The Department of Jurisprudence is a structural unit of Shakarim Semey State University. It was found on the base of the Department of Law and Psychology in 2006, and became a part of the Faculty of Humanities. The first head of the department was Sergazinov Bolat Ramazanovich, candidate of legal science. 

During department existence, a courtroom for practical lessons was opened which meets all requirements to carry out examination of civil and criminal cases. In October 2007 criminology classroom was opened with modern equipment in it. In 2007 Law Faculty was found consisting of two departments – the Department of Jurisprudence and the Department of History and Law. In 2008 Law Faculty was amalgated with the Faculty of Humanities. Since 2008 the head of the Department of Jurisprudence has been Askhat Bolatbekovich Bimbetov.

The main objective of the Department of Jurisprudence is to train highly skilled specialists who have present knowledge in the field of legal science.

Aims of the Department for 2010-2011 academic year:

1.     To undergo certification of the University held by Ministry of science and education of the Republic of Kazakhstan successfully.

2.     To develop relations with Altai State Pedagogical Academy.

3.     To conclude a cooperation agreement with TOO “Semipalatinsk law center”.

Since 2008 the Department has been working on the research project: “Issues of juvenile judiciary” which is included into thematic schedule of the University. General control over the research issue is carried out by Bimbetov A.B., the head of the Department of Jurisprudence. Bimbetov A.B. is working on the doctorate thesis “Formation and development of juvenile courts in the Republic of Kazakhstan”. Maishekina E.S. (“The institute of presidency in Kazakhstan and Russia: rather-legal analysis”) and Tolysbayeva A.D. (“The institute of parliamentarism in CIS countries: historical and rather-legal analysis”) are working on their doctorate theses as well.

The subject of the research project of the Department covers all fields of activity of the Department and specialist areas of lecturers and teachers. Each member of academic and teaching staff takes part in realization of this project. In 2009 Bimbetov A.B. defended master’s thesis “Issues of juvenile delinquency prevention (criminological and, criminal and legal aspects)”. Also in 2009 Tezekpayeva K.S. defended her master’s thesis “Improvement of judicial authority in the recent period”. In 2010 the following lecturers defended their master’s theses: Maishekina E.S. (“Constitutional legal relationships: rather-legal analysis”), Tolysbayeva A.D. (“Status and legal form of Permanent Committees of Mazhilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan”), Rakhimova A.M. (“Constitutional control over the election process in Kazakhstan”), Userbayev M. (“Criminal and legal, and criminological issues of illegal drug traffic prevention”).



System of educational work is based on standard documents, such as regulations on supervisory responsibilities, student-monitor responsibilities, student self-administration, committee for matters concerning young persons, debate club, prevention of law violation, etc.

Teachers and students take part in educational activities, such as Constitution Day, the Knowledge Day, Republic Day, Independence Day, New Year’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day, Nauryz Holiday, and Holiday of accord of people of Kazakhstan.

Council for prevention of law violation was established on the Faculty of Humanities under the supervision of Bimbetov A.B., head of the Department.

On the Department as well as at the University, conditions for self-actualization in different spheres of activity (academic, research, and public ones) for students of ‘Jurisprudence’ and ‘Customs affairs’ degree programs are given. They are:

·  Eventual participation in work of “Zhasyl yel” Youth organization during summer holidays, i.e. to become members of this organization and participate in the actions on planting trees held on the territory of Semey city;

·  Optional participation in sessions of debate clubs;

·  Optional participation in circles of amateur talent groups (vocal, choreography). However, the conditions in these circles are not up to par.


There were organized meetings of students of the Department and representatives of the following organizations:

–                     Financial control bodies; subject of the meeting: “Corrupt practice. Methods

     of controlling it.”

–         Center for AIDS control; subject of the meeting: “AIDS control – challenge of the century!”

–          Military Attorney Department of East Kazakhstan region in December 2009, and the Department of Internal Affairs of Semey city, Traffic police, Counterdrug Divisions in February 2010. Meetings with these bodies were held according to the action plan for alumni placement. During the meetings representatives of law-enforcement bodies briefly talked about activity of their subdivisions and answered questions of the students. The meetings were held with participation of local television. As a result, some of the students made their choice to work in such bodies as the Department of Internal Affairs and Government Attorney Office of Semey city. It should be mentioned that, based on the results of practical training (from 15 March to 9 May 2010), Gabidenov Askar, student of JUR-715 group, was recognized with a thank-you letter of administrative authorities of the Department of Internal Affairs of Semey city.

Students of the Department are permanent participants of faculty, city and republican meetings of Club of the Funny and Inventive. In May 2009 during republican meeting of the Club students of the Department got through the final round and were second. In 2010 Yerkebulan Yenkebayev, student of YUR-617 group, had the lead in “Gentleman of Semey city” contest.

11 September 2010academic and teaching staff of the Department of Jurisprudence together with the students of the Department participated fully in “President mile” sporting event dedicated to Health Day. Talgat Bolatovich Kabyshev, vice-dean of the Faculty of Humanities, was the second prizewinner among academic and teaching staff members. Sabitov Aset, student of YUR-918 group, who is an active participant of all events held at the University and a member of volleyball select team of Semey city, was first there.