production of biologically active feed additive (BFA) for farm animals using filamentous algae of Semey region”
  • «Chemical and ecological monitoring of the environment of EKR”.
  • “Gel immobilized biologically active substances, compounds and nanoparticles”
    • In 2012-2014, together with the firm “Romat” project carried out by the grant of the Committe of Science MES of RK “The development of new TB drugs on the media – stabilized nanoparticles of essential trace elements”.
  • According to the results of research over the past 5 years, 3 PhD and 25 masters theses derended.

The Department organized and held:

  • International Scientific Seminar “Special polymers for biotechnology and nanotechnology”, 23 – 24 May 2011.
  • First International Scientific and Practical Conference “Modern Problems of biomaterials, nanomaterials and nanomedicine”, April 2012.
  • VI International Scientific Seminar «Specialty polymers for environment protection, oil industry, bio-, nanotechnology and medicinе», September, 2015.

Information about defended dissertations:
Defended doctoral dissertation in 2010:

Yashkarova M.G. “Complexes of linear and weakly-bonded polyampholytesbetaine and alternating structures with complementary polymers, metal ions and surfactants prospects of their use”

Defended 2 PhD theses:

  1. Orazzhanova L.K. “Complexes new polyampholyte carboxyl-3-aminocrotonate / acrylic acid with complementary macromolecules and their use for the aggregation of contaminated soils of the Semipalatinsk region” 2008
  2. Dolya N.A. “Physico-chemical and catalytic properties of polymer-sealing gel and immobilized metal nanoparticles” 2009
  3. Tatyhanova G.S. “«Immobilization of biologically active substances in the pH and temperature sensitive polymeric hydrogel matrix», 2009.

International cooperation in the field of research at the Department of Chemistry is traditional. Professor Kudaibergenov SE conducting joint research with scientists from Italy (A. Ciferri), Germany (J. Koetz), the UK (S. Mikhailovsky), Korea, Russia and other countries. To participate in international conferences and lectures at the University were: Professor V. Khutoryanskii (England, Reading University), Professor J. Galaev, (Netherlands, DSM company), Professor Mikhailovsky (England, Brighton University), Professor R. Letfullin (USA, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology), Professor Izumrudov VA (Moscow State University named Lomonosov).

The department established contacts with the following foreign partners:

  • Kyongpook National University, Korea
  • Lund-University, Sweden
  • TU Chemnitz, Germany
  • University of Potsdam, Germany
  • MSU named MV Lomonosov, Russia
  • Kiev University named Shevchenko, Ukraine
  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (USA)
  • Novosibirsk State University, Russia
  • University of Reading, UK
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

• Institute for Polymer Studies named K. Leibniz, Dresden, Germany

The educational work of the department “Chemistry” held in the following areas:

  • patriotic education and strengthening the unity of the nation
  • promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • legal education
  • a culture of communication
  • Increasing the level of civilparticipation and leadership skills
  • Increasing studentsparticipation in research work
  • Development and support of young talents

The Department annually celebrates “Day of the chemist.”

Shakhvorostov Alexey is a member of University swimmingteam.

RahymbaevaAnar participated in the international scientific-practical conference dedicated to the international Earth Day in Mihaylovskoe of the Altai region of Russia.

MuratbaevTalgatbek won a scholarship Bolashak. He is now studying in the Germany (Tuebingen-university).

A graduate of the Department AbishevaZaure a second time won the scholarship «Bolashak». Now undergoing training in Germany (Potsdam) – PhD Doctoral

A team of students: Alexei Annenkov, Baijumanova Gauhar and Orazbayeva Dilda
won a 3 place prize in the Republican Olympiad on specialty “Chemical technology of inorganic substances” held in Shymkent in SKSU named M. Auezov in April 2014.

A team of students: Dyusembekova Akbota, Sankova Natalia, Samarhanova Gauhar
won a 3 place prize in the Republican Olympiad on specialty “Chemical technology of organic substances”, held in Shymkent in SKSU named M. Auezov in April 2014.

Student of specialty “Chemistry” Natalia Gordienko awarded a letter of thanks of President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan K. Tokayev for her achievements in scientific-research work in 2014.