Head of the Department: Tolysbaeva Alia Dyusenovna

Telephone: +7 (7222) 36-02-23
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 159 Shugaev Street

The Department of Jurisprudence is one of the structural units of the Shakarim State University was founded in 2006 on the basis of the Department “Law and psychology”. Currently, it is a part of the faculty of Economics and law.

The Department of “Jurisprudence” conducts training of students on full-time, correspondence, distance learning technologies and accelerative learning.

The Department carries out its activities according to perspective and annual plans of the faculty of ShakarimState University of Semey, which cover educational-methodical, scientific-research, educational work, training the faculty and staff, the improvement of material-technical base. The structure and content of the training of students comply fully with the rules of the state educational standard.

The Department provides education  in the specialty 5B030100 – “Jurisprudence”, qualification – bachelor of law;

Duration of study at the specialty is:

-for persons who have general secondary education – 4 years;

-for persons who have secondary professional education in the field of law – 3 years;

-for persons who have highnot juridical education – 2 years.

Speciality 5V030100 – “Law” provides for the preparation of highly qualified bachelors in the sphere of professional activity of law enforcement bodies of the executive and representative bodies of state power and administration, public and private enterprises; advocacy and the educational institutions, and others.

The department has Criminalistics office and courtroom.

The Cabinet of criminology and forensic (Room 109) is located on the 1st floor of the educational block number 8. It is provided with a variety of technical supply. There is a passport office criminalistics and forensics, extinguishing media, individual and collective means of personal protection. Courtroom (Room 332) is located on the 3rd floor of the educational blocknumber 8.

Currently, the Department of Jurisprudence is a member of the Faculty of Economics and Law, Head of the Department from September 2015 Dr PhD Tolysbaeva A.D.

Preparation of highly skilled, competitive specialists in charge of the labor market requirements, possessing professional, moral and ethical qualities for law enforcement and customs system of the East Kazakhstan region and the Republic of Kazakhstan as a whole.

Main Department of “Jurisprudence” objectives:

  • High-quality theoretical teaching of students through the organization of educational process in accordance with the State Standard and the standard course plan specialty “Jurisprudence”;
  • Activation of the students in the educational process;
  • Increasing level of department (defended its doctoral dissertations PhD);
  • The establishment of appropriate methodological and technical basis for quality teaching of students;
  • The use of new innovative technologies of training, and the development of the educational process;
  • Creation and development of various student clubs and organizations;
  • Organization of the educational process and the work of the Department in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system.

State educational standards specialty on which the activities of the Department of “Jurisprudence” for a number of years:

а)  SCSEof RK17.06. №261 – 2011 on specialty 0В030100 «Jurisprudence»;

б) SCSEof RK 23.08. – 2012 on specialty 5В030100 «Jurisprudence».

  1. Publication of 2 articles in magazines with non-zero impact – factor.
  2. The publication of the 1st training manuals in the official language for students of juridical specialties.
  3. Increasing the number of students who are engaged in research work by 20%.
  4. ncrease students engaged in group multilingual specialty “Jurisprudence” full-time by 5%.
  5. Provide training 1 student for internal academic mobility.