5В050900 – Finance

Educational work with students of the “Finance” is an integral part of quality training and is aimed at the formation of students active citizenship, conservation and enhancement of moral, cultural and scientific values in modern life, making constructive behavior in the labor market, preservation and revitalization traditions of the faculty and the department “Finance”.

The main directions of educational work with students of the “Finance”

  • Creation of an optimal educational environment aimed at creative self-development and personal fulfillment;
  • Implementation of the state of the youth program. Facilitate the work of the youth movement, the student government at the faculty and other departments of the University;
  • Strengthening and development of national traditions;
  • Improving the ethical and aesthetic culture of students;
  • Organization of the prevention of alcoholism, drug abuse and delinquency among students. Availability students winners (teachers and staff) sports competitions, art competitions, festivals:

– The international level

1) Zhumsakbaev Aybek – 3rd place in the international boxing tournament March 23-27, 2014, Almaty

2) Students of the “Finance” took 2nd place in the XII Olympiad regional economics, management and marketing, University “Miras” Shymkent

– Regional, city level

1) The command staff of the department “Finance” – 1st place in swimming among women in the XVIII Olympics State University name of Shakarima, Semey

-“ Dedication to Students”Students supervised groups of “Finances” actively participate in the work of youth organizations, are members of the Debate Club, Club of the Funny and Inventive, and also participate in the following public events held at the university.

– Games of the University;- «Club of the Funny and Inventive»

– “Presidential mile”;

– “Meeting with the staff drug treatment centers, AIDS Center;

– competition «Үздік әнші», «Үздік биші», «Үздік күйші»;

– A roundtable discussion on “Corruption”;

– Meeting with representatives of the spiritual and religious organizations;

– Competition of patriotic songs held in the SNPU


Semey, str. Shugaeva 159, case number 8, department “Finance”, tel. slave. 8 7222 53-03-16