Head of the Department: Myrzakanov Saduakas Seksenbaevich

Adress: The Republic of Kazakhstan, 071400, Semey city, 1 Tanibergenov st.

Teaching of the students was begun in 1969 in the Semipalatinsk State pedagogical Institute named after N. K. Krupskaya, in the art department of physico-mathematical faculty. Art-graphic faculty was organized since 1973.  Since 1996, due to the junction of two universities, «the Department of Fine arts and drawing» has continued its activities in Semipalatinsk state university named after Shakarim and in Semey State University named after Shakarim since 2013. The first graduation took place in 1973. The training of specialists under the educational program of 5B010700 – «Fine arts and drawing» has begun since 1969. The training of specialists under the educational program of 5B012000 – «Vocational training» and 5B042100 – «Design» has started since 2007 and 1998.

The educational activities are carried out on the basis of updated external and internal regulations, which were approved by the Government, as well as by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and University.

Working young people can receive a special in-service education. The implementation of distance learning technologies into the educational process improves the forms and methods of distance learning.

All necessary training materials for distance learning are available on the educational portal of Semey State University named after Shakarim.

Department conducts systematic work on employing its graduates. For this purpose, it was organized the operative informing of the heads of enterprises and organizations about our graduates: their resumes were posted on the university’s website. The university conducts «Job fair for the graduates», in which potential employers are involved each year. As a result of purposeful work, the number of employed graduates includes more than 100% over the course of three years.

In order to meet the needs of employers, we are working on conclusion of long-term contracts with the companies, which are the main bases of practical training. We take into account suggestions and comments of employers during the preparation of catalogs of elective disciplines, themes of graduation projects (work) and development of working education plans.


The mission of the department is the training of competent, competitive, highly educated professionals within the educational environment.

The educational programs in a wide range of specializations were formed  and validated on the basis of evidence-based approaches to planning, methodical support, technology training. It ensures the preservation of the state compulsory education standards’ succession, standardized training programs, working curricula and teaching methods of disciplines. The consequent academic integrity of the normative and educational documents ensures the effective management mechanism for the implementation of the educational program.

The aim of educational programs in specializations is the training of highly qualified teaching personnel in the sphere of fine arts, drawing and technology, as well as the preparation of the creative personnel for the design activities, which have a high social and civic responsibility and can carry out professional activities in the following areas:

  • the education and formation of comprehensive and developed personalities of students;
  • the formation of systematic knowledge in the field of fine art, design, drafting and technologies;
  • the organization of educational process of fine arts, design and drawing specialties on the modern scientific level, the implementation of scientific research.
  • To create a branch of department in the educational institution;
  • To publish scientific papers in the international journals with non-zero impact factor;
  • To involve full-time students in the research work (participation in student scientific organizations, conferences, projects);
  • To involve full-time students in art activities;
  • To prepare and publish the training manuals of teaching staff of the department.