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Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, SemeyGlinky 20А, room № 804

The Department of Foreign Languages was founded in 2006. Department staff consists of 24 teachers. The department has one candidate of philological sciences, 5 masters of philology, 13 senior teachers, 8 teachers, 2 assistants. The department is headed by the candidate of philological sciences, docent Ismailova Gaynigul Kabidullinovna. Researches carried out by staff of the department are of scientific and exploratory in philology, comparative linguistics and methods of teaching foreign languages. Staff of the department is working on issues of cognitive linguistics, is engaged in theoretical and methodological problems of teaching foreign languages. Teachers, students and graduates of the department are actively involved in international educational programs.

The mission of the department is to train linguists, educators, professionals in the field of human knowledge, cross-language communication, education and culture with deep theoretical and practical knowledge, including the creation of conditions and the implementation of strategic objectives for the preparation of multilingual competitive personality to meet modern needs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

1. Improve the quality of training to 100 % and performance of students to 85 %
2 . Participation in international conferences 100 % PPS and 60 % of the students .
3 . Provide training for 60 % of graduate students , and 50 % PPS for international exams IELTS, TOEFL for admission to master’s and doctoral studies.
4 . Secure 100% of the department for the passage of the institutional (international) accreditation of educational programs.
5 . Improve the quality of the outputs of educational work and ensure the participation of 100 % of students and 80% of faculty in the social, educational life of the department , the faculty and the university.
6. Ensure the participation of 60% of the 2-4 course students in international competitions, Olympiads.
7. Secure 100% of linguistic circles to improve foreign language skills.
8. Improve the academic degrees of Department to 20% due to the receipt of young teachers to master’s and doctoral studies.

The objectives of the educational program:
providing basic knowledge underlying the professional activity of foreign languages ;
• mastering the skills and techniques of using this knowledge in theoretical and practical purposes ;
• the development of ideas about the basic objects , methods and principles of the organization of work of the linguist and researcher , leadership development and education of business and moral culture ;
• formation of concepts about the current state and prospects of development of foreign language for applications to various branches of the educational activity ;
• the development of scientific , research proficiency in the methods and techniques for the study of foreign languages;
• Develop communication skills to generate creativity, initiative , innovation, and to continue learning throughout their lives .

The presentation of acquired during training at educational program competencies:

  • competence in foreign languages and philology.

The objectives of the individual modules:
• The purpose of the cycle of general studies (GD) – ensuring social liberal education based on knowledge of the laws of socio – economic development of society , the history of Kazakhstan , modern information technology, the state language , Russian and foreign languages as a means of international communication .
• The purpose of the cycle of basic disciplines (BD) – providing in-depth knowledge of the philological nature as the foundation of vocational education.
• The purpose of the cycle majors ( AP) – providing in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of two foreign languages.

Description of educational outcomes
• Rating of high school – Shakarim SU ranks 6th among the regional multidisciplinary higher educational institutions of the country
• Implementation of the Interim government control – in the 2010-11 school year, the average score on the PGA made by a group of AH 918 – 95 , 917 AH – 90 , with a degree in general average score was 92.
• The number of students studying for a degree – 300 students, 45 of them by state grants : “Foreign language: two foreign languages” – 132 , 30 of them – on the state grant , “Foreign philology” – 28 , 2 of them by state grant .

Distribution of the total hours of model curriculum:
• total number of hours in the credits – 129 credits (5805 hours)
• taking into account additional types of training – 143 Credit (6435 hours)
• cycle of general studies (CCCs) -25% of the total hours
• cycle of basic disciplines (DB) – 50% of the total hours
• Cycle majors (AP) – 25% of the total hours

Positioning of graduates in the labor market through ongoing annual fair of graduates, which are presented summaries prepared by each graduate. The fair are invited representatives of all interested organizations and enterprises not only the city area, but also other cities and regions of Kazakhstan.
• The demand for graduates in the relevant professional field
• All graduates are in demand specialty specialists in the labor market. All graduates are employed.

The process of training
Connection with the practice of the period of study, students practice 3
I – Training – 2 of semester
II – Teaching – in 6 semester
III – Production – 7 semester.
Internships – all practices are conducted in secondary schools of the city. Database of practice are college Shakarim SU and schools of Semey city.

In the 2012-13 school year, teachers of the Department of Philology of the continued work on the topic “Creating a language and speech personality of multilingual cultural space in the context of globalization.” The objectives of this research are:

  • The formation and development of multicultural personality, capable of social and professional self-determination, knowing the history and traditions of the people, speak several languages, to achieve communicative activity-related operations in the three languages in all situations, striving for self-development and self-improvement;
  • The formation of students global understanding of the historical and cross-cultural values of every nation, every person and every individual.

From September 2012 to January 2015 at the Department published four books , four manual , one guideline for the implementation of independent work of students , 37 articles , including one article released with a non-zero impact factor. The volume of published textbooks and articles is 34.55 pp. In April 2013, Head of the Department Ismailova GK and teachers of the department Meyrambekova LK and Koylybaeva AN published the article ” Keleshekke Cemel bіlіmmen қadam basayyk ! ” and ” Mamandyқty bіrge tazdayyқ ” in the local newspaper ” Semey city thanes achievements and about the specialties of the department. In 2014 Ismailova G. K., Akkaliyeva A.F., Nurgaliyeva A.F., Meyrambekova L.K., Koylybayev A.N with Madiyeva G. B. let out an educational and methodical grant on work with the art text (for the aid to teachers of high comprehensive schools) Kaz NU it. Al-Farabi, faculty of philology, literary criticism and world languages, RUMS, section “Linguistics” November, 2014.
Teachers of the department regularly participate in various conferences, training courses, schools and workshops to raise the level of qualifications.
6 teachers of the department participated in the seminar Thomson Reuters Scientific & Scholarly Research, which was held in Semipalatinsk State University. Shakarim April 2, 2013 in Semey on Web of Knowledge EndNote Web; ResearcherlD.

On October 7 in the State University named after Shakarim professors from Germany of Johannes Shtikhel met with teachers of department of foreign philology. During a meeting such questions as innovative technologies in teaching foreign languages, and also aspects of a technique in the Kazakhstan and European higher education institutions were discussed.
27.10.2014. State University named after Shakarim passed a seminar within the Oxford week in Kazakhstan program in which teachers of foreign philology participated.

Seminar – training was provided by the London consultant Christopher Grekham directed from the international language school Inter Press of Almaty which works with teachers and universities in the sphere of EFL (English – a foreign language). During training participants reviewed examples from books of Oxford University Press publishing house and carried out discussions on the following subjects:

  1. “Communicative Language Teaching into Practice” (English File 3rd edition)
  2. “Making Grammar (Little) of More Fun” (Oxford English Grammar Course)
  3. “Teaching the Whole Child” (Family and Friends 2nd edition)

At these courses certificates were received.

9.12-20.12.2014g. on department of foreign philology passed the teachers seminar from the USA of Lynette Hosek “The importance of teaching writing”, on the end of a seminar certificates were handed.

In December, 2014 protection of the thesis on competition of an academic degree of the doctor of philosophy (PhD) senior teacher Dyusekeneva Indira Muratovna took place.

Since 18 till 28 on August, 2014 manager of department of foreign philology Ismailova G. K. visited the Czech Republic, Prague, where attended advanced training courses “Development of innovative and modern culture in an education system”.

Teachers of department of foreign philology publish articles in such editions, as: Sibak, Russia; magazine “Ұлттық тәрбие”, Almaty; Pedagogical bulletin of Kazakhstan, Pavlodar; Messenger Pedagogika magazine of a seriyasa, Semey city.

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The international cooperation on specialties is carried out through participation of TS and students in exchange programs, competitions on receiving the international grants and participation in the international seminars and conferences. The department of foreign philology supports international relations with the leading higher education institutions of the countries of the Near and far abroad, in particular with Goethe – institute (in the area of DAAD), Dzhiongsang National university (South Korea), Pittsburgh university (USA), Pammukales (Turkey) University, University of Janos Kodolani (Hungary), University Alkal (Spain), the Lithuanian university of educational sciences (Lithuania), Alt. GPA (Russia). Within the programs for the international cooperation realized in SGU of Shakarim, the department of foreign philology came into close contact with one of the largest Russian higher education institutions. Students of our chair will have an opportunity to attend lectures and classes of scientists of the Altai State Pedagogical Academy (. Barnaul). Students take part in various international programs: “Work and Travel”, “Bolashak”.

One of the most important tendencies of development of a modern education system is the academic mobility of students which gives the chance to students to continue education by participation in an educational program in the leading higher education institutions of foreign countries.

The purpose of development of programs of the academic mobility is education improvement of quality, improvement of mutual understanding between various people and cultures, education of the new generation prepared for life and work in the international information community.

In 2012-2013 academic year according to this program 7 students were trained: 6 – at Dzhiongsangsky National university, South Korea, 1 – at language institute San Diego, California, USA.

In 2013-2014 academic year according to the program of the academic mobility the number of students considerably increased: 11 – at Dzhiongsangsky National university, South Korea, 3 – at Pittsburgh state university, Pittsburgh, Kansas, the USA, 2 – at National institute of east languages and civilizations, Paris, France.

In 2014-2015 academic year, the total of students on the academic mobility made 10, 7 students – at Dzhiongsangsky National university, 3 – at Pammukales (Turkey) university. According to the program of 2+2 7 students, 6 – at Dzhiongsangsky National university (South Korea), 1 – at Pittsburgh state university (USA) are trained.

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In 2014 student 3 courses TL 315 with the Tursynov Erkebolan became the owner of the nomination “The Best Student of Year”.

In December, 2014 graduate 4 courses TL 110 Dyusembayeva Aida won the nomination “The Best Athlete of Year”.

In 2014-2015 academic year, 13 students are trained at Dzhiongsangsky National university, South Korea, 1 – at Pittsburgh state university, Pittsburgh, Kansas, the USA, 3 – at Pammukales (Turkey) university.

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