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The chair of psychology SGU of a name of Shakarima has been created 1.04.04г. As a result of reorganization of Semipalatinsk state university of a name of Shakarima and Semipalatinsk state teacher training college. The chair socially-humanities (the early name of chair) carried out preparation on 6 specialities: psychology, pedagogics and psychology, design, economy and right bases, musical education, psychology. The chair structure included 68 established posts. In the beginning of 2004-2005 the chair began to conduct teaching and educational process on 3 specialities: design, jurisprudence and psychology. In this connection it has been renamed as right and psychology chair, and a speciality design has been transferred again formed chair of design and descriptive geometry. In 2006 the jurisprudence chair has been allocated from structure of chair of the right and psychology. Also two independent chairs "Jurisprudence" and "Psychology" were formed. From this point on the psychology chair is independent and carries out preparation on a speciality of a bachelor degree "Psychology", works over magistracy opening on a speciality "Psychology". The quantitative and qualitative structure of chair considerably improves, and it allows to open a magistracy on the above-named speciality. From the moment of chair formation the regular structure has increased from 25 % to 55 % остепененности. Improves not only chair staff, but also the quantity of the students trained on the basis of school, ССО and higher education increases. As a part of chair the skilled teachers having a wide experience in professional work work. Gizatullina A.G., Abdullina G. K, Satieva S.S., Kunsljamova concern number of such teachers since, Aubakirova R. Zh. Now on chair two doctors of pedagogical sciences Moldazhanova A.A. and Khan Н.Н work.
The purpose of research activity of chair from the moment of creation is research of process of socialization of the person taking into account social, age and its individual features, search and the further introduction, based on originally humanistic beginnings, optimum ways of social adaptation of the person to changing conditions of a socioeconomic situation in modern Kazakhstan.
With a view of realization of the planned amount of works on theme NIW teachers of chair in the beginning of 2006 had been created problem group "Humanist" (the head – the senior lecturer of chair of psychology Gizatullina A.G.). The circle of studied problems has been focused by students of the given circle on the further working out of questions on theme «Social adaptation of the person» participation of students-psychologists in work of student’s scientific conference became which result. Scientific works of students are published in the press. The group of students of a speciality "Psychology" took part in the joint project with Social center of development of Federation of women «range Echo» Semeja «Our choice – our future», actions «I – the voter», a debatable seminar «Grazhdansko – legal culture of voters. Actual problems of participation of citizens in selective process», training – seminars «I Vote for the first time».
Within the limits of the given cooperation by forces of chair inter-regional conference «Social technologies in protection of the rights of women on November, 29-30th, 2006 has been spent: new possibilities». Representatives have taken part In conference work акимата and city and area public organizations.
Teachers of chair of psychology introduction in educational process of university of a course "Self-knowledge" within the limits of the program of MON RK proceeds. For the purpose of perfection of development of the program of a course on the basis of university the operating office equipped with audiovisual means is opened.
Publishing of teachers still remains the most successful kind of scientifically – research work of chair. The quantity of publications steadily grows from year to year. Teachers of chair publish articles in the republican editions confirmed ВАК, and also in collections of materials of the international, republican, regional conferences in which they actively participated.
Now the psychology chair doesn’t stop on reached and continues to improve work divergently, such, as: research activity, pedagogical process, professional orientation work etc.

Preparation of highly qualified specialists in the branch of psychology by giving intellectual education, social development and establishment of an individual personality.

The training purpose to general educational disciplines is maintenance of conditions for acquisition of a high general intellectual level of development, mastering by the competent and developed speech, humanitarian culture of thinking and skills of the scientific organization of work.
During realization of an educational program 050503 – “Psychology” the collective of faculty and letting out chair puts before itself a problem maintenance of conditions for reception of high-grade, qualitative vocational training, the professional competence in the field of psychology, as integral part of complex scientific knowledge of the person.
Educational program main objectives consist in requirements to the maintenance and preparation level in the given direction within a concrete educational level.
The purpose 1.
The graduate should own ways of educational and social communications according to requirements to social competence;
The purpose 2.
The graduate should seize organic laws of economic development, factors, the nobility legal and the ethical standards regulating the relations of the person to the person, a society, environment, in appendices of professional work and according to requirements ecological competence.
The purpose 3.
The graduate should:
• professionally to own knowledge in the subject domain, to know the basic scientific and practical functions of psychology and scope of application of psychological knowledge in various areas of ability to live according to requirements to the educational competence of the expert-psychologist;
• to be competent: in the basic theoretical and practical approaches describing and predicting phenomenology of a mental reality (conscious and unconscious, reflective and activating) as form of actual existence of the person and to correspond to requirements of professional competence of the expert-psychologist;
• to be able to analyze and predict an orientation of activity and behavior of the person, to diagnose significant changes in its personal development according to requirements to psychological competence.
The purpose 4.
Professional possibilities of the expert-bachelor in modern conditions should correspond to requirements of a global international labor market. The Expert-bachelor should be ready to change of social, economic, professional roles, should be geographically and is socially mobile in the conditions of accruing dynamism of changes: to have one or more practical profile specializations; to be methodically and psychologically ready to change of a kind, character and an orientation of the professional work; to be to psychologically ready to social, economic and political changes in a society.
The purpose 5.
For acquisition of a complex professional, intercultural, communicative компетенций the graduate should seize knowledge of set general educational, base and profile disciplines, both their obligatory component, and a component for choice according to the selected trajectory of formation in the full volume established in the present state standard.
The modern labor market makes high enough demands not to the sum of the knowledge received in the course of training.
The basic disciplines: «the General psychology», «Social psychology», «Age psychology», «Bases of psychological consultation», «the Practical work on psychology», «Differential psychology», «Gender psychology», «the Psychological science in Kazakhstan».
• the Psychologist in average and higher educational institutions;
• the Psychologist in the centers of vocational guidance and vocational training, the city and republican centers of employment;
• the Psychologist in the centers of studying of public opinion and political technologies;
• the Psychologist at manufacturing enterprises (the manager on work with the personnel);
• the Psychologist in the sports organizations;
• the Psychologist in medical institutions and treatment-and-prophylactic institutions;
SGU license АА № by 0000044 Ministry of Education and Science of Republic Kazakhstan from June, 17th, 2004 the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic Kazakhstan from 26.04.04 is given out a name of Shakarima. № 361 for the organization of educational activity on a speciality 050503 “Psychology” and the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic Kazakhstan from April, 12th, 2009 for № 0106189 is continued.
In 2010 according to the new qualifier of disciplines the speciality “Psychology” receives the new code number 5В050300.

The teachers chairs show the serious relation to the given direction of scientific activity, regularly raising the qualification in the organizations and establishments of different level among which it is a lot of the foreign.
Teachers of chair of psychology have organized courses of improvement of qualification for teachers of schools «Innovative technologies in educational process» (November 2009), practical psychologists «the Role of the practical psychologist in formation» (12. 01. 2010), at school “First” for teachers of city schools «Innovative technologies in educational process» (on January, 30th 2010) also continue to work in the given direction.

The organization of educational process is carried out on the basis of the confirmed working curricula, the list of staff, the schedule of educational process, the schedule of studies. The Uchebno-methodical documentation on a speciality have been confirmed at faculty meetings in the beginning of academic year. The Uchebno-methodical documentation on a speciality (ГОСО, typical and working plans, typical programs and УМКД) available on 100 %. Quality of carrying out of studies is at sufficient level. The academic load is distributed according to qualification of teachers. Educational process is provided УМКД at sufficient level. In conformity with an academic load teachers of chair have prepared 100 % УМКД on the new forms confirmed ОУКО.
The special attention is given to control over attendance students of employment, to quality of carrying out of employment by a way взаимопосещений, to the analysis of results intermediate to the certification which materials were discussed at faculty meetings.
Innovative technologies, in particular lecture and diagnostic material take root into pedagogical process on the electronic carrier. In October open lecture by senior lecturer Satieva S.S. «Топтың әлеуметтік психологиясы» also is spent with application of computer technology. In November «Психосоматикалық бұзылулар»Abdullina G. K has been conducted by the senior teacher of chair PH-715 open lesson on psychogenetics with application of basic schemes, a method of brain storm, elements of problem training, a case – stages.
To independent work of students it is given particular attention. In the beginning of year schedules of independent work of students are made. Independent work of students is supervised from methodical council and chair. Forms of the organization of independent work, various methods of training on activization СРС, kinds and control forms in system of educational activity of students are entered. Application of the given system allows to raise essentially efficiency of independent work of the students who are carried out during a semester, to receive more exact and objective estimation of knowledge, to raise quality of work of teachers. The chair pays attention also to the organization, carrying out and productivity industrial and pedagogical an expert of students. Positions about professional practice of students of a speciality “,” Position about student teaching “are developed and confirmed”. For a speciality the order of the rector defines the organizations as bases an expert. Results of passage an expert are discussed and analyzed at total conferences with participation of administration, teachers of base educational institutions and students of the first years. In the industrial practice beginning on chair adjusting conference on which students receive the information on the purposes, problems, terms of passage of practice is organized. The accounting documentation on the organization of practice and summarizing is issued when due hereunder. Reports of students following the results of an expert on chair are available.

Publishing of teachers of chair continues to remain one of successful kinds of scientifically – research work, many teachers are printed in editions of the countries distant and the near abroad, such, as: Turkey, Bulgaria, Belarus.

So, in 2009-2010 educational year Teachers chairs it is published:

5 methodical grants;

53 articles in the republican editions, and also in collections of materials of the international, republican, regional conferences in which they actively participated in accounting 2009. The quantity of articles on one teacher makes 6,4 units, volume 4,7 items of l.:

1. Aubakirova R. Zh – 6 articles, from them: 1 in the Bulgarian edition «Bjadeshchi изследвания», Sofia;

2. Abdullina G. K – 16 articles, from them: 8 in the editions recommended by VAK РК;

3. Gizatullina A.G. – 4 articles, from them: 1 in the edition recommended by VAK РК;

4. Satieva S.S. – 7 articles, from them: 3 in the editions recommended by VAK РК;

5. Кунслямова – 2 articles;

6. Burahanova A.T. – 13 articles, from them: 4 in the editions recommended by VAK РК, and 1 in Programlari. Istanbulinternational annual conference on foreiqn studying postgraduate education in Turkey.2009. Istanbul;

7. Konyrova A.A. – 5 articles;

8. Akibaeva K.T. – 2 articles;

9. Sergeeva K.S. – 1 article.

Thus, the total amount of the printed matter which has been let out by chair, has made 58 units in volume 42,4 quires.

Especially it is necessary to note Abdullina G. K’s who published 1 manual and has published 15 articles active publishing, Aubakirova R. Zh which in accounting year has published 1 educational and 2 methodical grants in the co-authorship with teacher Sergeeva K.S., and also has published 6 articles, from them 1 – in «Bjadeshchi изследвания» Sofia. A high rating by the given kind of activity support Satieva S.S., Burahanova A.T.

Special achievement Teachers of chair is the tendency to expansion of geography of published scientific articles. In 2009 teachers Aubakirova R. Zh, Satieva S.S., Burahanova A.T. were published in editions of near and far abroad, namely in the Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Turkey.

Teachers of chair of Aubakirova R. Zh and SergeevaK.S. (Kosenko Н) develop the manual on the basis of information computer technology:

• the electronic manual «Innovative technologies in the conditions of credit technology in high school»

Scientific theme of research of chair is «the Problem of social adaptation of the person». The Supervisor of studies – Satieva S.S., the senior lecturer, the manager. Chair.

On a research theme contracts about cooperation with the Social center of development of Federation of women «the Echo of range and official body,« the Center of social service in-home children with the limited possibilities », the Center« Zhas Asyl »are concluded.

Teachers of chair conduct scientifically-educational activity, and also render the methodical help to workers of the center. In particular, the lecture hall in which leading experts of chair are involved is organized.

Within a year teachers of chair preside at research work of students. Students carry out following kinds of works: an abstracting of scientific texts, the review of scientific works, work with archival documents, creative research work.

On a theme of research the psychology chair concludes contracts about cooperation with the Barnaul pedagogical university, scientific research institute of psychology of KazNPU by it. Абая, Social center of development of Federation of women «range Echo», the Social center on work with inclusive children in-home, Children’s center “Zhas-Kanat”.
Now the chair of psychology and Social center of development of Semipalatinsk federation of women «range Echo» continue cooperation through an information exchange and attraction of students – psychologists to practical trainings which pass on the basis of Social center of development of Federation of women «range Echo».
Also process of cooperation with the Barnaul pedagogical university is actively improved.
The head of the department «Psychology» Satieva Sh.S with the leading scientists of Shakarim Semipalatinsk State University Moldazhanova A.A., Smirnov M.B., Madiev T.D., Espenbetov A.S.. Ismailova G.K., Bimbetov A.B., visited Barnaul higher educational institutions with the aim of further collaboration in the frame of educational programme on the 15th of June, 2010. As a result of meeting with Russian colleagues it was concluded agreement about the joint work with the department of «Psychology» of Shakarim Semipalatinsk State University and the department of «Pedagogy and Psychology» of Altai State pedagogical Academy in the sphere of teaching, and students exchange.

The organization and control of educational work is in every possible way carried out by curators according to plans. On chair educational work in a direction of formation of the polycultural person of the student of the psychologist, student’s collective is conducted.
Every year forces ППС of chair carry out such actions as “Dedication in students”; the World Day of mental health; professional Day of the psychologist – on December, 25th, various curator hours, in which number «Customs and traditions of the people of Kazakhstan”;”Kazakhstan 2030″;” Self-presentation of as future expert »; Independence Day etc. Special value is given to the actions directed on formation of a healthy way of life: Day of health, faculty competitions etc. Also the teachers chairs for students of not psychological specialities carry out trainings. The special attention is given to state language development, carrying out of reviews, conferences. So, students of group PH of 915 Shtelli Participated in the competition devoted to the 80 anniversary by B.Sydykova in a state language, organized by regional department of internal policy and Committee on languages has been awarded by the diploma.

Within a year teachers of chair preside at research work of students. Students carry out following kinds of works: an abstracting of scientific texts, the review of scientific works, work with archival documents, creative research work.
The organizational committee of second Republic scientific-practical conference «Youth and science in the modern world» rewarded the head of the department «Psychology» Satieva Sh.S for taking an active part in conference, and also they rewarded the first year student of speciality «Psychology» Satieva T. with the diploma.
From the beginning of 2009-2010 on chair research mugs and problem groups work: a scientific circle “Humanist” – supervisor of studies Gizatullina A.G., “Tanym” – the supervisor of studies, the senior teacher Burahanova A.T., and three problem groups under the direction of Aubakirova R. Zh, AbdullinaG. K and Burahanova А.Т. Students of educational groups of a speciality “Psychology” are involved In their work and specialities «English philology» and «German philology».