Dean: Шайханова Айгуль Кайрулаевна

Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 20a Glinka st.

The specialists having professional knowledge in the field of information technologies, automation and management, computer facilities, development of the software in the field of a construction, are always demanded in the labor market and demand for such specialists steadily grows. By training of specialists of this profile it is conducted at the state university of  Shakarim at faculty of information and communication technologies.  There are 3 cathedra and 3 branches of departments based on production which conduct preparation on specialties are a part of faculty:

cathedra “Automation and Computer Engineering – 5B070200 – “Automation and management”, 5B070400 – “Computer systems and software”;

cathedra «Information systems» – 5B070300 – “Information systems”, 5B090100 – “Organization of transportations, motions and exploitation of transport”;

cathedra «Geodesy and Construction» – 5B071100 – “Geodesy and cartography”, 5B072900 – “Civil engeenering”, 5B073000 – “Production of construction materials, products and designs”

On all specialties and forms of preparation there are corresponding state licenses for educational activities.

The dean of faculty is Erdybayeva Nazgul Kadyrbekovna

The deputy dean of faculty is Kaysanov Sovetkazy Bekenovich.

Today, the faculty works in the following strategic directions:

  1. Development of practical integration of specialties of faculty into the international educational space. In this direction work on training of students on the program of two-degree education is continued. On the basis of the Memorandum of understanding on exchange with students between GU of Shakarim and Gyeongsang national university the joint curriculum on training of specialists according to the program 2+2 is developed: According to this program, in South Korea study: Salkenov A. – 2nd course, Egizekov M., Beksultanova A. – 1 course.
  2. 2. Involvement of scientists and leading experts of faculty of ICT to participation in tenders (including international) and to accomplishment of joint fundamental, applied and innovative projects, including, for the purpose of commercializations of scientific developments.
  3. The international project according to the «Erasmus+» program (2015-2017gg) – “Development of the two-level innovative program in microelectronic engineering”, with implementation in educational process of new elective disciplines within the project is carried out. Project coordinators – Tleubayeva N. M., Berikhanova G. E. executive in charge – Zolotov A. D. – Candidate of Technical Sciences, head of the cathedra “Automation and Computer Engineering ” FIKT.;
  4. “Development of a software application for systematization and data processing on a research of quality of beef depending on feed additives” – the executive in charge Smagulov S.K. – Candidate of Economic Sciences, head of cathedra “Information systems”;
  5. Creation and development of local systems of deformation monitoring of ecologically dangerous objects on Semipalatinsk proving ground” – the head Kuderinova N. A. – Candidate in Technological Sciences, head of cathedra “Geodesy and construction”.
  6. 3. Development of polylingual education – teachers of faculty: Kurushbayevа D.T., Adylkanova A., Zenkovich K.U., Ospanov E. A., Dyusembina E.M., Kuanyshkizy А., Balagazinov I.K., classes in English are given in discipline “Information and communication technologies” for faculties of university: Information and communication technology, Engineering Technical Faculty, Agrarian, Economies and right. They conduct work on preparation of additional disciplines and development of educational methodical plan in English.

In the cathedra of the faculty are 45 teachers, including 3 doctors of sciences, 10 associate professors, 22 master’s degree, graduates of leading Russian and Kazakh universities. The faculty trained more than 600 students, including 400 full-time education.

The faculty magistracy on specialty 6M070200 – «Automation and management”.

Teachers are actively use modern training programs and modern computer technology, multimedia and Internet resources.

Students have the opportunity to study in the near and far abroad for academic mobility program (Poland, Turkey, South Korea) and double-diploma education “2+2” Gyeongsang National University, South Korea.

The cooperation with the Siberian State University and Novosibirsk Geosystems Technologies (Russia), Technical and Humanitarian Academy of Bielsko-Biala (Poland). Students of the Faculty of lectures and research projects led by scholars of universities and abroad.

Student life – is not only learning, it is  also active citizenship, so the faculty pay great attention to the organization of educational work. Students have the opportunity to take the initiative and demonstrate their creativity by participating in the work of the youth organizations of the city, the University, “Zhasyl el”, “ASK”, Debate Club, KVN, also holding positions in small and dean of student government.

The faculty of information and communication technologies is created in 2004 on the basis of departments “Automatic Equipment and Management”, “Information systems”, “Higher mathematics”, “Informatics”, “Design and Engineering Graphics”

In 2004-2007 gg – the first dean of the Faculty was Candidate of Technical Sciences, assistant professor Akimov Mukhamedzhan Mansurovich.

2004 g – introduced a credit system of education in the faculty

2005 g — at faculty the quality management system was implemented and certified

2007 g – Faculty  was introduced “Physics and Electrical Engineering”

2007-2011 gg – is the Dean of the Faculty was candidate of pedagogical sciences Utedjanova Bïbatpa Keşhenovna elected.

2011 – 2016 gg – the Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor Kakimov Aytbek Kaliyevich has been appointed the dean of faculty.

2012 g – distance learning technology.

2012 g –  ShaykhanovaA.K., Quttıqadamov M.E., Jumangalïeva N., Ospanov E.A. teachers were sent to the PhD faculty.

2014 g – “Information systems” Serikbekova.A graduate of  “Bolashak” program (University College London) study in England.

2015 g – “Erazmus+” the beginning of the project.

2016 g – dean of faculty  has been appointed  physical and mathematical sciences, professor Erdybaeva Nazgul Kadyrbekovna.

The mission of the Faculty of Communications and Information Technology is to train highly qualified specialists of the new formation, with high moral and civil capacity and ability to successfully realize themselves in different spheres of industry and business.

  1. To constantly increase level of quality by means of the regular analysis of the processes existing in state university by Shakarim of Semey city – by results of winter and summer examinations to increase progress on faculty:
    • on full-time department – to 80%,
    • on correspondence department – to 75%.
  2. To systematically improve skills and vocational training of PPS of faculty:
    • to direct to a target magistracy and PhD doctoral studies on specialties “Information Systems”, “Organization of Transportations, Movements and Operation of Transport”, “Geodesy and Cartography” not less 5th persons;
    • to increase participation of PPS of faculty in research work to 80% and students to 45%;
    • to direct not less than 3 teachers of departments of faculty to advanced training courses;
    • to publish not less than 2 articles with a nonzero impaсt-factor and an index of citing (Thomson Reuters and Scopus);
  3. To increase quality of the educational services which are most meeting requirements of the Higher school:
    • to increase completeness of educational methodical complex of disciplines of specialties of faculty to 80%;
    • on the academic mobility to send not less than 4 students to national and regional universities.
  4. To speed up professional orientation work on schools and colleges of the city and areas with the purpose to finish the number of students on 1 course in 2017-2018 of an academic year at the rate of not less than two (kaz, rus.) full-fledged groups on each specialty.