Head of the Department: Zeinullina Aigul Zhumagalievna

Department of “Accounting and Audit” provides training in “Accounting and Audit” (5B050800, 6M050800) in conditions of credit system using distance learning technology, it operates research and teaching profile and Masters.
Training is carried out in accordance with Kazakhstan and international standards, the latest achievements of science and practice of higher education. Teaching staff skillfully combines the advanced scientific technology, contributing to quality training.

Preparation of high-quality professionals in the field of accounting, audit, analysis, statistics and evaluation, with advanced system knowledge necessary competencies and skills for the active involvement and participation in the solution of socio-economic, humanitarian and spiritual challenges facing the Republic of Kazakhstan and the international community.

The main task of the department – training of specialists with modern methods of rational organization of accounting, economic analysis and audit in accordance with IFRS.
The goal – to accumulate and to put at the service of the Kazakh economy gained national and world science, fundamental and applied knowledge and practical experience in the field of accounting and statistics, analysis and audit.
Three basic conditions must be met:
– High quality of the learning process.
– The optimal combination of theoretical knowledge with practice.
– The high level of scientific research.
During the implementation of educational programs 5B050800 “Accounting and Audit” Department of “Accounting and audit” team has the task, the quality of education is assessed by the criterion of benefit to the community, ensuring the integration of the efforts of faculty and staff in order to prepare highly qualified specialists with high general culture, oriented in a specific work area.

  1. Publication of 4 scientific articles in the journal KKSON
  2. Creation of 2 electronic textbooks
  3. The publication of the first scientific paper in the journal with non-zero impact – factor
  4. Issue 3 teaching aids for students of economic specialties
  5. Signed a contract with 3 bases practices in the specialty 5B050800 “Accounting and Auditing” and ensure employment of graduates majoring up to 90%