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The department "Economy and Business" was founded in 1998 on the basis of economic departments of Technology, zoo veterinary and financial institutions. In the early years of the department training was carried out as an engineer – economist, economist – Accountant – "International economic relations",  "International currency – financial relationship", "Customs", "Marketing & E-Commerce," "Human Resource Management", "State municipal management "," Economics and Management at the company. "
Since 2002, the training is conducted in the specialty 050600 "Economy". Since 2013, training in the specialty 5B011500 – "Law and Economics" was transferred to the Department of "Economy and Business."
On September 1, 2013 Department consists of 15 persons, of which 1 professor, 6 PhDs, 8 masters . Head of the Department- Zhailaubaeva Shynar Dalelovna, PhD.
Teachers of the department are constantly improving their scientific and professional potential and take an active part in international and national scientific and methodological conferences, seminars and refresher trainings.

The Chair’s mission is to satisfy requirements of society and the state in preparation of the high-skilled economists who is able to organize production correctly and competently; to define market condition, to approach to the solution of various situational tasks inventively  and creatively, to analyze and predict an economic status of the enterprise and to estimate correctly high-quality shifts in economy development in the conditions of globalization of the world economy.

  1. Passing probation period abroad by the teaching staff-1 person
  2. Invitation prominent doctors for giving lectures-1 person
  3. learning one foreign language by the teaching staff – 20%
  4. Publishing of monography.
  5. Publishing of study-me thodical text book-3 units.
  6. Preparation of students and master degree students to the program of academic mobility -2
  7. Increase of the degrees of the teaching staff (Protection of the Phd by Serikov. R.S)

Development of higher-education teaching personnel’s competence of chair is carried out on the basis of          carrying out the scheduled and unscheduled courses of competence development.


    • Alibaeva M.M.    Ph.D. defense on an Economy and management of the national economy specialty 08.00.05 on a topic “Strategy of  agricultural industry’s          sustainability  ( in terms of East Kazakhstan Province matter)” 09.30.2012 –  Kazakh national Agrarian University of Ministry of Education and Science of the Kazakhstan Republic.
    • Orinbekova G.A. Ph.D. defense on an Economy and management of the national economy specialty 08.00.05 on a topic “Eco-Economic efficiency of using forest resources (in terms of East Kazakhstan Province matter)” 09.30.2010 Kazakh national Agrarian University of Ministry of Education and Science of the Kazakhstan Republic.Alimzhanova A.M.
    • Orinbekova G.A., Kaldibaev M.M., Akhtaeva S.M., Nuralina K.T.-in the competence development center of Semey State University named after Shakarim. Innovative methods in education, 18-20th November of 2009.
    • Zhailaubaeva S.D., Alibaeva M.M., Alimzhanova A.M.- in the competence development center of Ust Kamenogorsk, masterclass on a topic “Usage technology of electrical resources in teaching situation”,21-25th December of 2009.
    • Alimzhanova A.M Competence development centre “strategic planning and budget programming focused on eventual result”.         Governmental and local management institute in Almaty 4-8.05.2009
    • Sultanov O.S., Toikin S.H., Alibaeva M.M., Kaldibaev M.M., Nuralina K.T. competence development courses on a program of strategic development of economy 15-06.16.2009     Pittsburg University, USA; Semey, Semey State University named after Shakarim.
    • Alibaeva M.M., Kaldibaev M.M., Nuralina K.T., Akhtaeva S.M., competence development courses “Total cost management in the company: bedside approach” 20-12.30 Pittsburg University, USA; Semey, Semey State University named after Shakarim.
    • Parimbekova L.Z., Kaiken Z.B., Alibaeva M.M., Orinbekova G.A., Akhtaeva S.M., Seminar “Innovative training technologies: theory and practice” 04.26.2011 Semey State University named after Shakarim.
    • Kuantkhan B., Kazhieva Zh. H., course of Pittsburg University’s professor Chung Li “ Education and  future of the government ” 06.21.2011 Semey State University named after Shakarim.
    • Alibaeva M.M., Orinbekova G.A., Kuantkhan B, Seminar “Government On-line and E-services” 11.01.2011  National informative holding  “Zerde”; “Innovative methods in training” courses, 11.07.2011 Semey State University named after Shakarim.
    • Alibaeva M.M., Orinbekova G.A., Course dedicated for 20years of independence of Kazakhstan Republic on a topic “Problems of enterprise’ economy in the modern conditions of Kazakhstan Republic and  Russian Federation.9-24.12 2011 . Eurasian National University named after Shakarim.

In general, the learning process is provided with the necessary educational and methodological documents: standard and curriculums, model and work programs for the disciplines of the programs approved by the Academic and Methodical Council of Faculty and the University. The department organized the work of the methodological and theoretical seminars. The work of these seminars is carried out in accordance with the approved plan. Innovative development of educational programs is actively promoted by the teaching staff  in the following areas: implementation of problem-stimulating, interactive teaching methods, increase the number of practical classes, provision of  courses by choice, access to international information networks (the internet). Lectures of the department teachers are tailored to focus on advanced scientific achievements of domestic and foreign scholars. Students work under the teacher supervision is carried out according to schedule and teaching methodic complexes of the disiplines.  The class registers are also filled in accordance with these complexes and records of student attendance are kept. The necessary conditions are provided for State exam: review lectures, consultations are organized for students. The final stage of students training is a diploma project, which is held in Russian and Kazakh.

The cathedra was one of performers of initiative research work on the subject "Economic Aspects of Optimization of Activity of Managing Subjects of Meat and Dairy Branch of the Semeysky Region" which is included in the thematic plan of university. All teachers of cathedra actively took part in its realization
Attracted for performance of research work the number of the regular faculty of cathedra made 12 people, including 7 candidates of science. 7 undergraduates are involved in research activity. Level of an degrees of PPS makes 58%.
Continue work on doctoral dissertations associate professor Zhaylaubayeva Sh. D. on a subject: "Organizational and economic problems of development of oil and fat production in Kazakhstan" and professor Sultanov O.C. – on a subject: "Alikhan Bokeykhanov’s economic outlook".
Since October, 2012 the professor of cathedra Sultanov O.C. with associate professor B. Kuantkan and the senior lecturer of cathedra Alimzhanova A.M. work over MOH RK grant for a subject: "Historical and economic aspects of works of A.Bukeykhan and his associates (Alash’s figures) in development of the Kazakh economic science".
In 2012-2013 academic year teachers of cathedra took part in work: 10 international, 2nd republican scientific and practical conferences
In 2012-2013 academic year 60 units of printed materials of 61,05 items of l were published. including 2 monographs – 24,0 items of l. 2 manuals – 22,0 items of l. it is published articles – 15,05 items of l. including 8 scientific publications in magazines – 2,15 items of l. 47 theses and reports
On October 31, 2012 according to the University plan the Economy and Business cathedra organized work of a round table on a subject "Problems and prospects of innovative development of economy of the region.
On February 27, 2013 masters of Economy and Business cathedra Anarbekov N. M., Alimzhanova A.M. the round table for students of the specialty "Economy" on a subject "The modern expert – what it was organized? " with the invitation of chief specialists of economical departments of the enterprise. In work of a round table took part the personnel manager of GKP "Semvodokanal" Zhumadilova A.T. director of Vostok Grand Stroy LLP Kondebayev K.T. teachers and school students of the senior classes of schools of the city.
For the period from November 26 to December 7, 2012 in SGU of a name of Shakarim the Economy and Business cathedra invited to lecturing at the rate "Forecasting and Intra Firm Planning" Dr.Econ.Sci., the professor of Novosibirsk state university, the director of the Center of additional education of NSU, managing sectors of Institute of economy and the organization of industrial production of the Siberian office of the Russian Academy of Sciences Markova Vera Dmitriyevna, Novosibirsk.
With 01.04.2013-13.04.2013g in our HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION there was a foreign scientist from Yildirim Beyazit University (Ankara, Turkey) – the doctor of Phd Tunc D.Medeni P.M. who gave lectures on two courses: "Enterprise economy", "Management of finance" for students of the specialty 5B050600 "Economy", 5B050900 "Finance" and PPS of financial and economic faculty.
On cathedra work on NIRS is actively conducted.
On April 18-19, 2012 there studied the annual regional interuniversity intellectual  Games in Economy, the Miras teams Shymkent (1 place), "6 Pistols" Karaganda (the 2nd place), "Skillful proteins" Ust Kamenogorsk (the 3rd place) became winners. Teachers of cathedra of Alibayev M. M., Alimzhanova A.M. Akhtayeva S. M., Esenbekova Z.Zh. Gabdullina L.B. took active part in the organization of these intellectual  games.
The Economy and Business cathedra for improvement of quality of training of specialists, and also strengthening of professional orientation work on the basis of faculty held on February 27, 2013 the intellectual  games for studying senior classes of schools of the city. School students took part in the intellectual  games from 9 schools. Following the results of competition by winners became teams of school No. 22, 47, 13 of the points which have made the maximum quantity,diplomas are issued to winners. Coordinator Alimzhanova A.M. орг. Zhaylaubayev Sh. D., Alibayev M. M., Akhtayev S. M., Esenbekova Z.Zh. committee. Toykin S. H. Anarbekov N. M., Gabdullina L.B.

It was signed a contract on scientific cooperation with the Altay academy of economy and the right (Barnaul) from 20.10.2008 for a period of 5 years.
The chair conducts the international scientific cooperation with the Altay state agrarian university, the Altay academy of economy and the right (Barnaul) and the Kirghiz national university of Zh.Balasagyn

An important component of the department is to educational work. Work advisors, curators at the department is conducting a supervisory hours, where according to the plan of educational work discusses the results of boundary control of students’ knowledge, the results of examinations, meetings, discussions, round tables, discussions about the Missive of the President of the country, the development strategy of the country.

For our department secured a total of 9 groups of 40 students. Each group has fixed 6 Department of advisors, who are also curators groups. The department continually maintains a close relationship with their parents. Staff of the department attracts students to carry out research, participation in scientific student conferences, urban and regional competitions. Students take an active part in the scientific circles of the department. Curators groups often try to meet with their groups (especially the curators of the 1st course), hold monthly curatorial hours (2 times a month), with them go to the theater, concerts, museums, participate in urban community work day, in the social, cultural and sporting life of the faculty and University.

Advisors of groups together with activists carry out the themed meetings, parties, talks, round tables.

This work is conducted in areas such as:

A) “Health”, B) “Morality and leisure”, B) “Patriotic education”, D) “Citizenship”.

Work on the prevention of crime is carried out by means of supervisory hours of crime prevention and child neglect among young people, organization and retrieval of guidelines, visual propaganda for the anti-drug, anti-alcohol propaganda. The department collaborates with centers of HLS, AIDS, drug clinic, TB clinic, law enforcement agencies, through the organization of lectures for students, inviting experts and staff.

Each year, students are required to undergo a medical inspection and chest x-rays.

The plans of the educational activity are planned for the following activities:

1) Informational, analytical and methodological support of educational work;

2) Measures for civil – patriotic and legal education;

3) Measures to spiritual – moral education;

4) Activities aimed at creating social – significant qualities and communicative culture of the individual students, the development and support of young talents;

5) Activities forming a healthy lifestyle and physical education;

6) The promotional activities for the Missive of the President.

In order to keep in touch with students after study and during holidays the duty is organized in the dormitory of faculty and students’ house.

The strength of the educational work of the department is to be actively involved the students in the activities of the department, faculty, and university.

On chair under the direction of Ph.D. in Economics Kazhiyeva Zh.Kh. works student’s scientific and practical circle "Economics" and it is consist of 20 people. The purpose of this circle is involvement of students to the research project  performance, participation in scientific and innovative activity. The result of scientific circles work is preparation of students for participation in scientific and practical conferences.
In accordance with XIV scientific conference of students on social, natural, engineering and human sciences:
I – position: Balabekova, Э-702 group, topic of the report is «To analyze the enterprise’s financial shape”
II – position:
а) Kutpanova Z., AU – 723, topic of the report is «To analyze the salary in Kazakhstan and raising up measures».
б) Amirkhanov Z., Rakhmetkaliyeva. Page, E-701 group, topic of the report «Eco- economic problems of environmental management on an examples».
III – position:
а) Elamanova. UA-806 group, topic of the report «Nanotechnology development in Kazakhstan».
б) Gilazhitdinova. N, Kasenova. E, UA – 806 group, topic of the report «Foreign investments into RK».
In accordance with students research-to-practice conference’s results the following students took prizes:
Bitina A ranks 1 position, Zhakupzhanova D. FF-709 groups. Research supervisor: Alibayeva M. M.
II position: Mirasula K., Rakhmetkhanova A. Research supervisor: Sultanov.O.S;
III – position: Serzhanov. E-801 group. Research supervisor: Zhaylaubayeva Sh.D.
Section work «20 years by the way of development and progress of  Kazakhstan economy» is hold on November 23 of 2011 under the XV student’s scientific and practical conference. More than 40 students took part in work of section. 25 reports, 16 reports – bench works are granted hearing. One work was nominated to a hearing on plenary meeting.
Student’s reports had pithy character, it was characterized by presence of analysis, laws, visual aids (slides), statistics. In work of section it was applied technical devices – a video projector, the computer.
By results of work the following students took prizes:
1 position – Abylkasova Araylym, Kanayev Nazym E-802 research adviser: Aidarkhanov M.H.
2 position – Kapan Aliya, E-802, Research supervisor: Sultanov O.S.
3 position – Maylybayeva Araylym, E-801 research adviser: Parimbekova L.Z.
3 position-Konakayeva Kuralay, GU-007 research adviser: Toykyn S.H
Letter of thanks: Maylybayeva And, Makhambetova Zh. Murzaspayev S. and others (at large 8 people)
Students of F-710 group M. Kanatula and S. Nurlanov (adviser Sultanov O.S) won first position and awarded the diploma of the I extent of the International conference in PGU named after Toraygyrov, Pavlodar 2011also under the direction of acting professor Sultanov O. S. M. Kanatula’ is awarded with the diploma of the 1st degree of the 4th Astana International Economic forum.
On April 7-8 of 2011 the team of students of financial and economic faculty, Semey State University named after Shakarim – «Mission 20», successfully acted on the IX regional Olympic Games on economy, carrying out on the basis of East Kazakhstan Technical University and took the 2nd all-command prize. Also in this year the team of students of financial and economic faculty, successfully acted on the X-th regional Olympic Games on economy in Karaganda and took the 1st all-command position. In group membership participated the student of E-802 group Kozhanov D.