Head of the Department: Ibraimova Saule Zhumagalievna

Telephone: +7 (7222) 53-03-16
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, Shugaev street 159

Department of “Finance” is part of the Faculty of Economics, Law and Humanities State University. Shakarima Semey.

The department “Finance” was formed in 1998 from the moment of crea-tion of the State financial institute (SFI). Since 2004 till now Candidate of Eco-nomic Sciences, senior lecturer Masalimova S.Zh. has been a head of the de-partment “Finance”. Teachers of the department “Finance”, starting in 2007 defended PhD theses 5 and 1 doctoral thesis (Ph.D. – Espenbetova BA, Esenova GJ, Mukhamadieva AA Ziyadin ST, KE Hasenova ., doctoral – Ziyadin ST). Abylkasimova ZH.A entered the PhD doctoral ENU.of the name Gumilev city Astana

There are 4 Candidates of Economic Sciences among 10 teachers of the department. Average age of teaching staff with scien-tific degrees and ranks is 38. All teachers have base education. The degree of scientific character of the department makes 45 % , and of the specialities 5В050900 is 55 %.

Train highly skilled professionals, who are able to work effectively in a market economy, taking into account the specifics of modern-th position of Kazakhstan.

The main objectives of the department “Finance”:

  • high-quality academic training of students in accordance with the State Standard of povym and tee-up “Finance”;
  • revitalization of the students in the educational process;
  • increase ostepenёnnosti the department;
  • the creation of quality methodological basis for efficient and high-quality training of students;
  • the development of new innovative teaching technologies, and strengthening educational and of the process.

The quality objectives of “Finances” on 2014-2015 academic  year

  1. Increase the degree of scientific character of”Finances” by 20%
  2. Release 1 article in international scientific journals with non-zero impact factor
  3. Update on the 15% base practices “Finance”
  4. Activating  participation of 3tudents in interuniversity educational process
  5. Provision of employment 91% of graduates in the specialty 5B050900 – “Finances”
  6. Absence of critical discrepancies in department work at  passing re-certified audit  for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008
Name Timeframe for completion Volume hours Confirmatory dokument
Ибраева А.К.

ИПК КазНУ имени Аль-Фараби

Since October 14, 2013 to October 26, 2013 72 hours Certificate

№ 3573

Масалимова С.Ж. ИПК КазНУ имени Аль-Фараби 18 November 2013 to 30 November 2013 72 hours Certificate

№ 3585

Нурмадиева Г.Д.

ГУ им.Шакарима г.Семей ЦИОТ

Since March 11, 2014 to April 30, 2014 36 hours Certificate of registration №1429

Refresher courses were completed by teachers in accordance with the development plan for 2013-2014 academic year the department “Finance”.

Refresher courses were discussed at the department, faculty Divide-were getting information, “Finance” and further cooperation in the institutions of higher education.

Staff of the department uses “Learntolearn” individual approach to teach-schimsya, active learning methods, technologies PowerPoint, Casestudy. Modern teaching methods used by teachers in the teaching process: business games, quizzes, computer testing of students. Used in the classroom hand-outs (handout).

Boundary control in the disciplines as “Theory and Organization of taxes”, “Banking”, “Financial Management” staff of the department – Ibraeva AK, Kurmanbekova GA, GD Nurmadieva in accordance with the plan held by the thesaurus method.

On: “Baғaly қaғazdar naryғy”, “Securities Market”, “Finance” PPS department – Ibraimova SJ, Kurmanbekova GA, KE Hasenova take examinations by an essay.

Carried out extensive work on the implementation of distance learning technologies. The Project for the recording of video lectures of the course in the academic year 2013-2014 on the subject “Finance” participated Head of the Department “Finance” Ibraimova SJ .. Logged entire course of dis-engineering discipline and posted on the website of the University  www.videosemgu.kz.

Actively used by teachers of faculty teaching in the form of on-line lectures for DOT. Thus, the head of the department “Finance” Ibraimova SJ 3 were carried out on-line lecture on the subject “Finance”.

Head of the department “Finance” Ibraimova SJ, Acting associate professor of Khasenova KE and senior lecturer Kurmanbekova GA were held panorama of open sessions using the interactive whiteboard.

At the department “Finance” in 2013-2014 academic year were held four educational – methodical-ing seminars on the topic:

  1. «Совершенствование и проведение лекционных и практических занятий в условиях кредитной системы обучения».
  2. «Дуальное образование ВУЗа – развитие и проблемы».
  3. «Организация и проведение консультационных занятий по ДОТ».
  4. «Проблемы воспитательной работы ВУЗа в современных условиях».

At the department “Finance” in 2013-2014 academic year were held 2 scientific – theoretical-ing seminars on the topic::

  1. «Банковская система Казахстана в период финансового кризиса»;
  2. «Қазақстан Республикасындағы жинақтау-шы зейнетақы қорларының кәзіргі жағдайы».

 Department of “Finance” has worked in the organization of meetings of the Council of Employers:

1) The organization of joint activities with the LLP «Adal Compani»

2) The organization of joint activities with JSC “Bank Center Credit”

3) organization of joint activities with the Tax Office of Semey

Teachers of the department have a wide range of scientific interests and research.

Participation of staff of the department “Finance” in scientific work is 100%.

PPP undertaking training of students majoring 5V050900 “Finance”, take part in the work of international and Kazakh scientific and methodological, theoretical-tion and practical conferences, make presentations to address the pressing problems of education and science. The results are reflected in the published teaching manuals, scientific publications. Elements of the research work required in the preparation of students to participate in scientific conferences, as well as leadership of projects and dissertations.

ППС кафедры  «Финансы» были выпущены следующие  2 монографии:

Масалимова С.Ж. Оценка и повышение устойчивости финансового положения предприятия 102 с. ТОО Издательский дом «Интеллект», 2011 г 6,4
Ибраимова С.Ж., Ибраева А.К. Активизация инвестиционной деятельности предприятий в условиях инновационного развития (на материалах ВКО) РИО ГУ имени Шакарима, 2014 10,5


ППС кафедры  «Финансы» были выпущены следующие  учебные пособия:

Учебные пособия
Зиядин С.Т., Мұканова Л.Қ Қаржы нарығы «Экономика», Алматы, 2012 – 234 б 13,5
Масалимова С.Ж. и др. Төлем жүйесі, 130 бет Редакция СГУ имени Шакарима, Семей, 2012 8,4
Масалимова С.Ж. и др. Коммерциялық банктердің қаржылық талдау, 140 бет Редакция СГУ имени Шакарима, Семей, 2012 8,8
Хасенова К.Е., Исмаилова Г.К. Идеографический словарь финансово-кредитной терминологии (на материале русского, казахского, английского и немецкого языков ) ТОО Издательский дом  «Интеллект», 2013 4,8
Ибраимова С.Ж., Ибраева А.К. Международные расчеты и финансирование РИО ГУ имени Шакарима города Семей, 2014 г. 9,5
Ибраимова С.Ж., Ибраева А.К. Инвестиции и финансовое обеспечение инвестиционных решений РИО ГУ имени Шакарима города Семей, 2014 г. 7,8

The results of R & D PPPs are used in the educational process, but acts of implementation is not available.

Khasenova KE 1 obtained a patent for “thesaurus financial and credit terms” (Certificate of state. registration of copyright object “thesaurus financial and credit terms on materials Russian, Kazakh, English and German languages is» №360 April 4, 2013).

Department of “Finance” pays great attention to scientific – research work of students (NIRS). Under the guidance of teachers, students of the department are actively involved in the res-publikanskih and international student conferences and win prizes.

At the department operates scientific circle “Financier”, the head of which are members of the department Akisheva DM, AK Omarova Work mug held as planned.

Between 25-29 November 2013 at the University was held seventeenth student scientific and practical conference on natural, technical, socio-economic sciences humanities. Students of the department “Finance” actively participated in the scientific and practical student conference. The section was held November 28, 2013. In the work of the section was attended by 17 students. Heard 12 reports, one report heard plait-plenary meetings, the other 5-bench.

According to the results of the conference in the section “Finance”:

1 Diploma for first place awarded to students: A. Kudabaev group FN-006, Mukhamediev R., Group EN-002. Topic: “Achievements and Prospects of the student movement« Enacts ». Supervisor – Hasenova KE Acting Assistant Professor of the “Finance” Ph.D.

2 Diploma in the first place was awarded student of FN-207 Rymgaliev A. Topic «Қазақстан Республикасының Ұлттық банкі, оның банк жүйесіндегі орыны» Scientific director of IS-Zhurtybaeva Art. Teachers of the department “Finance”.

3 Diploma for the occupied third place was awarded student of FN-207 Zakaryanov M. Topic ” Ипотекалық нестие және оның мәселелері». Supervisor – Kurmanbekova GA Senior Lecturer of the Department “Finance.”

For active participation in the conference is thanked by following students: Zhumadilova D., UA-104, Adilbek N. FN-107C.

Student work Kudabaeva A. Mukhamadieva R. Rymgalieva A., M. Zakaryanova, recommended for publication.

Students of the department “Finance” take an active part not only in intrahigh conferences. They annually confirm their knowledge on the subject Olympiads in the national team of faculty in the regional competition on the economy, which consistently win prizes.

Thus, the student group FN-207 Rymgaliev A. and student group FN-305 Anuarbekova AJ took II place in the XII Olympiad Regional economics, management and marketing «BUZZ-management: Alternative technologies of economic systems” held in Shymkent at the University of “Miras” in April 2014,

According to the plan of the Department of NIRS “Finance”, as well as in the framework of the Science Week events were held at the Faculty: Workshop-round table devoted to the problems of the green economy, a seminar with the participation of commercial banks and insurance companies.

Such activities at faculties promotes civic learning, stimulate patriotism, integrating students into a single community – Kazakhstan, broadens horizons of students, consolidating their skills and abilities.

In the framework of cooperation with foreign universities regularly lectures by visiting academics from countries near and far abroad. Foreign partners are conducting refresher courses for staff of the department “Finance”, in which Origin-CIO exchange experiences and establish contacts for future cooperation.

Signed agreements on international cooperation of “Finances” from Altai State University (Russia) about reading lectures doctorates also YILD-IRIM BEYAZIT UNIVERSITY (Ankara, Turkey). Widely developed bilateral and multilateral scientific and pedagogical university cooperation, exchange of teachers, including the launch of International Educational Programs.

Scientific and cultural cooperation is in line with global trends using the education system to achieve the best global practices for the formation of a society based on knowledge. Staff of the department participate in international (Moscow, Barnaul – Russian) scientific conferences. For more successful and widespread implementation of international cooperation in order to share experiences are training in Russia.

Foreign academics lecture in the framework of international cooperation

  • In December 2012 – professor Altai Academy of Economics and Law Stroiteleva Tamara G. (Russian Federation, Barnaul) delivered lectures to undergraduates PPP “Finance” on the theme: “Features of the state of financial regulation in the Russian Regional Development Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan “and” Socio-economic problems of regional development in the Russian Federation “to students and undergraduates” Finance. “
  • In December 2010, PhD – Professor of Altai State University Kozhevina Olga (Russian Federation, Barnaul) gave an open lecture magicians strantam “Finance” and the faculty and conducted training courses on the program “Innovative methods in teaching” Financial Menage-ment. “
  • From April 3 to April 12, 2013 the foreign scientist – Dr. PhD Tunc D.Medeni of Yildirim Beyazit University (Ankara, Turkey) lectured on the course “Financial Management” undergraduates “Finance”, and held:

5 April 2013. training seminar “International Requirements for quality educational pro-process in higher education and research”;

9 April 2013. roundtable on “How to deploy their skills and achieve professional growth financier and economist.”

The department conducts international cooperation with the near and far abroad. Were signed international cooperation agreements with the following universities:

1 – Altai Academy of Economics and Law (Barnaul, Russia) from 20.10.2008 for a period of 5 years.

2 – Altai State Agrarian University (Barnaul, Russia);

3 – YILDIRIM BEYAZIT UNIVERSITY (Ankara, Turkey) from 12.04.2013g.

Scientific and cultural cooperation is in line with global trends using the education system to achieve the best global practices for form-ing a society based on knowledge. Staff of the department participated in international conferences.