Head of the Department: Mukanova Karshyga Kayrollovna

Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, Str. A.Tanirbergenov 1, 304 office

Department of theory and methodology of the Kazakh language is one of the oldest departments of the university, which has a rich history and a unique educational experience. The history of the department dates back to 1939. At the root of the department were the first teachers Rahym Barlybaev, Zhumagali Shakenov, Asan Islamov, Tursynbai Ergaliev, Kaiym Mukhamedkhanov and others. Becoming the best traditions in the department related to activities Rahyma Barlybaeva – a graduate of the Abay’s State Pedagogical Institute, continued his way Zhumagali Shakenov, head of the department until 1978. And from 1978 to 2008 years. He headed the department, candidate of philological sciences, professor Kinayat Shayahmetuly. From 2008 to 2013 he headed the candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Bibekov Kanysh. Now the department is headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Mukanova Karshyga Kayrollaevna.

Currently, the faculty of the department ensures the implementation of special programs ostepenennyh 100%, including 3 doctors of sciences, 15 candidates of sciences.

The main goal of the department is producing high-quality preparation of a competent teacher of the Kazakh language and literature, philologist, able to successfully solve the problem of the Kazakh Education and Science, using modern teaching technology.

Teachers, students and graduates of the department are actively involved in international educational programs.


Training at the department is conducted in the following specialties:

Bachelor’s Specialties:

  1. 5V020500 -Filologiya
  2. 5V012100 – Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language learning

Specialties of postgraduate education:

Master (academic degree):

6M020500 – Philology

The mission of the department is to train linguists, teachers, experts in the field of humanities, cross-language communication, education and culture with a profound theoretical and practical knowledge including the creation of conditions and the strategic objectives for the preparation of competitive polylingual personality, meet modern needs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  1. The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “About Education” from July 27, 2007 № 319-III LRK;
  2. ” Standard Rules of higher education organizations , implementing educational programs of higher education “, approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on May 17, 2013 № 499 ;
  3. Charter of the Shakarim State University in Semey , approved by order of the Committee of State Property and Privatization of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan on July 12, 2013 № 531 ;
  4. Quality Policy of Shakarim State University in Semey ;
  5. “State educational standards of higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan .” Approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 23 August 2012 №1080
  6. Standard rules of current progress control , interim and final attistation of students in higher education institutions . Approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on March 16, 2011 № 94;
  7. The rule of academic vocations of students in educational institutions . Approved by Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on January 19, 2014 № 198;
  8. Decision of department on academic problems which are under its competence , curry out recommendation character and become compulsory for performance of departments duty after the approval of the Academic Council of the University.

To participate in the training of highly qualified personnel who possess diploma corresponding ranking of the world of education and the improvement of the system of internal evaluation of the quality of educational services, to ensure the integration of education, science and industry through innovative technology.

  1. Increase PPP’s participation in international scientific-practical conferences and seminars on the 100%, students 60% s.
  2. Improve the quality of training up to 100% and the quality of the performance of students to 85%
  3. The increase in revenues in the master’s graduates majoring 5V020500 – “Philology”, 5V012100 – “Kazakh language and literature with non-Kazakh language learning ‘to 10.
  4. Educating students for the socio-political activity, civil development, the formation of a future specialist pariotizma and internationalism.
  5. Carry out professional work in city and regional schools. Increase the number of full-time students up to 30%.
  6. The publication of scientific articles in journals with high impact factor – first article.
  7. The publication of scientific articles in journals KKSON – third article.