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Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, Semey, Shugayev st., 159.

History of the department “Accounting and Auditing” Shakarim State University of Semey started in 2000 with the unification of the two largest universities in the city of Semipalatinsk –Semipalatinsk State University(in which included the Semipalatinsk Technological Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry) and State Financial Institutions. The first head of the department – PhD, professor Dzhangalieva Kulzhiyan Karymkhanovna The incumbent until 2004. Currently, the department manages the Ph.D. Zeinullina Aigul Zhumagalievna.

Department of “Accounting and Auditing” is situated educational building №8 of Shakarim State University of Semey.

Department of “Accounting and Auditing” provides training in “Accounting and Auditing” (5B050800, 6M050800) under the conditions of the credit system using distance learning technology, research and teaching functions and profile magistracy.

Training is carried out in accordance with Kazakhstan and international standards, the latest achievements of science and practice of higher education. Teaching staff skillfully combines the work of advanced scientific technologies that contribute to quality training.

The aim of the department is to provide high-quality educational services using the latest teaching methods, complies with the requirements of all standards of Republic of Kazakhstan and international standards, the saturation of the labor market highly competitive specialists in the field of accounting.

The main objective of the department – training, owning modern methods of rational organization of accounting, economic analysis and audit in accordance with IFRS.

In terms of scientific training and experience exchange department cooperates with the Kazakh Economic University named after TurarRyskulov and the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi.

The successful assimilation of special disciplines promotes training laboratory, equipped with the latest technology. Teachers of the department in the educational protsessse high technologies, including the program “1C: Accounting 8.2”. Educational-methodical base 2 complement office and subject the audience (201, 202, 205, 309), decorated with special stands and showrooms sheets.

The main activities of the Department:

  • organization and carrying out teaching work using new methods of teaching;
  • coordination of all forms of specialist training (classroom work, individual work, all kinds of practices);
  • monitoring compliance with interdisciplinary connections in accordance with the curriculum;
  • implementation of research and publication of their results (monographs, articles, manuals, workshops, collections);
  • preparation of the teaching staff through masters and PhD doctoral training, strengthening quality control of the teacher;
  • career guidance and educational work among the students.

Preparation of high-quality professionals in the field of accounting, auditing, analysis, statistics and evaluation system with advanced knowledge, skills and competences necessary for active involvement and participation in the solution of socio-economic, humanitarian and spiritual challenges facing the Republic of Kazakhstan and the international community.

  1. Publication of a scientific article in a journal with a non-zero impact factor.
  2. Increasing the number of subjects with the use of the thesaurus method by 30%.
  3. Increasing the number of exams taken by essays by 60%.
  4. Creation of an electronic database of webinars on 4 disciplines and of 2-line andvideo lectures on subjects of the department.
  5. Development and publication of 3 textbooks in Kazakh and Russian languages for undergraduate and graduate with a degree in “Accounting and Auditing”.
  6. Conclusion of the contract with 4 bases practices, specialty 5B050800 “Accounting and Auditing” and ensure employment of graduates to 90%.



Staff of the department “Accounting and Auditing” improve their skills in leading national universities of Kazakhstan and foreign countries. In the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi on a specialty “Accounting and Auditing” have been trained PhD Zeynulina


A., PhD Parimbekova L.Z., senior teachers Iskakova M.S., Baydairova K.B., Slyamova Z.A., teacher Sarsenbaeva A.A.

In 2014 PhD Mukhamadieva A.A. passedinternship at the University of California (USA) in “Managerial Accounting” by the program “Bolashak”.

Every year, in order to improve pedagogical skills, teachers of the department are exploring new version of “1C: Accounting”.

Staff of the department are actively involved in the activities carried out within the week methodical University (training seminars, workshops, round table discussions).




Methodical work – one of the priorities of the department. Methodological support of educational process, the development and updating of educational complex, quality control knowledge are the main educational and methodical activities of the department.

The main goal of teaching work – the creation of an environment conducive to improved performance and quality of the learning process.

Methodical work department is carried out in accordance with SES RK. Classes are conducted using interactive teaching methods and thesaurus approach. Practice, the decision of situational problems, worked out a system of individual and homework, writing essays and economic solution to a case, and others.

The department has 100% support of educational and methodical complex, electronic versions of the subjects taught in the state and Russian languages.

Staff of the department is working hard on the implementation of distance learning technologies. The site of the University posted video lectures senior teachers Baydairovoy KB on discipline “Statistics Akhunova DZ on the subject “Financial Accounting 1” Iskakova MS on the subject “Fundamentals of Accounting” in the state language. In the electronic magazine staff of the department to conduct independent work of students.

At the invitation of the Department PhD Marek Bergander (USA, Harvard University) participated in the training process, and has lectured in various academic disciplines department. The material and technical base of the chair presented specially equipped rooms (205, 309 audience), equipped with computers with licensed program “1C: Accounting 8.2” to 20 jobs. The purpose of scientific-methodical seminar – increased use of innovative teaching methods. The department has plans and minutes of meetings of the methodological seminar topics corresponds to the goals of the department, at the meetings to discuss the problems and prospects of development of accounting and auditing, new methods and technologies of training, monitoring of students knowledge, the current issues of the educational process.



 The aim – to accumulate and to put at the service of the Kazakh economy gained national and world science, fundamental and applied knowledge and practical experience in the field of accounting and statistics, analysis and audit.

Must be carried out three basic conditions:

  1. High quality of the learning process.
  2. The optimal combination of theoretical knowledge with practice.
  3. A high level of scientific research.

During the implementation of educational programs 5B050800 “Accounting and Auditing” FEPGN staff and the department “Accounting and Auditing” is committed to the quality of education is assessed by the criterion of benefit to the community, ensuring the integration efforts of faculty and staff in order to prepare highly qualified specialists with high overall culture-oriented work in a particular area.


The graduate should be brave, educated, knowledgeable and disciplined.

Graduates must be carriers of spiritual values, knowledge and skills acquired in our university.


This level is achieved in accordance with the requirements of the key skills specialty “Accounting and Auditing”:

  • Knowledge of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other legislative acts;
  • An understanding of the processes and phenomena occurring in the modern economyKazakhstan and the world;
  • Have a philosophical view of the occurring phenomena, processes and events of social life of the community;
  • Be able to collect the necessary, timely and reliable statistical information on the comprehensive statistical and economic analysis of data for competent and informed decision-making.


The graduate should:

  • Be competent in matters of accounting organization in various sectors of the national economy, the organization of audit and control in organizations;
  • Understand the ethical and professional responsibilities of accountants and auditors;
  • Be able to investigate and analyze the situation on accounting.


Professional opportunities bachelor in modern conditions must meet the requirements of the global world labor market. The graduate should be ready for the dynamics of socio-economic development not only within their own country, but also outside of it, to a change in the social and professional roles, should be fully mobile at a time of change, change and uncertainty.


To purchase a professional complex, cross-cultural, communicative skills, pupils should acquire General Educational Disciplines, Basic Disciplines, Specialized Disciplines are compulsory and component selection according to the chosen path of education in full, established by the present state standard.

Therefore, the core competencies possessed by graduates of this program are as follows:

  • presentation of the current state of knowledge production andbusinesses andorganizations, their development in the future;
  • the ability to competently use the knowledge gained in realreality;
  • own modern information technologies;
  • the ability to make a conscious relation to their profession, haveconstant need,desire andreadiness to professional development;
  • ensuring the trinity of languages as a priority valuenational heritage of the state.

After graduating from university with a degree in “Accounting and Auditing” graduate can carry out their activities in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing activity participated in the organization of production, planning, monitoring, analysis and audit of financial and economic, managerial, commercial activity, regardless of ownership in all sectors of the market economy;
  • The project activity implementation feasibility study projects with the provision of data to analyze the effectiveness of specialized documents (feasibility study, business plan), relatively new enterprise or economic project needed to obtain credits, loans and other types of financial support, and and business plans for businesses, analysis and evaluation of economic feasibility of business plans;
  • The research activity carries out research activities within the research programs of universities, industries, corporations, businesses and independently, as well as participation in international projects;
  • Bachelors in educational activities, successfully mastered basic education programs of higher can be recommended to the subsequent postgraduate study in the direction of accounting and auditing, and may continue their education in educational institutions of the CIS countries and abroad (USA, England, Germany, Turkey, China, Finland, Czech Republic, Poland) with subsequent guaranteed employment.

Objects of professional activity:

  • Governments;
  • Enterprises, organizations, companies of various forms of ownership;
  • Educational institutions, research institutes;

Our graduates

Our graduates are operating in many regions of Kazakhstanand foreign countries. Our graduates occupy different positions in the branches of the National Bank, the National Statistical Agency, the tax office, commercial banks, local administrations, in different departments, LLP “Cement plant”,LLP”Silicate”, LLP “Semipalatinsk leather and fur plant” and many other enterprises in the city of Semey.

In Russian universities as teachers in accounting, audit and analysis of financial and economic activities operate Ph.D. Levchenko O.V., Podlipalina V., Ivashevsky N., Italy – Kazhegeldina D., United States – Morozova E.

The pride of our university are Sulejmenov A., Zhumadilov E., Halel E., Imashev N., Uysumbaev A., Mukhametzhanov T., Amanova G.D., Aidarbayev O. Kulchigishev B., Idrisova G.S., Kumpeisova D., Mustafi B. and many others who have achieved great heights in their professional activities.

Staff of the department “Accounting and Auditing” under the guidance of Ph.D.Zeinullina A.Zh. carry out research work on “The role and importance of accounting and auditing in the industrial and innovative development of East Kazakhstan Region”


The main directions of scientific – research activities of the department:

  1. The current state and prospects of development of management accounting in the region.
  2. Trends in the development of accounting Kazakhstan in a globalized economy.
  3. Improving the accounting iaudita at the present stage of development of the enterprises of Semey.

      The results of the research work of teachers, masters and students reflected in their scientific work.

During the period from 2012 to 2015 years, staff of the department to perform certain research project, the results of which are characterized by the following data:

  1. Monograph “Current status and prospects of development of management accounting in enterprises of Semey (theory and methodology)” (authors: PhD Zeinullina, PhD Tolymgozhinova M.K. , Senior Lecturer Slyamova Z.A.), 2014 year.
  2. “Fundamentals of Accounting” in the official language (authors: senior teachers Akhunova D.Z., Slyamova Z.A., Iskakova M.S.), 2014 year.
  3. “Economic Analysis for Accountants” (PhD Zeinullina A.Z, Slyamova Z.A., Tolymgozhinova M.K.), 2014 year.
  4. “Fundamentals of Management Accounting” in the official language (the author: PhD Zeinullina A.Z), 2013 year.

The results of research senior teachers Serekbaevoy B.S., Baydairovoy K.B., Akhunova D.Z. represented in their monographs.

During the period from 2007 year to the present time the department has released 12 masters degree 6M050800 “Accounting and Auditing”. At the moment, given special training undergraduates 4, 3 of them – on the core area and 1 – on scientific and pedagogical direction.

A special place in the activities of the department engaged in educational work.

On the 1-st of September students studying in “Accounting and Auditing” celebrated “Day of Knowledge”. The question of adaptation of freshmen to study at the university pays great attention Advisors groups. Traditional start of the school year was the festival “Dedication to students”. Highlight of the beginning of the school year is the celebration of “Teachers Day” and “Day of the accountant”. In this regard, the students held celebrations, accompanied by games and quizzes.

Were decorated with wall newspapers congratulations and best wishes to the teachers of the university.

Educational work is carried out in 10 areas:

  • As part of the patriotic education conducted:

curator hours:

  • “Independence, sovereignty and patriotism – it is our state!”;
  • “University – as part of the historical heritage of the native land”;
  • “Eye of Youth of Kazakhstan”;
  • “The role of personality in the achievements of the First President ofKazakhstan” round tables;
  • “Mangilik el – the basis of the Kazakhstan patriotism”;
  • “Mangilik elis the bright future”;
  • “Strategy of Kazakhstan-2050 “: a new policy established state”.
  • As part of family education held:
  • Curator hours devoted to updating the rules of behavior in school and beyond, and theformation of the image of a classical university student;
  • Meeting with students living in university dormitories;
  • Familiarity with the position and the internal regulations of the university, faculty on academicperformance, debt to pay for tuition;
  • Individual work with students lagging;
  • Talk about rules of behavior in school and beyond.
  • As part of the spiritual and moral education held:
  • Curator hours “Spiritual traditions of Kazakh land”
  • Concerts program to the “Day of the First President” and “Zheltoksankurbandary”;
  • Talking of the role of active citizenship of young people in todays society.
  • As part of the education of political and legal culture:
  • Swipe round table “Youth and the rule of law”.
  • Under the leadership training held:
  • Competition “Best study group”.
  • As part of the environmental and labor education:
  • Participation in cleanup for improvement of the city and the university.
  • As part of intellectual education held:
  • Competition “Accountant my eyes”;
  • Curatorial hour “The man whose name is our university”;
  • Intellectual game “Who is not?”, “Guess who I am?”, “Mafia” and “Crocodile”;
  • Meeting with members of the academic mobility abroad (Toktayeva Akmaral);
  • “Job Fair”.
  • As part of raising a healthy lifestyle:
  • Student participation in sports events and university city;
  • Held curatorial hour for raising a healthy lifestyle for the prevention and control of AIDS, alcohol and tobacco use on the theme: “Youth for a healthy lifestyle”.
  • As part of multicultural education held:
  • See art students;
  • Chess tournament;
  • Competition “Best room” among the students of the faculty;
  • Visiting students cinemas, theaters and other places of interest of the city.
  • As part of the religious education:
  • Organized and hosted a meeting of students with representatives of religious denominations on “Religious extremism and terrorism”.



Students of «Accountancy and Audit» take an active part in the events organized by the university, in different directions.



In order to implement the Programme of academic mobility of students specialty «Accountancy and Audit»undergo training in other universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as in countries near and far abroad.


Name Speciality Periodofstudy Placeofstudy
1 AbakovaShynar 5В050800 «Accountancy and audit» FromSeptember 2013 toFebruary 2012 Almaty6 Kazakhstan
2 SerzhanovaAinur 5В050800 «Accountancy and audit» FromSeptember 2012toFebruary 2013 Warsaw,Poland
3 AmrenovaGuldana 5В050800 «Accountancy and audit» FromSeptember 2012toFebruary 2013 Warsaw,Poland
4 ToktayevaAkmaral 5В050800 «Accountancy and audit» FromSeptember 2013 toFebruary 2014 Budapest, Hungary


An important prerequisite for participation in this program is the high level of knowledge of foreign languages. Fluent in English, our students were able to demonstrate their knowledge. The purpose of the program is to strengthen the knowledge and be competitive in their field.

Entered graduates of full-time on the University of Oulu Masters International Business Management in Oulu, Finland students from UA-004 Serzhanova A.and AmrenovaG..They will also be trained in the magistracy abroad.


  Students of «Accountancy and Audit», being active participants in student scientific circle «Young accountant», with the results of their research, participate in the annual regional student conference held as part of our university.

sdAlso, students specialty «Accountancy and Audit» are team members EnactusSemey State University. And for more than 2 years old are active project activities. The team also EnactusSemey State University entered the top five teams in the National competitions Enactus National Exposition in 2014.

sIn 2014, in the city of Shymkent has passed XII Regional Competition in economics, management and marketing, which was attended by students of specialty «Accountancy and Audit» and received the honorary triple mesto. Student of specialty «Accountancy and Audit»ToktayevaAkmaral participated in the «Summer School Youth Business», which was organized by the Public Foundation «Development of Youth entrepreneurship» in the Semey. And in August 2014 in Belokuriha, Russian Federation, participated in the VI International Youth management forum «Altay.Points of growth», where she studied at the field«I want to be an entrepreneur».