Head of the Department: Alexandr S. Koichubayev

Telephone: +7 (7222) 53-02-29, 53-49-80
Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 159 Shugayev Str., Room 306
E-mail: management_shakarim@mail.ru

The Department of Management of the Shakarim State University of Semey was founded in 2004. For these years there were traditions for training the high qualified personnel for business administration, public administration and local government.

Today Department provided the modern tutors and coachers capable to train human resources for the global competition at labor market. They are helping you to develop the Skills of 21 centuries which will be useful in future professions. Promptly changing world and its technologies create new professions, at the same time other professions consign to the past. In this conditions the nature of education becoming change faster. Now we start to develop in students competence and skills, but we do not load more knowledge which will become outdated in one or two years. We learn to get new knowledge, to eliminate excess information. This skills will give the chance to be enhanced to the person throughout all his life (lifelong learning).

To be the popular and necessary employee are mean to be able critically thinking, be creative, to work in a team, to create a communications, be capable to solve the problems and to make the correct decisions. These are those key characteristics of the modern young specialist.

Our team are realize master and bachelor programs on Management and Public administration and local government. We see the huge human potential in all our students and have honor to engage for creation new professionals in university traditions of “Shakarim Family”



Our mission — to train the high qualified HR who capable to compete in a labor market and to be leaders in the professional sphere.

The Department of Management trains on bachelors programs: 5B051000 “Public administration and local government(GMU)”, 5B050700 “Management” and master programs on 6M051000 ” Public administration and local government (GMU)”, 6M050700 Management.



Title of educational program: Public service, Public administration and business

Possibilities for employment:

– Public service

– National and multinational companies

– International organizations (UN, World Bank)

– Banking and financial sector

– Small and medium business




Title of educational program: Business administration, Commercial Management, Hotel Management

Possibilities for employment:

– To Start Business, Project management

– Marketing, distribution, logistics, etc.

– Banking and financial sector

– Consulting and PR

– Communications and contract supervising

International degree programs, Mobility Programs in the best universities of Europe, USA and Asia, Business English, TOEFL (Test Center in Shakarim State University of Semey)

  1. To develop brand name and promote the educational programs in the international, national and regional levels;
  2. To provide high quality bachelor and master programs and other scientific projects according to the modern trends of mobility and a polylinguism in education;
  3. To develop professional and underprofessional skills for business administration and public administration;
  4. To enhance resource and information infrastructure for development an educational programs;
  5. To develop employability skills for graduates based of the best practice of training and achievements of science and business;
  6. To create comfortable conditions for students through improvement the high quality educational programs.