Head of the Department: Jumazhanova Gulzhanar

Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, кабинет 101
E-mail: kaf.psychology@semgu,kz

State Department of Psychology named after Shakarim Semey city is known for the preparation of highly qualified specialists in the sphere of education. Graduates of specialties 5B010300 – Pedagogy and Psychology, 5В050300 – Psychology highly rated in the labor market. According to their specialty, they can work in the education system (educational psychologist), and in other areas (health, business structures, the Interior Ministry, Emergencies Ministry, Social Services, etc.). All graduates are employed.
The teachers involved in the projects of UNICEF “Organization Lekoteka in the village of Auezov and Shelobay (Bakyrchik) as a development model of special social services for preschool-age children in rural areas”; “Supporting disaster risk reduction among vulnerable groups of the population in Kazakhstan”; “Lekoteka as a form of realization of social service support programs,” EU Tempus №r 517 504 “Modernization and development of training programs in pedagogy and management education in Central Asia” and the project funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan “Development of psycholinguistic methods of social and political behavior intervention of the citizens Kazakhstan”.

The department of psychology exercise educational process 3 the owner of the grant «The best teacher of the year”:
2012 – Professor Satieva Sh.
2013 – Associate Professor Jumazhanova G.
2015 – Associate Professor Tursungozhinova G.
The total number of professors – teaching staff , is carrying out training in the field of the department of 20 teachers:
• 1 – Professor;
• 7 – candidate of sciences;
• 1 – Dr. PhD;
• 5 – Master of Science;
• 3 – senior teachers;
• 3 – teachers.
Students and undergraduates under the guidance of the faculty of the Department conduct research work in scientific circles, teaching and research groups, participate in international, regional, student scientific conferences, regional Olympiads, competitions of student research papers. Graduates focused on scientific – research activities, continue their education in magistracy.
The learning process included training sessions and workshops, allowing students and undergraduates not only gain the necessary skills for future work, but also:
– to find the strengths of their identity and develop their own skills;

– learn to understand themselves and others, to overcome stereotypes- and constructively to resolve psychological problems and conflicts;
– work and skills of effective communication, confident behavior, a control.
The knowledge helps students to reveal personal capacity – the foundation for future success in the profession, science and life.

We provide an opportunity for training students and undergraduates who have a competitive level of knowledge, skills and professional competencies in psychological and educational activities prepared for success in education, health care organizations, the Interior Ministry, Emergencies Ministry and other institutions in Kazakhstan capable of systematically thinking and transform ideas into area practical application, conscious civil and professional responsibility.

The department contributes to the training of highly qualified specialists with professional competence researcher, innovator, consultant, ensuring its relevance in a dynamic and competitive labor market.
Tasks of the department:
– Prepare graduates for activities in continuous self-improvement and self-development, learn new skills and competences on innovative areas of psychological and pedagogical sciences.
– Graduate training, competence in the system understanding of the problems of psychological and pedagogical practice, possessing the skills of scientific, educational and research activities based on modern teaching methods using modern learning tools and information resources.
– Preparation of the graduate as a competitive research specialists, competent in science, knowing the experience and global trends in the development of psychology in the cluster formation.
-Preparation Of professionals capable to demonstrate a systematic understanding of the subject area specialty, conduct scientific and applied research in the field of education.
– Education in the spirit of patriotism and love for the Fatherland, respect for different cultures, traditions and customs.

 – organizational and technological (organization of training and education of students and undergraduates on the basis of modern psycho-pedagogical technologies);
– research (modeling and implementation of international, regional- research projects, preparation of joint projects with students and undergraduates, organizing and participating in international and national scientific conferences, promotion of international cooperation);
–  training and educational – the organization of educational process in the educational space of the university;
– cooperation with the organizations of the region’s education in order to design the educational process, psychological and pedagogical research of social development and personal characteristics of pupils;

Correction and preparation of development programs, taking into account the age and personal characteristics of students.

1. The invitation of foreign scholars to give lectures – 1 scientist;
2. Publication of the faculty of the Department of monographs – 3,  textbook- 3;
3. Increase the level of involvement of students to carry out research work – 95%;
4. The implementation of academic mobility – 1 student;
5. Employment of graduates – 100%;
6. The training of the teaching staff of the department – 30%;