Head of the Department: Moldabaev Zhanar Kalibekovna

Telephone: +7 (7222) 35-48-56
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, st. 100-years of Kazakhstani football (ex-Fizkulturnaya) 4, 2 floor, room №213

The Department “Technology of food light products industry” is one of the leading departments of the State University named after Shakarim of Semey. It was established and started its educational activities in 1963 and currently is the source of highly qualified, competitive engineers and bachelors for the food industry.
The Department functioned as the Dissertation Council for defencing of candidate dissertations on the specialty from 1993 to 2010. The major 05.18.04 – “Technology of meat, dairy and fish products and refrigerating manufactures” since 2008 began its work a combined Dissertation Council for doctoral theses defense OD 14.50.13 specialties 05.18.04, 05.18.12.
Since 2004 training in master’s degree programs 6M072700 – “Technology of food products” and 6M072800 – “Technology of processing productions” and PhD specialty 6D072700 – “Technology of food products”, and in 2012 opened a new specialty at the master’s 6M073500 – “Food security”, at the PhD 6D073500 – “Food safety” and bachelor 5B072600 – “Technology and designing of light industry products”.
During its existence of more than 4,000 professionals who work in various industries. In 2016 opened a dissertation Council for PhD dissertations on specialties 6D072700 – “Technology of food products” and 6D073500 – “Food safety”. Function branches of the Department at the enterprises of light and food industry of  Semey city, in such enterprises as LLP “Pastry mix”, LLP “Semipalatinsk leather and fur factory”, FE “Musabalina”.

The Department conducts training of specialists at all levels of higher education:


5B072600 – Technology and designing of light industry products;
5B072700 – Technology of food products;
5B072800 – Technology of processing industries.

Master’s courses:
6M072700 – Technology of food products;
6M072800 – Technology of processing industries;
6M073500 – Food safety.
PhD course:
6D072700 – Technology of food products;
6D073500 – Food safety.

Training of highly qualified specialists for various sectors of the food industry, with a significant amount of modern knowledge and professional skills in the field of food technology.

  • Improving the quality of academic performance of students, undergraduates and doctoral students by 6%.
  • Increase the number of students in bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programs by strengthening career guidance starting from September of the current year by 12%.
  • To intensify the work on development of academic mobility of students of undergraduate and graduate programs among the universities of Kazakhstan and near and far abroad – 2 students.
  • Increase by 10% publishing activities for the production of educational, methodical materials in Kazakh and English.
  • Publication of scientific articles in leading Russian and foreign journals with impact-factor and citation index (Hirsch) – 2 article.