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One of the structural units of Semey State University named after Shakarim is the department of philosophy, which was founded in 2004 and is a part of humanitarian faculty. The department of Philosophy provides educational services to 1st courses students of all University in general humanitarian discipline. For students of different specialties, basic disciplines are taught such as: philosophy, sociology, politic science, culture and other   elective disciplines (history of the spiritual culture of Kazakh people and history of world religion).

The main task of the department is formulation of scientific worldview, that promotes the development of free and critical thinking for orientation in the world of ideas and opinions, the assimilation of diverse ideas and values is a prerequisite for the growth of cultural identity. The department of philosophy has secured following disciplines:

  1. Philosophy
  2. Political science
  3. Sociology
  4. Culture
  5. History of world religion.
  6. History of the spiritual culture of  Kazakh people
  7. History and philosophy of science

Students training is carried out in strict accordance with the state standard and model curricula adopted in the prescribed manner (in Kazakh and Russian languages).

On the basis of all disciplines    educational-methodical complexes  are composed, which contain a work program for teachers and syllabus for students, including a list of lecture material, topics of seminars, a list of necessary literature, themes, SIW (Student’s independent work or homework) and  report papers.

Department implements the teaching of subjects on the basis of the State Educational Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan^

  1. Act of RK “ About Education” of 27.07.2007,№319-111
  2. The government decree of RK –“on the order of development, approval and expiry dates for state general education standards” of 02.09.0999, № 1230

Training of highly qualified students of all disciplines through the development of spiritual, cultural, intellectual, personality traits.

1. Efficient passage of institutional accreditation and supervisory audit

2. To develop work on training-methodical   aspect by training-methodical package of discipline with 2 and 3 credits from disciplines of the faculty

3. Contribute to improving the quality parameters of education, culture and academic achievement of students as the main components of competitive specialists   of new formation by 91%

4. To improve the efficiency of passing the Intermediate State Control in philosophy up by 85%.

5. To   prepare for publication of a manual on culture “Methods of national culture research” (in the second half of 2010)

6. To increase the number of professors and teachers

7. Departments by 45% (Ekibaev R.ZH. postgraduate  thesis – 2009, Tatiev  E.E – postgraduate thesis-2010 , Mukataev A.A- PhD thesis – 2010,Boyarinov S.U.-PhD thesis -2010)

8. Interventions on patriotic education and awareness of leadership skills among university students (to participate and hold a round table on the republic Day, Independence Day, to take part in the  international conference: “Echo of polygon. World without nuclear weapons”).

The department of Philosophy constantly improves the activity on educational-methodical, scientifically – to research and educational kinds of works, regularly raises the qualification which proves to be true certificates and certificates. The senior teacher of the department of philosophy Kenzhebulatova A.M. passed courses of improvement of qualification which took place on December, 12-24th, 2005 at the University; in 2008 the senior teacher, Kudratova S.A., passed courses of improvement of qualification; the senior teacher, Kenzhebulatova A.M., successfully passed certification for the course «Management of the personnel »in training centre and developments of human resources in Astana, on October, 17-19th, 2008.

Teachers of the department give lectures and spend a practical training on base and general educational disciplines in the state and Russian languages. Employment is spent at high professional level taking into account modern achievements of science and practice. Educational and methodical work of the department in 2009-2010 academic year assumed the decision of following problems: perfection of educational process by introduction of new forms and work methods, perfection of structure and the maintenance of special disciplines of chair. On the department there is all necessary educational-methodical documentation available: typical and working programs, teaching materials on all disciplines, tickets for passing examinations of a candidate minimum, recommendations about performance SIW and typical programs made by teachers for elective disciplines.

Since 2006 the department has been the executor of research work (RW) on the theme «Spiritual heritage of Shakarima». Mukataeva A.A., Boyarinov S.J. carry out the general management of RW theme. At present management of RW Bojarinov S.J. carries out.

RW theme covers all directions of activity of the department and specialization of teachers in separate spheres. All teachers of the department take part in RW performance given.

Process of performance of research activity includes following actions: in the end of a calendar year the plan and program of RW is made. Plans are corrected taking into account performance of separate sections, change of personnel structure of the department.

The work purpose to generate requirement for reflexion, allowing to expand gnoseological abilities about itself, about meaning of the life, about a place of the person in this world.

Within an academic year reports of teachers and responsible on RW sections are heard, the reached results and lacks are discussed. Reports listen with delight and affirm as the end of the year on research work on the department and at faculty.

Research activity of students (RAS) philosophy chairs carried out according to confirmed the plan for each next academic year. For the accounting period on chair carried out work student’s scientific mugs “Sofijtsy” (the head the senior teacher Kudratova S.A.) and «Jean century» (the head of the department, Ekibaev R. ZH). Work of student’s circles promotes strengthening of unity and the consent of student’s youth of Republic Kazakhstan, formation of uniform national consciousness among youth РК, to development of political consciousness, development of political culture, development of legal culture, religious education, formation of feeling of patriotism, revival of a spiritual heritage, development scientific world outlook, to a new direction of integration into world educational space.

Some time during an academic year there are invitations, letters from the Russian philosophical society from republic leading universities arrive. Teaching staff of the department take part in seminars, the congresses and symposiums. So the teacher, Kenzhebulatova A.M. was invited to the international scientifically-practical conference «the XX-th century: history of carrying over of capital» the given action is dated for the 10 anniversary of capital of Republic Kazakhstan, conference has taken place on July, 4th, 2008 at the Euroasian National university of L.Gumileva; Bojarinov S.J. took part in the International Russian congress of philosophers which there has taken place in Novosibirsk in September, 2009 the Senior lecturer of chair Bojarinov S.JU is a member of a philosophical society of the Russian Federation (the Altay branch). A theme of research of a philosophical circle: «the Problem of the person: philosophical-social aspect in a context weed three languages»

All educational work of chair is directed on education at students of a healthy way of life, on patriotism and morals development, on improvement of knowledge, formation of philosophical outlook, acquisition of new thinking of culture and behaviour.

In a current of academic year teachers of chair of philosophy take active part in actions spent both at faculty level, and at level of “University” such as:

• «Day of knowledge, day of the world!»;

• Presidential mile;

• “Games”;

• Day of the Republic

• March, 8th

• Nauryz Holiday

• Day of unity of the people of Kazakhstan

• Victory Day

Teachers of the department were got to take part in subbotniks on cleaning and order maintenance in territory adjoining to the educational case. Also educational work covered also hostel of the University so it agree the schedule of watch of teachers of faculty made by dean’s office 1 and 2 semester, teachers – carried out watches in a hostel.

Since 2008-2009 the department spends subject week at faculty level during which time, debates, the conversations, open lectures, release of wall newspapers, excursions round tables are spent to city museums, city public relation through mass-media. So for example, head of the department, Mukataeva A.A. on Independence Day (December, 2008) participated in a telecast on P. channel.In March, 2009 the teacher Lekerovoj A.Z. had been published article under the message of the President «Through crisis to updating» in the university newspaper «the Student Alemi». In February, 2009 of the item teacher Kenzhebulatova A.M. together with students of humanitarian faculty have let out the wall newspaper «love Philosophy». On philosophy chair for the analyzed period under the direction of research activity of students was spent. The management of research work of students puts before itself following problems:

1. To expand and deepen knowledge of students in the field of theoretical bases of studied disciplines, to receive and develop certain practical skills of independent research activity;

2. To pass scientific researches for the decision of the actual problems which are put forward by a science and practice;

3. To impart skills of critical thinking, opposing, discussing on world outlook questions;

4. To form system methodology of knowledge of various objects, principles and ways of their research;

5. To prepare articles on student’s conference and to act with reports on the studied and developed themes.