Dean: Ismailova Gaynigul Kabidullinovna

Telephone: +7 (7222) 35-60-29

The faculty is headed by the candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Ismailova Gaynigul Kabidullinovna. The vice dean of the faculty is Adilova Zhanar Kadirovna, MA.

Faculty of Foreign and Russian Philology provides training in the following specialties:

5B011900 – Foreign language: two foreign languages;

5B021000 – Foreign philology;

5B020700 – Translation studies;

5B011800 – Russian Language and Literature;

5B012200 – Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of education;

At the faculty the magistracy functionson the following specialties: 6M020500 – Philology: Russian.

All work carried out by the dean’s office and the departments of the faculty is directed and focused exclusively on the preparation of competitive specialists.

Teachers use actively modern training programs and computer technologies, multimedia and Internet resources in their classrooms.

Students of the Faculty of Foreign and Russian Philology have at the disposal computer classes and a resource center. The faculty paysgreat attention to in-depth study of foreign languages. Teachers and students are trained annually in the United States, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland and Turkey.

The faculty has established the cooperation with Altai State Pedagogical University (Barnaul, Russia). Lectures and research projects of the students of our Faculty are led by scholars from near and far abroad countries.

In the last three years, students have the opportunity to study abroad by academic mobility program and double-diploma education at the University of Pamukkale (Denizm, Turkey), at the Gyeongsang National University  (South Korea) and Pittsburgh State University (USA).

A lot attention is paid to replenishment of the educational, methodical and scientific literature funds. Students have the opportunity to use electronic catalogs and manuals, dictionaries and advanced training programs.

The research work providesthe great opportunities forstudents to form their professional skills.  Due to research work almost all students of the Facultywork on research projects, participate at conferences and at the Days of Science, and constantlywinprizes. The knowledge, skills and abilities of students  are fixed on educational internship.

The student life is not only learning, but also an active citizenship. That is why the Faculty pays great attention to the organization of educational work. Students have a chance to take the initiative and demonstrate their creativity by participating in the work of the youth organizations of the city and university, like “Zhasyl el”, “ASKA”, Student Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, Debate Club, KVN.

Main mission of our faculty is preparation of highly competitive professionals of the various specialties: who have good knowledge of foreign and Russian languages; who are able to use their linguistic knowledge on a daily basis and in the professional communication; who are capable to rise their professional abilities based on the knowledge of languages.

Furthermore, our mission is to prepare highly qualified specialists, linguists, translators with a broad range of skills in the field of acquisition and application of languages in the various spheres of activities: the translation of the spoken and written languages, texts and documents of various genres, the teaching of foreign and Russian languages at the different levels, multilingual education, basic and additional education etc.

  • to improve the quality of students’ training to 100% and the quality of performance up to 80%;
  • to raise the level of professional skills of the Faculty’s teaching staff by internship, ATF, participation in scientific and methodological conferences and by other means;
  • to modernize the content and methods of education by applying  the modern and traditional, including advanced information technologies in the educational process;
  • to create and develop the multilingual and multicultural competencies of the students and teachers;
  • to intensify the work on the compilation of books, manuals, educational  and methodical materials, which satisfy requirements of the modern multilingual education;
  • contribute to the development of international relations of the university through the system of academic mobility of students and teachers, as well as through the active research faculty activities (organization of scientific conferences, seminars and participation in them);
  • to form and develop  students’ sense of patriotism, tolerance and respect for human rights and freedoms, responsibility for their own social position and professional activities;
  • to enhance the cooperation with employers on an ongoing bilateral basis and to improve the effectiveness of the career guidance work. It contributes to the qualitative students’ recruitment and growth of the professional level of graduates.

The main directions and types of activities:

  • educational, pedagogical and methodical work in the field of the bachelor degree;
  • scientific activities within the framework of the declared specialties.