Head of the Department: Kurebaeva Guljauhar Ahmetovna

Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 20a Glinka st., office 605

Department of Foreign Languages and Translation was formed in 2016 through the unification of the departments of Theory and practice of translationfounded in 2001 and Foreignphilologyestablished in 2006.
The Department trains students in the following bachelorspecialities: 5B011900 «Foreign language: two foreign languages»(main language – English, extra languages of choice – German, French, Chinese), 5B021000 – «Foreign philology», 5В020700 – «Translation studies».

The goal of the department is to train high-qualified linguists, foreign language teachers and specialists in domestic and foreign-language relations in the modern requirements and competitive specialists at the international level, translation of texts and documents in a variety of genres in the field of science, training to professionals who can assist in the formation and cross-language terms.

  1. To increase the teaching quality up to 100% and the quality of students’ knowledge up to 85%.
  2. Participant of 100% of teachers and 60% of students in international conferences.
  3. To provide the preparation of 30% of graduating students and 50% of teaching staff for passing international examinations IELTS and TOEFL to enter master’s and PhD courses.
  4. To provide 100% of the department work to pass international accreditation of educational programs.
  5. To improve the educational work and to provide the participant of 100% of students and 80% of teaching staff in educational and social life of the department, faculty and University.
  6. To provide the participant of 60% of the 2nd-4th year students in international competitions.
  7. To provide 100% work of language clubs to increase the quality of foreign languages skills.
  8. To increase the level of scientific degrees up to 20% via M.A. holders and young teachers entering PhD.


Academic mobility is one of the most important trends in the development of contemporary educational system. It gives an opportunity at the leading universities abroad. The aim of academic mobility programs development is the increase of educational quality, the improvement of relationships among different nations and cultures, the upbringing of new generation.