Head of the Department: Stepanova Olga Alexandrovna

Telephone: +7 (7222) 35-46-02
E-mail: kaf.tf@semgu.kz

The department was established in Semipalatinsk Institute of Technology, meat and dairy industry in 1984 entitled «Cooler-compressor and machinery»; The first head of the department was c.t.sc. docentHalldene N.V.

In 1996, during the formation of Semipalatinsk State University Department was reorganized into the department of «Technology and the physics of low temperatures and process automation»; in this period led in the department c.t.sc, docent Asambaev A.Z.

In 2004, in connection with the introduction of a new classification of specialties department was renamed the «Technical Physics», and the chair was the first deputy general director of NNC’s doctor of physical and mathematical sciences ZhotabayevZh.R.

In 2008, the department changed its name to «Technical Physics and thermal power»

On the basis of NNC (Kurchatov), a branch of the department, this conducts studies on a number of specialized disciplines, all of the practices and the design of the diploma degree in «Technical Physics».

Over the years, the department among the leading scientists working:

– Professors: Zaitsev E. D., Svintsov VJ; Zhotabaev Zh.R.

– docents: Halldene NV, Yatsenko, NA, Lee AP, Shingisov AU, Asambaev A., Zolotov A.D. and others.

From 2011 to the present head of the department “Technical Physics and combined heat and power ” is Olga Stepanova .

Preparation of highly skilled, competitive in the Professional, with a profound theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of energy.

Tasks of the Department:

  • preparation and issue of specialists in the department assigned main educational programs of higher and postgraduate education, implementing the requirements of SES RK, programs of postgraduate and additional professional education in demand on the labor market;
  • implementation of the educational process according to the department assigned disciplines full-time and distance learning in accordance with the approved curriculum and program disciplines;
  • realization of researches in the profile of the department;
  • implementation of the university management policy in the field of quality within the competence of the department;
  • creation of conditions to meet the needs of the students’ personality in the intellectual, cultural and moral development in the educational and scientific activities.
  • development of relevant education programs for the preparation and issue of professionals;
  • the implementation of educational and methodical support of educational disciplines of the department;
  • conducting of all kinds of studies in accordance with the working curriculum on the disciplines of the department, ensuring of its quality;
  • development and use of modern educational technologies and forms of education, increasing learning of materials by students;
  • organization and methodological support of students’ independent work;
  • organization and management of all types of professional practice, students’ internship, course and diploma projects (works), master’s and doctoral theses;
  • development of various forms of business cooperation with companies, organizations, institutions in preparation of specialists;
  • conducting of scientific researches according to the profile of the department;
  • training scientific and pedagogical staff based on the master’s and PhD-doctoral;
  • participation in national and international research programs, interdepartmental, interuniversity scientific researches;
  • establishment of inter-institutional relations with the leading Kazakhstan and foreign universities for collaborative conducting of scientific research and exchanging with experience
  • organization and management of students’ research work;
  • formation of students’ patriotism, citizenship, internationalism and high morality;
  • promotion of students to a healthy lifestyle, active participation in social activities of the department;
  • initiating of thematic events in the profile of the department, contributing to the expansion of horizons of students, formation of the valuable relation to the chosen specialty;
  • conducting of career guidance work among the students of secondary general education institutions, vocational schools, vocational schools and colleges.
  1. Continuous improvement of effectiveness of dynamically developing quality management system according to requirements of standards ST RK ISO 9001:2009 иМС ISO 9001:2008.
  2. Passage of the interim report of the institutional accreditation of educational programs of the department for 100%.
  3. Publication of one scientific monograph.
  4. Passage of scientific internship of two PhD-students in the leading universities of Russia
  5. Publication of scientific papers in journals with non-zero impact factor and citation index (Scopus, RISC etc.) – 6.
  6. Publication of promotion papers in mass media– 2.
  7. Increase in activity of students in research work and in public life of the university by 10%