Dean: Кадыров Айбар Қабыкенович

Deputy dean: Sagyndygyzy Gyldrayyym

Faculty of Philology carries out training of specialists on the following specialties:

5B011700 – the Kazakh language and literature

5B012100 – the Kazakh language and literature at schools with the non Kazakh language of training

5B020500 – Philology: Kazakh language

5В050400 – Journalism

 At faculty the magistracy on the following specialties functions:

6M020500 – Philology: Kazakh language

6M011700- Kazakh language and literature

 Educational and methodical work, the research activity which is carried out at faculty, conforms to requirements of time and is directed on training of the competitive expert. In educational process of faculty modern computer technologies, electronic training programs, multimedia means, Internet resources are actively used. There are computer classes and the resource center for students. Students of faculty are provided with places in modern dormitory. For development of communications with the international higher education institutions the faculty collaborates with the Altai State Pedagogical Academy (Barnaul).  Annually the fund of educational, educational and methodical and scientific literature replenishes. Students have opportunity to work with electronic catalogs and grants. In educational process the computer equipment is actively used. In fund of computer laboratory there are lecture courses, the dictionaries training programs, electronic manuals.

Initially , the educational department of the Semipalatinsk region subject teachers training course organized by the Kazakh language and literature department of the institute to be built in 1939. Faculty of Kazakh Philology was created in 2016. In different years were at the head of faculty: Doctor of Philology, Professor Espenbetov A., Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor Borbasov S., Doctor of Education Zhumazhanova T., Candidate of Philology Zhaksybaeva F.

The faculty includes more than 60  highly skilled teachers, including 1 doctor of science,  3 doctor of PhD, about the 50th candidate of science and associate professors.

Formation of the Faculty of Kazakh Philology was caused by need of preparation of highly qualified personnel for secondary schools, specialized secondary and higher educational institutions.

Mission of Faculty of Kazakh Philology consists in high-quality multilevel training of the competitive experts possessing professional competences and capable to carry out creative activity in scales of the country and region.


Faculty of Kazakh Philology of State University named after Shakarim sets before staff of faculty the following purposes corresponding to mission, policy and HIGHER