History and pedagogical faculty is one of the greatest faculties of Shakarim State University. Faculty is focused on creating innovative space broadcast of teaching experience that aimed:

  • motivation of using modern educational technologies,
  • to encourage professional growth;
  • to support creative and innovative work of teachers.

There are 6 departments:

Psychology department – head of the department – GulzhanarDzhumazhanova, candidate of Psychological Sciences.It provides training in majors  and Bachelor’s and Master’s programs including “Pedagogy and Psychology”, “Psychology”. It works with masters in a new direction in accordance with the international project Tempus-4. “Modernization of curricula and the development of pedagogy and management of education.”

Music Education Department – head of the department, NurgulSultanova,candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. The department provides staffing and content security for the specialty “Music education”.

Department of Fine Arts and Drawing – head of the department, MadvakasMyrzakanov, candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. It provides recruitment and substantive support in bachelor’s preparation on majors “Fine Arts”, “Vocational Education” and “Design”.

Department of Pedagogy – head of the department, MeiramgulDzhanbubekova, PhD in pedagogy. This department provides recruitment and substantive support in bachelor’s preparation on majors “Preschool education”, “Pedagogy and methods of primary education”.

History of KazakhstanDepartment – head of the department, NurgulMukhametzhanova,candidate of Historical Sciences. The department provides recruitment and substantive support in bachelor’s preparation on majors “History” (university direction) and “History” (pedagogical direction).

Philosophy and Political Science Department– head of the department, AizatMukataeva, PhD. It provides recruitment and substantive support in bachelor’s preparation on majors “Political Science”.


The faculty trains on majors and directions:

5В010100 – Pre-school education;

5В010200 – Pedagogy and methods of primary education;

5В010300 – Pedagogyand Psychology;

5В050300 – Psychology;

5В012000 – Vocational Education;

5В010700 – Arts and Drawing;

5В010020 – Design;

5В010600 – Music Education;

5В020300, 5В011400 – History;

5В050200 – Political sciences.

Forms of academic process: full-time and part-time.

Nowthereareabout 2000 students.

At the departments of the Faculty employs over 80 teachers, including more than 30 with academic degrees and titles. Most of the teachers and faculty members are graduates of Shakarim State University ofSemey. Faculty teachers develop educational tools to improve the quality of the educational process.

An international project TEMPUSEDUCAJEP 517,504-DE-2011 on the theme «Modernization and development of training programs on pedagogy and education management» is realized on the basis of the Faculty.


Faculty’s staff capacity:

– members of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan: professors Utepbaev N.N., Makarov G.E., Myrzakanov M.S, Zhuvanyshev T.R, Tatiev T.A., Adylhanov S.A., Berikbol R.R.

-members of the Union of Designers of Kazakhstan: Myrzakanov M.S., Utepbaev N.N., Masaev R.A., Zhuvanyshev T.R., Musataeva M.E., DyusembaevB.Sh., Akparov K.L.

-member of the Union of Composers of Priirtyshya: Kolbina E.V., recipient of award for excellence of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aldazhumanov S.I., cultural worker of Kazakhstan Beysembekov A.T., corresponding member of the International Teacher’s Training Academy of Science AkhmetovT.Sh.

-candidate of Historical Sciences, senior teacherof the department Mamyrbekov A.M. became the owner of the International Scholarship of the President of R.K  «Bolashak». He passed his scientific training at the University of Pittsburgh (USA, Kansas). The period of training was 1 year (from 1 March 2011 to 1 March 2012)

– senior teacherof the department Kumar A.K also owns the International Scholarship of «Bolashak». He passed his scientific training at NecmettinErbakan University (Turkey, Konya). The training period was 1 year (from 18 February 2013 to 18 February 2014)

– Baysarina K.K.,          doctor of historical sciences, professor, winner of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RK’s grant «The best teacher of the university» in 2012.

The international cooperation:

  • Altai State Pedagogical Academy (Barnaul);
  • Tomsk State Pedagogical University (Russian Federation);
  • Vilnius University (Lithuania);
  • Necmettin Erbakan University (Konya, Turkey);
  • Pamukkale University (Turkey);
  • Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University;
  • Institute of Humanitarian Research of Tuva (Republic of Tuva);
  • National Institute of Oriental Language and Civilization (France);
  • International scientific project TEMPUS -4.

Forms of cooperation with employers:

  • organization of practices:
  • Doors Open Day;
  • Job fairs for graduates.

Creative groups;

  • folklore-ethnographic ensemble «Shyngystau» – the head Aldazhumanov S.I.;
  • combined choir – the head Bodauova B.K .;
  • orchestra of Kazakh folk instruments – the head Serikov A.S.;
  • vocal group «Atamura» – the head Beysembekov A.T.
  • theatre of satire and humor «Kulku kudіretі» – the head of Beysembekov A.T.

Student government:

  • Small deanery;
  • Scientific community of students;
  • Press Club;
  • The youth wing of «ZhasOtan».

The Historical and pedagogical faculty works fruitfully in the direction of high-quality teacher training in accordance with the modern requirements and needs of state.