Head of the Department: Zhibek Abylkassimova

Telephone: +7 (7222) 53-03-16, 32-25-31
E-mail: kaf.economy@semgu.kz

Department of “Economics” was founded in 1998 on the basis of economic departments of Technology, and Veterinary and Financial institutions. In the early years of the organization of the Department of preparation carried out by an engineer – economist, economist – accountant , specialization “International monetary – financial relations”, “Customs”, “Marketing and Commerce”, “Human Resource Management”, ” State municipal management “,” Economics and management in the enterprise”.
Preparation of bachelors is conducted on specialties 5B050600 “Economics” (2002), 5V011500 “Basics of Law and Economics” (from 2013). On 01.01.2016, the staff of the department consists of 15 people, including 2 doctors PhD, 1 acting associate professor, 4 Candidates of Science, 8 Masters.

Meet the needs of society and the state in the preparation of highly qualified specialists in the sphere of economy, able to skillfully and competently organize production, to determine the state of the market, creative and creative approach to solving a variety of case studies, analyze and forecast the economic situation of the company and properly assess the qualitative changes in the development of economy in the conditions globalization of the world economy.

The goal of the department activities
The main purpose of the department is to ensure the effective management of educational and research activities, the implementation of basic and additional educational programs.


  • Methodical work
  • Provide educational-methodical documentation
  • Implementation of the department faculty teaching load
  • Organization of teaching seminars, sections
  • Organization of control inside the cathedral
  • The introduction of modern educational technologies and new methods of teaching, means of enhancing the cognitive activity of students.
  • Organization and the quality of the SIW strengthening individual training students
  • Provide training and production practices
  • Graduates Employment
  • Educational Activities
  • Research work of teachers and students professional-orientation work.

Main activities:

  • Preparation and graduates;
  • The implementation of the educational process;
  • Conducting scientific  research;
  • Implementation of the university management quality policy;
  • Creating the conditions to meet the needs of students in intellectual, cultural and moral development in the educational and scientific activities.
  1. Publication  is not less 2 Monographs
  2. Increase of number of students with polylingual Education to 20 %
  3. Increase of level of ensuring employment of graduates of department after the higher Education institution termination 80%
  4. Conducting online lectures scientists of leading universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  5. Publication of scientific articles in magazines with nonzero impact factor, 1 article